Inspector Test #2

It is the Holiday Season, and pretty girls like to be festive. Here’s a situation any lucky inspector might have to faceā€¦

Inspect or not?

Her pussy is covered making the lower ribbon bow a bottom, yet her stockings are thigh highs. Is she in violation of the Dress Code?

Her back side is completely bare.

What say you as an inspector wannabe? Issue a citation and unwrap this gorgeous present?

There’s the letter of the Dress Code, and there’s the spirit of the Dress Code. Being an inspector means more than blindly following rules. Sure, you could issue an citation, and strip her of her holiday cheer. Some on campus would be delighted to see her naked, but who wouldn’t smile seeing her with her little ribbon bows?

The seasoned inspector would stop and chat with the co-ed. Making sure she knew the outfit was not technically appropriate for campus, but in the spirit of the holidays, you’d agree to let her go if you can unwrap the present at the end of the day.

How’d ya do on Test #2? Tricky business being an inspector, eh?

Inspectors cannot just strip every girl, lest the population decides it is no use in even trying to follow the rules. And an inspector cannot allow co-eds to run around campus in clear violation of the Dress Code. But some middle ground needs to be exercised for all to keep the standards high, as this campus is known to have.

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4 thoughts on “Inspector Test #2

  1. Fan

    Gotta agree, stories with visuals can take the story to a whole nother level. I also like how stories match the holidays.

    Great job, hope to see more.

  2. Angela

    I was inspected yesterday. The inspector stopped me walking across campus and made me take off my dress, which left me completely naked. A crowd had formed by this point too.

    But what I wanted to know was if something can be done about those boys with video cameras who follow the inspectors around. They seem to just walked around with them and film every inspection! The inspector did nothing when they took advantage of my inspection to get as much footage of me naked as they could!

    I know some girls don’t mind, but I would never let someone take video footage of me nude, and now it seems I have no choice! I couldn’t even use my hands to try to cover any of myself, because of the rules of inspections, even as these boys kept coming in for close-ups.

    Is this allowed?

    1. base

      It is allowed. Some videos are published as instructional information for other inspectors. Some of those videos are also presented as evidenced in the trial. Sure many of the videos are for the filmer’s own pleasure, but you have no reason to worry about such things. First of all, if you were following the dress code, the video would demonstrate your ability to follow simple rules. Secondly, you were not nude by your own choice, so no embarrassment should be yours. Thirdly, if the video was used for educational purposes, you should be proud of your role to help educate others. Lastly, if only used for the pleasure of the filmmaker, you have brought a little more joy to the world. These are all good things coming from the recording of your inspections.


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