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Sometimes, anticipation is the worst part of it. That’s why I was really pissed today when we had a “group inspection” in our class.

Let me tell you what happened.

I was wearing a top and panties, like I usually do. Like most girls, I get inspected now and then. It’s no big deal. Usually, the inspector pulls me aside, and makes me take off my panties. Sometimes he makes me take off my shirt, too, which is totally unnecessary, but I don’t mind. Then, he makes me parade back and forth naked for a while — watching to see if I get excited (which I never do) — and then he gives me back my clothes (at least my shirt — sometimes he keeps the panties) and I go on my way.

But this time was different. I didn’t like this at all.

The inspector made all us girls pull down our panties, if we were wearing any, and kneel with our legs spread apart. Meanwhile the boys stayed in their seats and watched. I felt really awkward, with my asshole on display like that. We were displaying ourselves fully like that for what seemed like an hour, although I guess it was only a minute or two.

Then it got worse. The inspector told us we needed to stay dry, because some girls have exhibited signs of sexual excitement, which is strictly forbidden. Then he went around and felt us up, stroking our thighs, and our buttocks, trying to get a reaction out of us. Some girls succumbed. This was horrible for them, because they were stripped and raped. The inspector pressed the boys in our class into service as rapists. Some of the girls were allowed to keep one article of clothing, if they didn’t resist the rape. They were allowed to request a second rape for another article of clothing, if they wanted to, but most of the girls just kept the one article and counted themselves lucky.

It was just me and a couple other girls who were able to resist the fondling and stay dry. But then it got a lot harder. The inspector greased us up and used vibrators on us. It was impossible to resist that. I not only got excited, I came.


Then, without warning, the inspector himself raped me — when I was still reeling from being forced to cum in front of everybody, he knelt behind me and stuck his fat dick in my asshole, and pressed hard. He came in one stroke, and I’m ashamed to admit that I came again, too. It was good to cum, I admit. I’m loathe to admit it, but it was doubly exciting for me to be raped because I didn’t know it was coming — it “came” as a surprise, so to speak. The only other good thing about this inspection was that I was allowed to keep my panties, unlike most of the other girls, who left the classroom either bottomless or topless.


I can certainly understand why that inspector chose to rape that asshole, which looks like a tight virgin ass. And how funny it would be to surprise her by suddenly ramming a fat cock up there and cumming inside her asshole. A good punishment even if he probably came too quickly.
Comment By horny juror At 7/18/2007 5:12 AM

It was important to perform this group inspection. Som girls had become less careful about being publicly excited, so it was neccesary to make sure all the girls followed the rules and to emphasize on the importance of staying dry.

Most of the girls understood the reasoning, and especially the boys were very helpful in making sure the girls learnt their lesson.

Comment By Inspector At 8/9/2007 11:22 AM

From time to time it is necessary to perform this sort of inspection, cause the girls gets careless in following the codes. It is normal, that this kind of inspection excites some girls. So it is inalienble to perform consensual rapes. Of course the inspector is not able to rape all girls, so he should ask the boys to help him to punish the girls.
Comment By lover_mystery At 10/1/2008 1:22 PM

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