Indecency Hearing (archives)

Indecency Hearing

“I don’t know if I buy it,” Donna said, putting down the latest memo from the dean.

“Buy what”, Crysta asked.

“Look,” Donna replied, simply.

Crysta read the memo. It re-emphasized the procedure for indecency hearings, which is spelled out in the Student Handbook. The girls all know that Dress Code Inspectors lurk everywhere, and they’re constantly on the lookout for indecent clothing, especially girls wearing panties. You see, panties are considered indecent because they’re used by girls to cover their pussies when they’re wearing dresses that are too short. Panties are outlawed to encourage girls to wear longer dresses.

Most girls follow the rules, and leave their panties off. But the problem is that Inspectors have trouble telling whether a girl is wearing panties unless her dress is quite short. So girls wearing longer dresses tend to be targeted more often by inspectors. When this happens, they are forced to remove their dresses to prove to inspectors they’re not wearing any panties. The Dean keeps emphasizing that girls should not feel shy about this; the inspectors are just doing their job. After they prove their decency, they are free to put their dress back on, and go about their business — no harm, no foul. But some girls find this process a bit embarrassing, especially if their dress is their one and only item of clothing. While it’s no big deal to just lift the dress and show her pussy to the inspector, most inspectors insist on total removal of the dress, which requires a girl to show her naked breasts as well. Since they’re shy about stripping in public, some girls hesitate, which inspectors take as a sign of guilt. Even after they strip themselves naked, the hesitation irks the inspectors, and so they often cite girls with indecency, and keep their dresses into evidence, even though they know the girls will be found innocent later on. They do this to encourage girls to strip faster, and most of the time they do.

The end result of all this is that girls wearing longer dresses are stopped and stripped much more often by well-meaning Inspectors. So even though they’re not allowed to wear panties, which should encourage them to wear long dresses, the constant harrassment by inspectors is enough to encourage girls to continue wearing short dresses, even if they’re not wearing panties. In other words, the selective inspection of girls wearing longer dresses is a stronger motivating force than lack of panties, and results in the wearing of shorter dresses than ever.

Pictured at the bottom of the Dean’s memo is a poor girl who has had the misfortune of having been cited for indecency. Girls cited this way are required to appear nude at their hearing, so that they can don the alledgedly indecent clothing that was taken from them by the inspector on the day of the infraction.

The Dean’s memo goes on at some length about the requirement to appear nude, and the fact that hearings are often held some distance from the dorms, which requires that a girl travel across campus in the nude. He stresses that girls should sit with their knees up, and their legs crossed, so they remain as decent as possible, even while naked.


He reminds girls that the Code of Conduct allows other students to touch a girl’s bare skin, and that girls who are naked should not resist such advances on the part of other students, and not to feel embarrassed or ashamed by this. Instead, they should tolerate the touching, and try to refrain from becoming sexually excited. Then, if they find this sort of treatment uncomfortable, they should reflect on their improper behavior that led them to this predicament, and try to curb it.

“What utter crap,” Donna said, putting the memo down, and making sure her dress was short enough that her lack of panties was readily apparent, before leaving her room.

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