High School Road Trip, part 1


Hi, everyone, My name is Jill, and I just want to say I absolutely LOVE Donna’s CP class. She’s so sexy, and such a great teacher. She really makes me feel comfortable coming to school not wearing panties. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been very shy about, well, you know, my pussy. I was so shy that when the other girls started wearing short dresses (or even a t-shirt or jeans top) I still wore longer dresses and skirts.

I really admired the girls who felt free enough to wear such short dresses and skirts. Most of them wore panties, of course, so they had to be really careful to keep their legs together because of our high school dress code, which prohibits dresses so short that a girl’s panties can be seen. If a girl is careful, she can get through most days at school without any teacher seeing her panties, but to be extra safe, many girls just stopped wearing panties to school, especially under their shortest dresses. Their thinking made sense: if a girl’s panties are rarely seen, then by not wearing them, her pussy would also be rarely seen, so the risk is low. And if her pussy *is* seen, then the girl isn’t violating the Dress Code as she would if her panties were seen.

The risk of a teacher seeing a girl’s panties suddenly increased last year when a bunch of teachers started really enforcing the Dress Code. If a girl’s dress was too short, she had to take it off! Can you believe it? In front of the whole class, she had to strip down to her underwear! Most of the time it was no problem, but in one of my classes a girl wasn’t wearing a bra. I must say, though, she really had cute little tits.

The worst was my science teacher, who made girls come up to the front of the room, and bend over. I really think this was unfair. A lot of girls wore dresses I thought were completely decent, but when he made them bend over, you could see their panties. These girls had to be punished, of course, but he wasn’t as mean as some of the other teachers. First of all, he warned us in advance that he would be making us bend over, so some of the girls just took off their panties in advance. Secondly, even the girls who were forced to show their panties didn’t always have to take off their dresses. He gave some girls a choice of being spanked instead.
PrettyGirl2016-08-04tThis is a typical girl who had been warned in advance, so she made sure not to be wearing panties when she was forced to bend over. As you can see, her dress is quite decent, covering a good fraction of her butt even when she’s bending over, so it’s not at all embarrassing for her to go commando in this dress, except for the brief time she has to bend over in front of the class.

This method of screening girls for violations of the high school Dress Code started to catch on with other teachers as well, so it was quite common to see girls being forced to bend over between classes. Some girls were a little shy, especially if they were wearing panties, because they were naturally afraid of being punished for violating the Dress Code. But most girls happily complied — or at least they complied — with orders to bend over.


As you can see, this girl’s skirt is plenty long enough for her to feel decent most of the time, so she’s happy to leave her panties at home.

It’s good practice for a girl to spread her legs, at least slightly, when she bends over. This not only helps maintain balance, but also opens up her cheeks a bit, which helps the teacher see she’s not wearing panties. At first, girls were a little reluctant to spread their legs because, well, they were shy. Not as shy as me, of course, but still, there’s something about people seeing your asshole… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I prefer to keep it hidden between my cheeks.

PrettyGirl2016-08-04rIn any case, girls were starting to feel okay about not wearing panties to school. Some girls even stopped worrying about having to bend over. To them, it was just part of the way a girl has to dress for school, no big deal.

Naturally, these impromptu Dress Code Inspections are just one reason a girl might bend over in public. Fixing her show is another. And besides, girls need to climb the stairs, drink from a water fountain, get into a car, and a whole lot of other activities that allow people to innocently catch a glimpse of her pussy or her asshole.


I find it particularly vexing that when I’m reaching into my car, my dress rides up a bit. Of course, I wear panties, so it’s no big deal for me, but as I mentioned, more and more girls in my high school forgo panties just so they won’t be humiliated by the Dress Code.


When I first started seeing girls’ pussies at my high school, I was embarrassed for them. I would see boys elbowing each other and pointing, and I thought to myself how embarrassing it must be for those girls. I really felt sorry for them, because I knew they would much rather be wearing panties, but the stupid Dress Code prevented them from doing so.


But now that it has become much more mainstream for girls not to wear panties, it’s no longer so shocking or surprising to see a girl’s pussy, or even her asshole, as she bends over to fix her shoe, climbs the stairs, or reaches into her car. So now, when I see a girl bending over, I no longer think how embarrassing it must be for her, because when I look around, I see people going about their business, and paying very little attention to the cute girl and her adorable pussy.

PrettyGirl2016-08-04nInstead, I find myself admiring the girl for having the freedom to dress the way she wants, in spite of the Dress Code that essentially forbids the wearing of panties in high school.



If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said for sure that forcing a girl to go commando and bend over in front of her classmates would result in more modesty — longer dresses, for sure. But paradoxically, the ubiquity of naked pussies and assholes has resulted in a sort of blaze disregard for wearing bottoms at all! I’m amazed by the number of girls who wear outfits they would have considered way too “cheeky” to wear even just a year ago!

PrettyGirl2016-08-04bNow, what about my story? I got so caught up in the changing culture of my high school, and the fact that panties seem to be going out of style, that I forgot to even begin my story! I think I’ll need to stop for now, and tell my story in the next part…

But maybe I should tease it a little first. Is that okay?

So first, a little about myself. As I said, my name is Jill, and I’m a senior at the high school, and I’m in Donna’s CP class. Do you remember what CP is? It’s College Prep, with the emphasis on our local College, which has a dress code that’s, well, a little unusual, you could say.

It really helped me that our high school Dress Code encouraged some girls not to wear panties, even though it didn’t work for me. You see, only the girls who already wanted to wear short dresses were encouraged not to wear panties. I still kept on wearing long dresses, panties, and even a bra most days. Why a bra? Well, in our high school, teachers were allowed to punish girls by making them strip down to their underwear, which was pretty humiliating, I think, but even more so for the girls not wearing a bra.

I know what you’re thinking: what’s the big deal? So a girl might have to strip down to her panties. It’s not as if she’s naked or anything, so you would be forgiven if you don’t see it as a big problem for her. But it really felt like a big deal to me each time I had to strip down to my underwear, even if I was wearing a bra! And the handful of times I happened not to be wearing a bra, I really felt naked. And then when I got home, it only got worse. My parents saw me wearing just panties, and assumed I had done something really bad, so they didn’t let me get dressed. To make matters worse, I had a date with my boyfriend one of those days, and my parents told me I could either cancel the date, or go out wearing just my panties! Of course I kept the date, but it was really awkward for me, especially because my boyfriend likes to pull my panties down to feel my pussy, and then he doesn’t let me pull them back up again. At a restaurant, this is no problem, of course. I don’t mind if he pulls my panties all the way down to my ankles. Same thing at the movie theater or the car. But when we’re walking together in public, I just wish he would be more understanding.

So now, when you see me in Donna’s CP class wearing just a crop top, you might wonder where that insecure little girl went. When I’m sitting on the school bus in the morning, and that cute boy sits next to me and puts his hand on my thigh, and I naturally spread my legs to give him full access, you might wonder what happened to the girl who clung to her panties for dear life?

Sure, a lot of the credit goes to Donna. What other teacher would happily come to school dressed only in an apron, her entire backside completely naked? What other teacher would disrobe completely in front of her class, then spread her legs so that a boy can practice making her cum? Before she put any of us girls in the public stocks in the cafeteria, she did it herself, wearing just a t-shirt. It was so sweet of her to simply spread her legs and wait for people in her class to begin teasing her sexually. I think I was the first one to begin teasing her, tentatively reaching into her shirt to fondle her breasts. Her nipples were already hard, and she shuddered when I gently stroked her belly. One of the boys noticed her pussy was wet, and began stroking it. When it seemed like Donna would cum, we stopped touching her pussy, and began gently stroking her back, buttocks, and inner thighs. It was fun to watch her vagina open and close all on its own as we left her on the verge of cumming. Finally, without asking her, one of the boys built up the courage to take off his pants and fuck her while she was still immobilized in the stock. Seeing Donna’s example helped me feel more comfortable when it was my turn to be in the stock. Because I was the first girl in our class to go in the public stock during lunch period, I was really nervous, wearing only jeans and a sports bra. I knew the jeans would be stripped off me right away, and with my hands immobilized in the stock, I would be powerless to protect myself. Even so, I was surprised by how excited it made me to have my jeans pulled off me in public. As I knelt in the stock, my ass in the air, waiting to be fucked by — how many? one? Two boys, or more? — I felt just a little better having seen Donna’s example. Not every teacher would have gone first like that.

So, indeed, Donna helped me out of my shell. But the real credit goes to my next-door neighbor, Lizzy. And to her whole family, really. They took me on a “road trip” during the summer before my senior year of high school. Maybe it was being on the road, in unfamiliar surroundings, or maybe it was the games we played. But whatever it was, that road trip changed me…


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