High School Gym Class, part 2 (archives)

 Part 2, story narrated by Gwen

That dreaded day finally came.  The first day at my new school.  I wore a cute sun dress, which was plenty long enough so I didn’t need panties, but I wore panties anyway.  Somehow I felt more comfortable, more protected, perhaps, in a long dress and lots of layers of clothes.  The thing I was dreading most was gym class, because of the student handbook that said no other clothing was permitted.  I know my mom said I shouldn’t worry, that they couldn’t possibly mean to exclude panties of all things, but I wasn’t so sure.  And I didn’t know anyone, so there was no one to ask.

Finally, second period came, and I made my way to that dreaded gym class.  Desperate to fit in, I followed the other girls into the locker room.  They were all so cheerful, so full of joy, even giddy, giggling and laughing with each other.  I watched them, discretely, as they changed into their gym uniforms.  Every one of them left her underwear on under their uniforms.  What a relief!  So I did the same.

Starting to feel a bit better, I followed the throng panty-clad butts onto the gym floor, and I saw the teacher was a young man.  He blew his whistle, and told us to line up on the green line that extends the length of the floor.  “How many of you girls have read the student handbook?”  No one moved.  I sensed a sudden change in the girls’ mood. The teacher continued. “What does the handbook say about wearing clothes other than your gym uniform to gym class.”  Silence.  He surveyed the line of girls, each of us wearing a crotch-level shirt.  “Connie?”

In a quiet voice, Connie said, “It says you shouldn’t wear other clothes.”

The teacher corrected her, bellowing, “It says you ARE NOT PERMITTED to wear other clothes.”  Connie developed a sudden interest in the floor right in front of her.  The girls to my left and right were clearly as unnerved by this line of questioning as I was.  Undaunted by Connie’s unresponsiveness, the teacher continued.  “What does that mean, Connie?”  Connie remained silent, daring not even to look up.  He answered his own question.  “It means that if you were to remove your gym uniform right now, Connie, you would be stark naked.”  He let that sink in, then smiled in a creepy way.  “Connie, are you naked under your gym uniform?”

She clearly wasn’t, as her gym uniform wasn’t long enough to hide her panties, so she remained silent.  “Connie, please remove your gym uniform so that we can all verify you are naked under it.”  She turned bright red. Why was the teacher singling her out like this?  I felt so sorry for her, but at the same time, I waited along with all the other girls to see what Connie would do.  I feel terrible for this, but I looked at the outline of her tiny little breasts under her uniform, and imagined them in their naked glory.  I pictured poor little Connie, now about to start crying, wearing just her panties, with her gym shirt lying next to her.  Would her nipples be as erect as mine now were?

In a little voice, she begged for mercy. “please…”

“What’s the matter, Connie?” teased the teacher.  “Could it be that you are not following the rules, and now you’ve been caught? Is that it?”

“no,” she said in a little voice. It was hard to tell if she meant no, she wasn’t following the rules, or no she hasn’t been caught, or if she was still just begging for mercy.

“no,” she said again, “that’s not it. It’s that…”  Poor Connie wasn’t making any sense.  Involuntarily, she cradled her small breasts in her hands. I feel bad for smiling then.  I felt my own pussy juice up, and I wondered if the same thing was happening to Connie.  The sweet little girl didn’t want to take off her uniform because, obviously, she would have to expose her little breasts.  It seemed unfair to me, too.

By now, Connie gave up trying to hide that she was crying.  The girls standing to her left and right tried to console her, but that seemed to only make it worse.  The floodgates opened, and she began bawling.

The teacher was satisfied he had made his point. “shhh,” he said to Connie.  “I’ll let it go today, but starting tomorrow, I want everyone in uniform. No exceptions.”  What a relief!  We all looked down at our tiny little gym uniforms, and I imagine we were all wondering the same thing, which was: how can I possibly come out onto the gym floor wearing this tiny thing without anything under it?

* * *

Next, part 3.

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