Helping Hands

A Message From the Office of Decency:

Here at the College, we’re proud to say that maintaining decency isn’t something we just impose on our female population. Males are expected to help, too!

Helping Hands 01

For instance, here’s a girl’s boyfriend helping her check for any offending pubic bottom in the school’s cafeteria. Sure, it wouldn’t be a violation right now, but if she put on another bottom it would be. And they say chivalry is dead!

Helping Hands 02

And here’s another boy doing the same. The girl here looks a bit startled – perhaps this boy isn’t her boyfriend? If so, all the more generous of him to lend a helping hand.

Helping Hands 03 (alumnus)

And helpfulness isn’t limited to current students, either. Here’s a College alumnus helping check a girl’s decency beneath her cute little microminiskirt.

Helping Hands 04 (alumnus)

And another alumnus providing a thorough tactile check for a pubic bottom. Remember fellows, helpfulness should last a lifetime!

Helping Hands 05 (wetness test)

Here, an entire group of boys is helping one of our coeds with her “wetness test” at the beach, to determine if she needs to be given what her body is asking for in a consensual rape or three. In fact, it looks like they were so eager to be helpful they actually pulled down the bikini bottom she had previously been wearing. Such enthusiasm for decency is truly heartening to see!

Helping Hands 06 (wetness test)

A girl who looks likely to be in violation of layering rules is given an impromptu (and judging by her expression, quite surprising) wetness test here. Of course, in fairness a girl who is caught so unready for the test should be given more time to pass it, so her pussy should be pumped and rubbed thoroughly before it is decided if she has passed or not.

Helping Hands 07 (spanking)

And finally, we see the ultimate helpfulness – someone (her thoughtful professor, most likely) giving a coed who had previously been in violation a cheek-reddening spanking to help her remember her decency in future. It wouldn’t do to fail an Inspection, after all!

This has been a message from the Office of Decency. Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Helping Hands

  1. Anon Y. Mous Post author

    So an update for those interested: I’ve decided I will most likely continue Genevieve’s adventures on campus at some point when I’ve got time. But before continuing with writing any of her text-heavy story, I thought it might be fun to throw up a nice light little image post. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Anon Y. Mous

    Thanks for the feedback guys – definitely the best part of writing any of these stories IMO. The more the better! 😀

    1. Anon Y. Mous

      All too true, William! That’s why it’s even more important to lend yours to girls you might see. With girls regularly facing the prospect of inspection – having their firm young bodies stripped bare right in public for anyone who might care to watch – it’s all the more important to be thoughtful, and help out with making sure they’re in full compliance, whether you know them or not (whew – that sentence went on). Of course, they’ll still be stripped naked by the inspectors, but they can stand – or bend over, lie down and spread their legs, or get on all fours, depending on how the inspection progresses – proud in the knowledge that while they may be on display, their compliance with the Code renders them fully decent.


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