Health Day

While most other high schools taught health class just like any other class, in my high school, we had a “Health Day” once a month. This way, the whole day could be devoted to the one subject. Most students found it convenient, especially for the days when we learned about sex, and personal grooming. On those days, the girls were supposed to wear just a top, and no bottom except panties, for girls who were a little shy.

I remember being shy when I was a freshman, and I wasn’t the only one, either. Some girls wore short dresses instead of tops, and almost all of us came to school wearing panties or a thong. We knew it was wrong to wear underwear, but, well, it’s hard for a young girl to come to school with her butt crack only half covered, you know what I mean? Once we got to school, it was a little easier. Sometimes we would gang up against one girl, especially if she was wearing a tiny little top, and we would strip off her panties so the boys would get a glimpse of her pussy as she would run back to her seat.

Looking back on it, I think it was nice of the teachers to allow us girls to strip each other, and it was nice of them to let the half-naked girl continue in the class as if she were fully clothed. No mention was made of her pussy, unless it came up in the Health class curriculum. So as the year wore on, more and more girls became comfortable coming to school wearing only a top, and as we saw more girls around us with their butts only partly covered, we became more comfortable, too.

By the time we were seniors, very few of us wore panties on Health Day, and the teachers encouraged us to wear shorter and shorter tops. This was an education for the boys, too, who were supposed to behave “normally” around a girl who might happen to be half naked at the time.

This is me, when I was a senior in high school, trying to decide whether or not to wear panties that day. Are you curious to know my decision? I actually called my mom over to help me, and she took this picture. She said to me, look, honey, if your top were a few inches shorter, the choice would be easy; you’d have to wear panties to keep from being almost naked. And if your top were a couple inches longer, again the decision would be easy: panties would not be required. So here you are, balanced exactly on the edge of needing or not needing panties. So there’s no wrong choice, honey. If you don’t wear panties, it’s okay, because your top is almost long enough. Or if you wear the panties, that’s okay, too, because your top is almost short enough to need them. Wasn’t that sweet advice? I took to heart her words that my top was almost long enough to go without panties, and I went without panties — the first time I ever went to high school wearing a top that showed my pussy.

I was a little worried when I got to school that the other kids would be looking at my bare butt, but there were enough other girls, some wearing even shorter tops, that I wasn’t alone. In fact, there were just five girls in my class that day who wore any underwear, which I know because our teacher called them up to the front of the class, and made them all take off their tops. I felt so sorry for them. They looked so naked standing there with their arms folded in front of them. The teacher asked each girl if she was sorry she wore panties to school that day, and each girl said she was sorry. How sorry, the teacher wanted to know. Slowly, the girls got the point, and took off their panties. They remained standing, their legs together, some using one hand to cover her pussy, while others used both hands to cover their breasts. Don’t be ashamed of your bodies, girls, the teacher said. They dropped their hands to their sides.

Finally, our teacher took pity on the naked girls, and gave them back their tops. What a relief for those girls! But it was also a lesson. No girl ever wore underwear again on Health Day, at least not in our class.

I would like to say that none of us were ever forced to strip naked again, but sadly, that wasn’t the case. Naturally, there were topics that were part of the Health curriculum, such as grooming, masturbation, and vaginal secretions, which required “volunteers”. Don’t get me wrong, these are all very interesting topics, and I’m glad I learned about them. And I’ll even admit that I enjoyed seeing my classmates struggle not to be picked as volunteers, only to be forced to strip naked in front of all of us.

Our teacher came up with a number of fun ways to pick which girls would have to volunteer to strip naked. One way, which I really enjoyed as a student in the Health class was to have the girls line up in the front of the classroom, and we would be sorted by how sexy our top is. Then, the teacher would randomly pick one girl from the “less sexy” end of the line, and tell her she had to get naked.

This is when the fun begins. The girl picked to get naked starts begging for her life, and making crazy promises. “I’ll come to school naked next Health Day,” she might say. Or “I’ll come to school tomorrow wearing just a t-shirt” which is not even allowed except on Health Day. As it happens, the teacher has a bunch of sports bras, which are way better than naked, so girls jump at the chance to wear nothing but a sports bra for the rest of the day, and then the teacher just picks another girl from the less sexy side of the line.

This is like the prisoner’s dilemma in a way, do you see? If the first girl who is picked would just agree to get naked, then there would be one naked girl that day. But every month, a bunch of girls agree to get almost naked, and then one girl gets completely naked. And I’m always just watching it unfold, because I have the good sense to wear a short top in the first place.

Here’s one of the girls who wasn’t so lucky:

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