Gym with the Boys

Jodie and Bonnie were sat in the lunch hall about to dig in to their food when they spotted Camilla and Daryl come bouncing into the canteen. After the two girls had got their lunch, Bonnie called the pair over to sit.

“What are you two so happy about?” enquired Bonnie.

“We just beat the boys in gym class!” Daryl said ebulliently.

“You just had gym with the boys!” Jodie asked in revulsion, as she recalled her and Bonnie’s last gym session that they had to share with the boys.

“Yeah,” Camilla said, “But it didn’t all go their own way this time!”

Daryl began, “We were out jogging at the end of the field with Miss Jayne. Mr. Walker had the boys playing football further down the field. The sky had clouded over but Miss thought it would be okay. Suddenly, it just started pouring down.”

“It was raining really heavy,” Camilla interrupted, “We were getting soaked. By the time we had made it back indoors, we and the boys were drenched through! Mr. Walker and Miss Jayne decided that we would all have to share the gym for the remainder of the lesson but didn’t want us to catch colds as we were still in our wet gym kits. They said our kits would be taken to be dried but that meant we had to do the rest of the lesson naked as there weren’t any spares!”

“We couldn’t believe it!” Daryl continued, “But Miss Jayne told us that neither we girls nor the boys should feel embarrassed as the ancient Greeks held gym completely nude all the time. That statement didn’t help though, as we were feeling very shy about being bare in front of the boys. They had already begun stripping off. Miss Jayne said she would take the uniforms to be dried while Mr. Walker instructed us and the boys.”

“That must have been horrid!” Jodie said sympathetically.

“Well,” Camilla said, “It was to start with but we’ll get to the good part soon. Miss Jayne left the gym with our uniforms and left us standing there butt naked. With the boys completely naked too, we could see that they now all had erections. Mr. Walker must have seen us notice this as he told us to not pay any attention to the boys’ throbbing cocks as their hard-ons were a subconscious effect of them being naked around us girls and that none of them were actually thinking of anything sexual.”

Daryl said, “I didn’t believe that one bit but Mr. Walker did. He told us all to sit on the benches while he figured out what he would instruct us to do and he went off to the gym storeroom to see what he could find. The boys immediately dashed off and sat down not leaving any space for us. Mr. Walker heard the commotion we were making about not being able to get a seat and peered his head out of the storeroom. He told us to sit on the boys’ laps!”

“Yeah,” Camilla said, “He said that they were gentlemen and that they wouldn’t mind! As we were trying to sit down on their laps, they kept raising their dicks up and trying to get us to sit directly on their erections, attempting to guide them into our pussies. We kept leaping up as soon as we felt their hot cock heads touch our pussy lips. They kept repeating this manoeuvre and when we gave them glaring looks as we tried to sit down, they acted all innocent, pretending that they didn’t have a clue what we were on about and that they weren’t doing anything wrong.”

“Eventually,” Daryl continued, “Mr. Walker came out of the storeroom which made the boys behave and lay their stiff dicks down between their legs so that we could sit down. He told us that we girls could use the exercise balls while he arranged something for the boys to do and disappeared into the cupboard once more to fetch them. Now that we were sat on the boy’s laps, they wrapped their arms around us, crossing them in front of our bodies, grabbing onto our tits saying they had to hold onto us tightly to make sure we didn’t fall off their laps.”

Camilla said, “Mr. Walker finally came out of the store cupboard with the gym balls. We had to each grab one and start exercising by lying on our backs on the ball and move back and forth working out our abs and legs. The problem with this is that in order to balance, we had to spread our legs wide open while we moved. All the boys were already watching us intently but with our legs spreading and closing as we moved on the ball, they all fell silent and just gazed at pussies. Even with our legs far apart, it was still a bit hard to balance so Mr. Walker told the boys to help steady us while he was still looking for something for them to do. They all jumped up and ran over to us. Chris headed straight for me. I expected him to grab my hips or hold onto my arms but he placed one of his hands directly on my pussy while my legs were spread open!”

“Yeah!” Daryl jumped in, “Tony did the same to me! All the girls had a boy’s hand on their pussy with the other hand firmly between her breasts. Again, Mr. Walker heard the hubbub we were making over this and peered his head out of the storeroom. We told him, ‘Look where they’ve got their hands!’ He came out and looked around. He then said that it was logical that the boys had placed their hands on our vaginas as with our backs on the exercise balls and our legs spread open as they were, our vaginas were close to our centres of gravity and they were the best place to hold us to keep us stable.

Camilla added, “He then sort to reassure us that there was nothing sexual behind the boy’s holding on to our pussies and asked them if he was right. They all said he was correct and that they were only doing this because he had asked them to steady us but I definitely saw their dicks twitching as they touched us between our legs. With Mr. Walker’s back turned as he headed towards the storeroom, the boys then stated to wriggle their fingers into our pussies claiming that they would be able to hold us much more firmly if they had their fingers inside us.”

“Those cheeky boys!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“I know!” Daryl said. “Mr. Walker finally came back out of the storeroom which made the boys take their fingers out of us. He said he couldn’t find anything for the boys to do so we would do something together and that since we were in the Greek spirit of nakedness in our gym lesson, we would undertake another activity prevalent in Greeks history, wrestling. All the girls groaned knowing this wasn’t going to go well for us, but the boys quietly cheered. Mr. Walker said it would be the boys verses the girls and we had to get the gym mats out and cover the floor with them.”

Camilla continued, “As the boys were stronger than us, Mr. Walker said that each match would consist of two girls against one boy and to win a match you had to either pin your opponent’s shoulders down on the mat for 3 seconds or place your opponent in an uncomfortable but not dangerous position until they submitted. He also said that illegal moves would not be permitted. He did not spell out what these moves were but said to use common sense.”

“Me and Camilla teamed up,” Daryl said. “There was only enough space on the floor for about 2 matches at a time. The first two were Kelly and Jo against Matt, and Alice and Maude verses Paul. After the initial grapple both groups ended up on the floor with their naked bodies writhing against each other with both sexes trying to pin the other down. I noticed that the erections of the boys watching and the ones participating in the matches were now more ridged than ever.

“But then,” Camilla interrupted, “Miss Jayne came back into the gym telling Mr. Walker that she couldn’t get the clothes drier working and if he could take a look. He stopped the matches. Kelly and Jo were glad because they were exhausted wrestling with Matt. None of them could get the upper hand. Mr. Walker said that he needed a girl and boy to referee in his place. They would be trusted to judge the matches fairly while he went with Miss Jayne. Both refs would have to agree to make a decision stand.”

Daryl jumped in, “Matt offered to referee for the boys so Kelly had to do it for the girls while Jo kept the score. The teachers left us to get on with it. Alice and Maude resumed against Paul while a different trio started anew. With all the activity, Alice, Maude and Paul’s bodies had become slick with sweat. As they were sliding against one another Paul’s hard dick kept rubbing against Alice and Maude’s soft female bodies. Alice had managed to clamber on top of Paul and lay across his chest to pin him but as Maude slid across his lower torso to restrain his legs her smooth belly made contact with his cock head once more. He suddenly tensed up then erupted a thick load of cum all over Alice’s stomach. Maude quickly pinned his shoulders down but he was too wiped out from his orgasm to fight back. Alice was a little grossed out by Paul’s sticky cum on her body but was happy to have won the match”

“They won the first match!” Camilla said. “The two girls from the other match being played had to keep sliding their sweaty bodies out of the grip of the boy they were wrestling while he tried to pin them and eventually, he couldn’t take all the contact his stiff dick was making with their silky female skin. He spasmed and jerked then came, shooting a stream of cum across the back of one of the girls he was wrestling. He too was now left vulnerable and was pinned. The boys were not happy about losing the first two matches and all huddled together whispering. When the next couple of matches began, both the boys tried to perform illegal moves of sticking their dicks into the girls’ pussies as they figured that the girls would submit straight away.”

“Which is exactly what happened.” Daryl added. “All of us protested to the refs. Kelly said it was an illegal move even before we did but Matt winked to the boys and told us that he didn’t see anything. Since both refs had to agree in order to change a decision, the original one of the boys winning stood. This happened a few times more; the boy wrestling the girls would slide their erect dicks into one of girls’ pussies. The girl would submit, Kelly would raise the fact that the boy used an illegal move and Matt would say that he either didn’t see it or that the boy’s cock had ‘accidentally’ slipped into the girl’s vagina so it was unintentional.”

Camilla continued, “We could see the way this was going so me and Daryl devised a plan. We offered to go next and were paired up against Robert. Daryl chose to be the bait. During the match she manoeuvred herself onto her back with Robert on top of her. I made out that I was trying to get him off her. With Daryl’s legs temptingly open, Robert slid his dick deep inside her pussy and looked up at her expecting her to submit instantly as the previous girls had done.”

“This is where our plan came into action.” Daryl said, “Camilla went behind Robert and gently cupped his balls. I asked him if he submitted. He just smiled and thrust his dick in and out of me a few times then asked me the same question. Camilla tightened her grip on Robert’s balls a little and I asked him again if he submitted. He pulled an uncomfortable face, not wanting to answer. He began thrusting into me continuously, hoping I would submit first. Camilla applied a bit more pressure and before she gripped his balls too tightly, he stopped fucking me and said, ‘Ok! Ok! I submit! Let go!’

“All the girls cheered,” Camilla continued. “The boys were up in arms claiming that we had just used an illegal move but Kelly said she didn’t see it and reminded the boys that as she and Matt did not agree, the decision of me and Daryl winning stood. You should have seen how unhappy the boys were! All the remaining girls employed our strategy. The boys were now wary of sticking their dicks into the girls but when they manoeuvred themselves into compromising positions, teasingly parting their legs, revealing more of their sweet pussies, the boys could not resist and just had to ease their throbbing cocks in, hoping the girls would submit before the pressure of the other girls’ hands around his balls became too much for him to stand.”

“Yeah,” Daryl added, “The boys didn’t want to grapple us too much either as a lot of them couldn’t take the sensation of our soft bodies rubbing against their dicks as they wrestled about on the floor. A few more of them ended up shooting their loads over the girls they were wrestling because of that.”

“Anyway,” Camilla said, “The girls won the remaining matches! When Mr. Walker and Miss Jayne got back they couldn’t believe that we had won the vast majority of matches and looked at the boys for an explanation. They couldn’t admit to first using an illegal move and all just shrugged.”

“Wow!” Jodie exclaimed.

“That’ll teach ‘em!” Bonnie said.

5 thoughts on “Gym with the Boys

  1. base

    Physical Education (gym) as it is suppose to be – au naturale. Too bad a jello, pudding, baby oil, cream corn (hehehe), or other such pit was not made available for the wrestling events.

    Regardless, I wonder how the post-class activities went in the showers?

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Well, since all but one of the shower cubicles was out of order, to save time, Mr. Walker and Miss Jayne decide to cram as many boys and girls into the remaining working shower as could fit at a time. With barely enough room to turn around and the amount of naked bodies touching, you can imagine what the naughty boys got up to with the girls!

      As for the jello and other substances, if only health and safety would allow it…

  2. Michelle

    Seems like it was a win-win situation. The girls won the actual matches but the boys got to win by touching our titties, pussies and of course eventually during the wrestling they actually got to fuck us or at least rub against us and cum all over us. I think everyone left happy!


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