Girls have fun 2 (archives)

Girls have fun 2

“OK, let me explain the rules. As soon as one of us cums, we switch places with our partner. The first pair who both cum wins, and they can get dressed. The second pair to both cum gets to put on either their tops or their bottoms, but not both. The last pair forfeits their clothing and will be the subject of relentless teasing when the six of us go out to dinner tonight.”


“The best way to make your partner cum quickly is to lick her generously. Don’t just lick her pussy — lick her whole area, from pussy to asshole. If you can stick your tongue into both holes, she’ll cum quicker. To cum quicker, the girl on top should squat as low as she can, spreading her legs wide enough to open up her holes all the way.”

“Are you ready?”


We played this game just the other week. Amy and I won. Shelly came with Andrea’s licking, and Andrea was halfway to coming before Alexia even got Janey panting hard.

Don’t get me wrong. A slow tease to building up to a come is wonderful, but we might have been there all night. Besides, Alexia’s sweet pussy was getting wet licking at Janey’s pussy. I went ahead and started licking Alexia’s pussy. I figured even though she and Janey were going to go naked to dinner, she deserved to come like the rest of us did.

To everyone’s surprise, Janey started screaming in delight as I licked Alexia’s pussy. It seemed Alexia needed herself stimulated to really get into licking another girl’s pussy.

We do 696969 now. It is only fair that everyone gets a chance to come first.

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