Getting Ready for the Day (archives)

Getting Ready for the Day
Evening Social Hour

At the end of a long day, just before retiring for the evening, many of the girls like to congregate in the hallway. Clothing is considered optional for the hallway social hour, because many of the girls are ready for bed, and like to sleep in the nude. Other girls have somehow lost their clothing during the day, and don’t feel the need to find something to wear for just an hour or so before bed.


A few girls wear panties to bed. Others wear just a pajama top, or a pajama bottom, but most of the girls see clothing as unnecessary. Usually, roommates cuddle together for warmth and companionship, although some girls prefer to sleep alone.


Upon rising, a girl will usually look out her window to check the weather for the day. If the weather seems cold, she might want to wear a light jacket or sweater instead of a dress. Although a jacket may not cover her butt, it’s warmer than a thin dress. Sweaters typically leave a girl naked below the waist, but, again, they are warmer. Often, a girl has to choose between modesty and warmth, and during the winter, warmth often wins.



After guaging the weather, it’s time to root through the closet for exactly that one item a girl will wear during the day. Although the Dress Code allows girls to wear more than one item, such attire often leads to inspections, which most girls prefer to avoid. By wearing a top without a bottom, or by wearing an extremely short micro-minidress, a girl can usually avoid inspections, since she clearly has nothing to hide from an inspector. Some tops come down nearly to a girl’s vagina, so, with a little imagination, she can feel as if she is covered. Since so many girls dress this way, a girl need not feel alone. There is some comfort in numbers.


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