Fishnet (archives)

Fishnet clothing has the full blessing of the Dress Code. This girl is considered fully dressed according to the dress code. Moreover, she is less likely to be “inspected” (i.e., forced to strip in public to verify she is complying with the dress code) than other girls who wear pants, because it is clear that she isn’t wearing panties under them.


A rear view of this same girl confirms that she is properly covered. The strings that criss-cross over her asshole and pussy are considered sufficient to cover these body parts — after all, they are the same size as the rear strap of a thong, and this is deemed adequate asshole coverage by the Dress Code.


Here is another girl, wearing a fishnet bottom. Again, the strings criss-crossing her asshole and pussy are sufficient to fully cover her. Naturally, she is also free to keep her legs together, and not spread her cheeks unneccessarily, which improves her feeling of being “decent” in public.



The girl pictured, above, is wearing shorts with a very small strap between her legs. Naturally, she isn’t wearing any panties under the shorts, because that would constitute “double coverage”, which is prohibited by the Dress Code. Also, it is clear that her pussy is barely covered. In fact, when she spreads her legs apart, her pussy lips are visible. For this reason, it is clear that the shorts do not afford very much coverage, and it stands to reason that people will gawk between her legs.


To stop that sort of behavior, this girl has done something very clever. By wearing a fishnet top, she distracts attention from her pussy, and places it squarely on her lovely tits. In this way, she is free to go bottomless, because, as we’ve already mentioned, her shorts don’t cover much at all, and so they’re pretty much pointless.


By wearing a fishnet top, she is comfortable taking off her shorts, knowing that her pussy won’t really attract that much attention. Here she is pictured with her legs spread apart, and even then, her pussy is barely noticeable. When she puts her legs together, she is, for all intents and purposes, fully clothed.


Amazing! The fishnet top completely disguised that fact she went bottomless. If I hadn’t read the article, I would not have known. Magicians use a similar trick with a scantily clad assistant. While you are admiring her, he runs off stage and fetches a rabbit or dove from a cage. Clever fellows those magicians. Now that I am aware of this trickery, I will pay more attention. thank-you.
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