Feminist Transfer Student’s First Day – Part One

Genevieve strode briskly onto the college campus, heart thumping with excited anticipation. The crisp air washed over her with a gust of wind sending her straight black hair streaming. The hair was one of the visible parts of her half-Asian heritage, along with the somewhat slanted appearance of her eyes (which weren’t actually slanted, of course – that was just an optical effect from a difference in the construction of the bridge of her nose, but she usually didn’t bother correcting people unless she really felt like putting some “roundeye” in their place). She sometimes ruefully thought her comparatively petite build must be a legacy of her heritage as well, but then she’d tell herself it didn’t matter anyway. Between her sweetly curved body and her perfectly rounded and perky tits – a C cup minimum, so at least nothing petite there – she felt confident in feeling that she could say good things came in small packages. Meanwhile her mixed heritage also gave her a definite shade of green in her eyes and a dusting of freckles (which could be either side, really), especially on her cheekbones under her eyes. She was a girl to stand out and catch your eye and she’d never minded it – although that didn’t stop her from harshly reprimanding any guy caught “oppressing her with his male gaze”.

She was especially glad to be looking good today – first impressions count for a lot after all. And this was her very first day on the campus of her new College! Sure, she had her feminist ideals – in fact those were precisely what led her to make the seemingly-impulsive decision to transfer. But she still knew appearances mattered. And she really wanted to get off to a good start at a College with such an excitingly feminist Code of Conduct!

Granted, she couldn’t say in detail, exactly, what it was the Code stated. She’d really just skimmed the literature on that – modesty this, safeguarding female students that. It all sounded good. Honestly she’d just been caught up in the excitement of learning that there was a College that had a whole system dedicated just to protecting female students from the leering male gaze, and she’d never been inclined to obsess over details anyway. She figured she’d pick up on any fine points on campus anyway. (and boy, was she gonna be right about that… –your perverted ed.)

As she strode further onto the campus however, Genevieve frowned a little as she looked around her. A lot of the girls seemed to be dressed really skimpily. In fact, pretty much all of them were. Bad enough were the girls in tiny dresses that left their seemingly (but surely not really?) bare bottoms half exposed and their breasts all but falling out – but they were practically the modest ones! She could barely keep her jaw from dropping when she saw one girl who seemed to be wearing a skirt like a dress. A miniskirt. That barely covered her ribcage, much less her round butt or her smooth bare pussy, both of which were totally on display. No doubt left that she really wasn’t wearing anything to cover herself besides the obvious. What on Earth happened to the Code she’d heard about? Is this just what girls started to dress like when they were freed from worrying about males leering at them, or whatever? Well, she certainly wasn’t ever going to dress like that. Genevieve resolved that it was really time to learn more about the details of this Code. She couldn’t just ask somebody and look like a fool, though – she’d just look it up once she got all settled into her dorm or something. She still had that good first impression to make, after all.

But then Genevieve saw something that made her stop dead in her tracks, all affectations of nonchalance forgotten. Just twenty feet away from her on the grass by the walkway, a boy actually had his hand right on the pussy of a totally naked large-breasted redhead! In fact… he actually just slid his index and middle fingers inside her, provoking an audible reaction half gasp and half moan. Then he pulled them back out, glistening with her internal moisture. He looked his fingers over with visible satisfaction. “Well, Cindy, looks like you’re asking for it alright. You know what that means.” The girl – Cindy – sighed with resignation (that had to be genuine resignation, right?). “Oh, okay. You want me doggy-style?” The boy nodded enthusiastically. Without so much as another word, Cindy turned around and got on her hands and knees on the grass – well, technically, elbows and knees, leaving her ever-wetter pussy angled upwards invitingly – while the boy, with practiced ease, pulled an absolutely raging erection out of his pants. Dropping to one knee, he thrust the full considerable length of it into her vagina with one sudden thrust (“Oh GOD!!!” being Cindy’s response) and began pumping.

Genevieve, blushing furiously, had seen enough. She marched over there and demanded: “Um, excuse me.” Alright, so “demanded” was a strong word. She was trying, damnit! “Um, EXCUSE ME!”, she tried again, as her previous effort hadn’t made either party even flinch. This time Cindy the redhead looked up, half-dazed already. “…What? Is, nn, something the matter?” “Um, what exactly is, y’know, happening here?!” “Oh-” She gasped as a particularly strong thrust set her large breasts bouncing back and forth even more wildly than before “-I’m, mm, being raped. Mnh!” Genevieve was shocked! Raped?! She might not have the Code memorized exactly, but that couldn’t be right! She drew herself up to her full unimpressive height and said peremptorily (at least, as much as she could while she was still blushing red from seeing two people fucking so unabashedly right in public before her eyes): “Where’s the nearest officer charged with enforcing the Code?” She knew she remembered there were people supposed to do that, at least. Cindy squinted. “I, ohh!, think I, uhh, saw an In – nn! – spector over there by the, mnh, Quad.” Cindy gestured vaguely towards a large building a couple hundred yards distant. Genevieve steadfastly ignored Cindy’s ever more orgasmic interjections with an effort of will. She also told herself that the heat she could feel building in her abdomen was just a figment or a mistake of her imagination. She needed to focus on getting help for her fellow woman! “Quad. Got it.” With that, she marched off in that direction determinedly. As she strode off, Cindy’s arousal-glazed eyes focused on her fully for the first time. She cried out in sudden concern: “Hey, wait! If you’re gonna see an Inspector, you might not wanna be dressed like –” Another gust of wind carried the rest of her words away from Genevieve’s ears.


A short while later, Genevieve arrived outside the Quad. She quickly spotted a man in an official-looking uniform carrying a clipboard, giving passing students a critical eye. This must be the Inspector. It looked like Cindy’s distracted directions had proven good after all. Genevieve walked right up to him and cleared her throat. “Excuse me, sir? Are you the Inspector? If so, there’s something I really need you to-” The Inspector cut her off, eying her up and down. “Yes, I can certainly see you do need my help.” He could? That was confusing, but great! “And while it’s commendable you’d bring yourself in like this, don’t think that’ll save you if I find what I’m afraid I might.” Wait. What? “Alright. Let’s begin the inspection with you removing that shirt.”

Genevieve huffed in shock. “What?! No way!” The very idea that she’d just peel off her shirt – a cute little dark blue button-up that she’d picked to go with her simple knee-length black skirt – in public was outrageous! The Inspector sighed heavily. “Getting difficult already now, are we? Well, that doesn’t bode well for you.” He made a note on his clipboard and called out to the passersby – “Boys! I need boys to volunteer for restraining duty in an inspection!”. With amazing speed a handful of boys separated themselves from the crowd of people walking by. The Inspector nodded in Genevieve’s direction. Genevieve tried to interject. “Wait, I just wanted to report that – wah!” Even as she was trying to talk, four of the boys grabbed her wrists and ankles and forcibly pulled her into something like a standing spreadeagle – feet and arms stretched out and separated. Although she tried to struggle, they were far stronger than she, and all she accomplished was to twist at the hips and shoulders, inadvertently setting her to bouncing ’til they almost came out of her bra.

The Inspector continued. “Now, please remove the subject’s shirt for her, as she has declined to do so herself.” This latter comment drew a round of anticipatory/admonishing “oohs” (“somebody’s in trouble!”) – Genevieve glanced around in surprise to see that a small clot verging towards a circle or crowd of onlookers had already gathered to stare at her, while others were slowing and nudging their friends to look at what was going on too. What was happening to her?? Genevieve was so preoccupied with this latest observation that she didn’t even notice another one of the boys had stepped in front of her until he’d already undone the first button on her shirt. Then her attention snapped back in a hurry.

“I, please-” Genevieve began. “Shh,” the boy interrupted. “You’ll only make this harder on yourself.” Harder? How could it possibly get worse than this? She wasn’t given long to ponder this thought though, as this boy clearly knew what he was doing, unfastening every button on her shirt in under thirty seconds and peeling it off completely before the half-minute mark hit, coordinating perfectly with the boys restraining Genevieve to get it all the way off her. Genevieve couldn’t do that that quickly herself – under different circumstances she’d have been impressed. As it was, she could only shiver as much in embarrassment as from the breeze as she stood before the whole crowd in her little lacy black bra. Damn, but she wished she’d worn something a little less close to being see-through! The world around her blurred as her eyes suddenly filled with water – it was just the wind, damnit! No way was she that vulnerable, shirt or no.

Distraction vanished at the chill in the Inspector’s next words, however. “First violation noted: upper-body layering. Offending item: black bra.” He marked busily on his clipboard as he spoke. Violation?, thought Genevieve. Of what? And how is “layering” a violation of anything, for that matter? The Inspector spoke again, once more jolting Genevieve from her increasingly shell-shocked reverie. “Boys, please confiscate the offending item.” The offending item? He couldn’t mean – except with practiced hands as swift as before, the boy she was beginning to think of as Mr. Undresser leaned in close to her, unclipped her bra in the back, and lifted it off her in a single swift motion.

Genevieve shrieked in shock and embarrassment now. She instinctively began to twist furiously to free herself again, but with just as great a lack of success. Worse, now the motion set her perky tits to shaking and bouncing with abandon – her sweet C cups were so rounded and full that you could have painted a hemisphere on each one, so there was plenty of jiggle and bounce to be had out of them under the right circumstances. Like these. Genevieve could hardly believe the wave of utter mortification that washed over her along with the laughter of the crowd at her antics – God, the crowd was getting big! She’d never been seen in public in so much as a thong bikini at the beach, and here she was completely topless in front of a huge crowd of strangers. More embarrassing and confusing still was the strange heat – in… other circumstances she might have called it familiar, though – that seemed to be building within her. She was almost painfully aware that her pert brown nipples were standing hard and erect as pencil erasers at the tips of her soft young breasts. Surely that at least was the wind…? Anyway, at least the crowd should be distant enough not to make out a detail like that, right?

Of course, that wasn’t accounting for closer observers. Genevieve gasped as her Mr. Undresser gently traced a circle around one of her all but rock-hard nipples with his forefinger. “So, having a little fun up here after all, are we?” He asked with a crooked grin. Genevieve couldn’t even look him in the eye, much less formulate a response. In fact, when he suddenly switched to lightly flicking the same nipple, she felt her knees suddenly go so weak it was a challenge to keep standing straight and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning at the stimulus being delivered to her hyper-sensitized anatomy.

“Boys!” The Inspector said curtly, and Mr. Undresser stepped back to look to him. Oh, thank God. If he’d kept that up it might really have gotten embarrassing for me. “Next, I need you to remove the subject’s skirt.” Thanks given too soon. Mr. Undresser stepped in towards Genevieve again, but this time he didn’t choose such a straightforward approach. Instead, he stepped in so close to Genevieve that the sensitive tips of her breasts were brushing against his – actually quite muscular, Genevieve noted dazedly – chest. From there, he slowly lowered himself down to one knee, keeping her immobilized body brushing by his the whole way down. Even on one knee, he was enough taller than her that his head wasn’t below her freshly (and publicly) exposed breasts, a fact he clearly felt no shame in taking advantage of. He planted little kisses on her breasts once there, especially around – but never quite on – her still engorged nipples, sending little shudders of feeling through Genevieve that had her biting her lip again hard enough to leave teeth marks just to try to keep from letting out sounds so loud even the still-growing and ever more animated crowd could hear. There was no way she could keep Mr. Undresser – with his stupid tousled black hair, she noted looking down at what he was doing – from hearing the little noises and half-whimpers his actions were eliciting though, not with his head essentially literally pressed against her chest. God, and why won’t he just kiss my nipples already instead of being such a tease?! – I mean – he obviously wants to, that is. Just get it over with!

But instead he kept leaving little soft kisses on his targets without ever touching the bullseyes as he carefully (well, carefully would be ONE word for it, Genevieve thought) felt with both hands to find the zipper to her skirt. It was obvious there had to be one – the tight little thing couldn’t possibly fit over her cute hips and highly toned yoga butt otherwise. What was less obvious to Genevieve was why instead of checking a couple likely locations – like the side spot where it actually was – Mr. Undresser opted to circumnavigate her entire waist with his full hands. Actually, scratch that – as he helped himself to a none-too-subtle handful of her bottom, it was VERY obvious why he chose that approach. On any other day, Genevieve would have been embarrassed beyond description to have her ass felt up like that in front of a gang of hooting onlookers. But all of a sudden, just the past few minutes had redefined her standards to where that alone was barely enough to make her blush and squirm. Barely. Of course, the teasing attention still being lavished on her breasts might’ve contributed to both those things too.

In the end, though, Mr. Undresser did find the zipper. Genevieve was totally unprepared for what he did then, though. That is, of course she expected he’d unzip it and pull her skirt down and off, increasing her unprecedented humiliation even further, little though she anticipated the event. But what she didn’t see coming was that the campaign of teasing kisses around her diamond-cutter hard nipples she’d almost become used to would abruptly switch to a frontal assault on the primary objectives. As he suddenly began lavishing his mouth and tongue directly on nipples that his previous actions had raised to rock-hard miniature towers two if not three times their original height, the waves of sensation Genevieve had been feeling transformed into lightning bolts. Biting her lip wasn’t gonna cut it anymore – Genevieve almost without realizing it cried out loud at the incredible feeling coursing into her body as one nipple after the other (or both at once when a temporarily free hand darted up) was kissed, teased, and lightly sucked, pinched, pulled, and nibbled, with every sharper action swiftly counterbalanced by more of his energetic brand of tenderness. As he slowly unzipped her skirt and then an inch at a time pulled it to her ankles at the ground, Genevieve could barely notice over the intense pounding of her heart and the cries and other noises of unrestrainable pleasure that found their way from her throat without conscious volition. The admiringly onlooking crowd (and their admiring camera phones) were completely forgotten as Genevieve was bent almost double with this by the time her skirt hit the ground, a seeming eternity in Genevieve’s subjective time later. If she could have mustered enough coherent thought, Genevieve might even almost have been grateful for the captors still holding her by the wrists, since they were the main thing still keeping her even mostly upright.

Eventually her last exterior garment was on the ground around her ankles however, leaving her in nothing but her (sensibly low – well, low-ish) heels and the lacy black panties she’d chosen to match her now-vanished bra. Mr. Undresser stepped back up and away from her then, leaving her panting and still not quite able to stand completely straight. She’d known she had sensitive nipples, but she’d never imagined someone could do that with them! “Ah, miss?” It was Mr. Undresser talking. “Wha?” Genevieve replied dazedly. “I need you to step out of your skirt now.” Genevieve blinked, thought processes still blurred enough not to even have realized the boys holding her ankles had released them. “Oh… okay…” she said as she carefully (and a little shakily) lifted first one foot and then the other free of her skirt. “Ah, thanks much!” Mr. Undresser smiled his crooked smile at her again as he swiped her skirt up off the ground to put it in a small pile of her clothes that seemed to be building by the Inspector.

A wave of lusty applause from Genevieve’s audience cleared most of the cobwebs from her mind, however. The loud clapping and outright cheers and wolf whistles broke over her like cold water, bringing her consciousness crashing back to a realization of her ignominious condition: better than half naked in front of a crowd of strangers after having just put on a performance worthy of a porno, tits still waving in the wind, with who knows what still in front of her. Worse, she was now forced to acknowledge the tremendous heat burning in her pussy – she could no longer possibly deny that this incredibly humiliating episode actually seemed to have turned her on. This further indignity set her cheeks to burning almost as hot as her genitals. Thank God this ordeal had to be almost over now. Right?

Genevieve cringed at the sudden harsh tones of the Inspector’s further verdict. “Second violation noted: lower-body layering. Offending item: black panties.” The Inspector paused for a moment after finishing scribbling on his clipboard – perhaps for dramatic effect. Where a second ago Genevieve’s cheeks had blazed red, now she paled. This couldn’t mean what it seemed like it would? “Boys – confiscate the offending item.” Oh, damn. It did.

Genevieve’s Mr. Undresser stepped forward yet again. Well, at least this’ll have to be the last time. I haven’t got any more clothes! Perhaps not surprisingly, his smile was bigger than ever this time. He didn’t bother with the elaborate preliminaries this time – simply dropped to one knee and hooked his thumbs up through the waistband of her panties from underneath on the sides, clapped both hands from there onto her bottom to give it one more good squeeze, then slowly slid her panties down, keeping both hands pressed to her to get a good feel not just of her ass, but of every inch he could reach of her toned yet butter-smooth (a girl’s got to moisturize, after all) upper and inner thighs as her panties descended. Despite her best intentions, Genevieve’s dignity disintegrated against this fresh assault, as she couldn’t help herself from squealing and squirming helplessly as her last shred of coverage was taken from her, twisting and bucking her hips as if it could somehow make a difference long after her panties were too far gone for there to have been any chance of saving her modesty anyway. The mocking laughter of the onlooking crowd – now truly impressive in size – couldn’t penetrate her futile desperation, even as on some level she knew it would haunt and humiliate her later. But in the end, of course, her panties were gone regardless, leaving her utterly naked in the outdoors before her audience, with her hands restrained and feet separated once more so she couldn’t achieve even the tiniest amount of coverage of her most private areas, even using her own body.

Genevieve stood completely naked before the crowd, shivering (with cold, not sexual excitement, she told herself sternly in increasingly implausible denial) and trying womanfully not to let on how much further she was embarrassed by the pictures being snapped and videos being obviously recorded by many members of the crowd. Her tight round apple-shaped ass, firm full tits, and soft pussy with its cute tucked-in lips were all totally on display now. Genevieve was numbly shocked then, when the Inspector’s harsh tones snapped forth yet again. What humiliation could possibly be left?, she thought dazedly, little realizing. “What’s this?”, the Inspector barked. “Another layering?!” What? How could I possibly be any more naked than I am already? The inspector shook his head as he made yet another mark on his clipboard. “Noted: additional pubic bottom. This makes three separate counts of layering violations at once. Seldom have I ever seen a student in such egregious violation as an Inspector.” Pubic bottom?! With a shock, Genevieve realized he must somehow be referring to her cute little landing strip. How could that possibly be a bottom?! After all (as a little puff of breeze reminded her acutely) it wasn’t as if it even actually covered her pussy at all!

“Alright,” the Inspector said, speaking to Mr. Undresser, who seemed to have become the unofficial student leader of the proceedings, “proceed with the test for indecent arousal.” Genevieve barely even had time to react to this before Mr. Undresser stepped up before her, now grinning hugely. She did let out a clear yelp as his hand reached between her legs and shamelessly clapped right onto her totally exposed pussy, though. If it was physically possible, Genevieve was now blushing even harder than before, especially as his hand began to rub over her sweet young pussy, stimulating it even further than it already was (Genevieve’s mental denials notwithstanding), and worse doing it all completely in public. After taking his own good time with this phase – and incorporating the occasional trip north to play with Genevieve’s now very highly sensitive little button of a clit, making her unwillingly gasp and squeal as the bursts of unasked-for pleasure sent her weak in the knees, he moved on to the next phase. That is to say, thrusting his fingers energetically inside her, slipping inside her now very wet pussy with total ease. After continuing to fingerbang her to just before the point of orgasm, toying with her tits and nipples with his free hand all the while, he slipped his fingers back out of her, making her moan in disappointment at the denial of release. Genevieve was almost totally gone now – she didn’t even recognize the similarity between the events with Cindy earlier as Mr. Undresser, grinning, held his fingers (now very wet with her pussy’s juices) up before the Inspector. “Looks like she failed the test, alright,” the Inspector said. “Well, you know what to do, boys – give her what her body’s asking for.” What… what my body’s asking for? Genevieve thought dazedly.

All soon became clear, however, as the boys holding her ankles apart took grips further up and lifted her up and apart, leaving with her legs spread wide open as she was supported above ground, helpless to remove herself from this humiliating display. And she’d thought she couldn’t be any more exposed than she was before! Her thoughts were redirected again however, as Mr. Undresser stepped up between her legs, pulled his erection from his pants, and slid his hardened penis into her sopping young pussy. Genevieve cried out in pure pleasure as her interrupted stimulus from before was resumed with a will, all thoughts of dignity forgotten. Having been left so close to the edge, she came almost at once as he began pumping away inside her – and loudly at that. He didn’t stop, of course, but continued on – grasping her firm ass, kissing and nibbling on her delectable breasts and nipples as he pumped on to his own conclusion. He didn’t reach it until shortly after Genevieve was brought to a second powerful public orgasm before the watching (and recording) crowd, though. Pulling his cock out of her, he thoughtfully had her lowered so he could come all over her tits instead of inside her.

With a teasing wink towards the still-gasping Genevieve, her recent consensual rapist (to give him his proper honorable title) announced “Well boys, I did my best, but – ” He paused to give a wicked grin to the crowd. ” – it looks like she’s still in violation! And you know what that means!” Boy, did they. Genevieve had hardly caught her breath before she was half-lowered, half-dumped onto the ground and dazedly complied as she was put into a doggy style position, hardly able to focus on what was going on after having her bones rattled by two such powerful orgasms in succession. She certainly noticed when she found two new cocks entering her, however – one in her still-sensitized pussy, and one in her mouth. With her plugged at both ends, the boys proceed to spit-roast her enthusiastically. Genevieve’s tits bounced back and forth like round jiggling pendulums as she took thrusts from first one direction then the opposite, barely able to control her gag reflex as she was energetically face-fucked. To her embarrassed surprise Genevieve felt that heat kindling inside her (or continuing to roar away, to be more honest) as she was driven towards another orgasm – and then crashing over into it, albeit a rather muffled one this time. Continuing the pattern, the boys finished soon after, again opting not to come inside her, but rather spattering her ass, back, and pretty young face with the cum spurting forth from their cocks.

Genevieve’s consensual rape(s, at this point…) weren’t done yet, however. Another boy knelt in position behind her and slipped inside her wet pussy. After just a couple pumps, however, he paused and announced loudly for the benefit of the still-onlooking crowd (now so excited that a number of them had broken into their own busily fucking couples), “You know… I think it’s time we changed things up a little with this one!” An “oooooh” emanated from the crowd as they guessed his meaning. The boy proceed to slip back out of Genevieve’s still-welcoming pussy and put the tip of his rock-hard cock against her asshole. “Oh, no! I’ve never – ” Genevieve cried, startled back to something like alertness by the prospect of this new and unprecedented indignity. “Welp, guess it’s time for a new sexual landmark then,” the boy replied nonchalantly. With that, he proceeded to thrust the tip of his cock (well lubed by its time in Genevieve’s sopping wet pussy) inside her asshole, then, with a grunt, went balls-deep up her virgin backdoor.

Genevieve cried out loudly. This feeling was so – so intense! Painful at first, yes, but helpfully her muscles had been relaxed by her series of powerful orgasms. And then – just – intense! Without even realizing it consciously, Genevieve began to push her hips back against the boy as he fucked her previously-cherry asshole. She continued, grinding her hips back on his cock as he fucked her deep and hard, cooperating in her own consensual anal rape even as an anal virgin. As the boy came to his finish, Genevieve felt another orgasm crashing over her even as he shot his cum deep into her bowels. It was just as powerful as the previous four (four!, Genevieve thought glassily), but somehow different. Her ecstatic cries of sexual climax were certainly no quieter, however.

Genevieve wasn’t given long to contemplate this new experience, though – after all, her asshole was now open for business. Grabbed and repositioned again, this time she found herself standing upright, with one foot stretched high up to the side and resting against a nearby tree. Yet another new boy swiftly inserted himself in her pussy, but Genevieve barely had time to gasp before she had to yelp out loud at the still-more startling sensation of another boy slipping up her asshole (evidently having brought or acquired his own lube rather than using Genevieve’s natural supply like the last boy) at the same time. From very first anal to first double penetration in under thirty seconds – that had to be a record. Genevieve was now getting fucked in her front and back door at once, the twin pressures driving her to even greater heights than before. She soon proved she was a closet (or undiscovered) DP enthusiast, as she spasmed into two howling orgasms before the boys finished (bringing her total to date to seven), her internal pulsing driving the boys onward as well. In a feat of coordination, both finished at almost exactly the same time, dropping her to her knees to take two more facials from them, leaving her pretty young face so covered in strands and spatters of cum that she was starting to look almost as if she’d been given a (highly unorthodox) spa facial instead.

One more sexual escalation awaited Genevieve, however, as now she found herself dropped cowgirl-style onto the cock of a boy already reclining on the ground. From there, she was bent forward on her folded knees to expose her freshly twice-fucked asshole, which was promptly entered again. What took things to the next level, however, was when a third boy appeared to stick a cock in Genevieve’s mouth once more. Now plugged completely airtight with cocks in every available hole, Genevieve had the groundbreaking experience of making a full transition from walking along modestly dressed to being totally naked, covered in different men’s cum, and fucking three boys at once in public. Naturally, this drove her to her most powerful orgasm yet. No matter that her mouth was plugged by a face-fucking cock – Genevieve couldn’t have mustered the power of speech just then anyway. Genevieve did maintain some restraint, however – she only came twice more before the boys all finished, this time pumping their cum inside her by some apparent unspoken agreement. Genevieve instinctively swallowed the load pumped into her mouth, though as she sat up (the cock of the boy on the ground still inside her) some still dribbled down her chin onto her tits, painting them with cum still further.

Totally exhausted by sexual climaxes, Genevieve now gently toppled over onto the ground. “All right – even with all the violations, I think she’s had enough. Call off your dogs, boys,” the Inspector said gruffly, preventing the boys from trying to come up with something even further to do to Genevieve’s fresh young body. No more cocks? Genevieve remembered dimly that this was something she was supposed to be glad about, but couldn’t remember why just then. A number of the boys who’d been fucking their own partners within the crowd, still feeling the spirit of the event, came over to finish on the supine Genevieve, coating her with the cum of even more men all up and down her body.

The Inspector leaned over Genevieve’s naked, cum-painted form. “Hey – girl. Can you hear me? Owing to the violations found, your clothes will be confiscated as evidence until your Hearing as per standard protocol. Also by protocol, you will be expected not to replace them with new clothes until the time of said hearing. Don’t worry – this should be within no more than a week or two.”

The Inspector now turned and walked off, leaving Genevieve where she lay. Slowly, she tabulated the course of events in her head. So – stripped naked before a gawking crowd. Fucked by more men – total strangers, at that – in more ways than in her whole life previously. Also in public. Driven to multiple screaming orgasms – God, could it really be as many as ten? She didn’t even know she was capable of that many – again in public, again with a huge crowd gathered around, gawking and taking pictures and videos of her total sexual humiliation. Currently lying completely naked, covered virtually head to toe in the cum of what had to be more than a dozen men – she’d lost count – and with still more cum leaking from both her asshole and pussy. Apparently forbidden from wearing clothing again for as long as weeks – somehow she felt absolutely sure this would be enforced and applied even in public, dooming her to a whole extended stretch of total public nudity.

What a first day.

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  1. Anon Y. Mous Post author

    And as you might guess from the “Part One”, the day’s not even over yet. That said, this wasn’t exactly un-time-consuming to write, as you probably gathered from the length (good Lord – did I really write that much?). So if you liked it and do want to see more, you’d better come and say so in the comments. Just sayin’ – do as you please, of course.

    Oh – and for the record, the “more” should be expected to be shorter in length than this, at least per entry. God, I certainly hope it would be anyway.

  2. photony

    Just goes to show that a person should read the rules before making assumptions. But she has a unique opportunity to make fast friends at a new school. And all before the first class on the first day!

    Wonder if she will make the cover of the next freshman orientation brochure.

  3. base

    That was quite some welcome for Genevieve. When people just assume rather than actually read rules, they tend to find out the hard way their mistakes. Great life lesson. thanks.

  4. Keith

    Love your story so far. Please keep it coming! Your description of her humiliation turning into stimulation was pretty. . . stimulating 🙂

  5. Serena

    Well, that was pretty humiliating as first days go, but mine was even moreso. I was simply using the restroom on my first day when a bunch of guys came over to watch and “play” with me, taking advantage of my vulnerability. Of course they drew a crowd with picture-taking abilities.

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