Extreme Sex Education Part 1 of 2

Mr. Parker entered the classroom and looked us over, paying particular attention to the girls. I knew he was making sure we were complying with the college dress code. Fortunately, I was only wearing a short low cut vest and of course, no underwear. While seated, the vest was just long enough for me to sit on the back of it, hiding my bare backside from some of the boys behind me. To be on the safe side however, as Mr. Parker’s gaze veered in my direction, I scooted my vest up a bit and parted my legs slightly so he could clearly see I was not in any danger of breaking the dress code as we all knew how strict he was. As he glimpsed at my pussy, he gave an approving nod then continued his visual frisking of the rest of the class. When he was satisfied, he made an announcement.“Today’s Public Health class will be a little different.” Mr. Parker explained, “As you know, usually in PH classes, you are divided into your gender groups and are taught separately, especially if the PH class covers sex education. However, with all the reports in the national press about current poor sex education standards leading to ill informed young adults making all sorts of terrible decisions in their adult lives regarding the opposite sex, the dean has decided to introduce a physical portion to our curriculum. This lesson will also prepare you for your future spouse’s expectations that you ‘know your way around the bedroom’.”I wasn’t sure why but as Mr. Parker looked down at his notes, the boys seemed to quietly buzz with excitement which sir did not see. I and the rest of the girls didn’t think that a ‘physical portion’ to our usual class would be all that interesting. Didn’t it just mean that we would be looking at biology models of the male and female genitalia, and identifying the ovaries, testis, etc, etc? That’s the way it was in my old school anyway, as I said to the rest of the girls.

Mr. Parker asked us to move all the tables and chairs to the outer edge of the large classroom except for about 6 tables that were placed in a line length-ways at the head of the room. Next, Mr. Parker said something that made me and the rest of the girls realise why the boys were so excited.

“First, the girls will learn about the boys and then vice versa. Now, everyone get undressed and pick a partner of the opposite sex.” Mr. Parker commanded.

Before you could even blink, it seemed that most of the boys were already naked, with the last few just stepping out of their boxers. I was still rooted to my seat, not sure if I (and indeed the boys) had heard Mr. Parker correctly.

“Well, what are you waiting for Jodie?” Mr. Parker asked me.

I started to answer, “Well, I…,”

“You’re practically naked anyway with just that vest on.” Mr. Parker interrupted, “It’s no use being shy as you’re all in the same boat anyway.” He said, referring to the mass undressing of the class.”

So there we were, the whole class naked, apart from Mr. Parker. Everyone was pairing up, as per the teacher’s instruction. I looked around and noticed that all the boys had meaty erections that sprang about as they sauntered over to different girls trying to get a partner. The new boy, Billy who had only been attending this college for a week, came wondering up to me shyly, trying not to look at my tits or pussy but he was failing miserably.

“Wou… would you like to be, erm, be my partner…?” Billy asked my pussy. He was quite a buff and handsome guy but the way he was acting told me that unlike most of the boys at this college, he hadn’t had much experience with girls.

“If you ask me to my face and not my pussy, I might say ‘yes’,” I told him. He blushed crimson red as he looked at my face, said ‘sorry’ then looked down at the floor. Then sneaked glances at my pussy again. I could see I had just embarrassed him so to make it easier I let him partner me anyway.
With us all paired up, we had to stand in a line opposite our partners.

“I have one final warning for you all before we start. This is a proper college lesson and it will not be used satisfy your own sexual desires. I expect you all to remain highly professional. This of course means that under no circumstances will I permit any sexual arousal.” Mr. Parker cautioned.

I looked up and down the line just to make sure I was correct before I asked a question and I could see the boys were still sporting huge hard-ons. “Sir?” I asked, “Are the boys in trouble then because they all have massive erections?”

He looked up at them, and then looked at me as if I had asked the most ridiculous question ever.

“Of course not, you silly girl!” He scolded, “These boys are not erect due to sexual excitement. They are only erect because they have the intelligence to think two steps ahead of me. They have realised that what I’m trying to teach you girls would be impossible if their penises were flaccid.”

He went on, “The boys of this college are not young hoodlums with raging hormones, getting hard at the drop of a hat. They are the finest young gentlemen with highly professional attitudes. Do you think the boys want to be here with you girls looking at their naked bodies?” He asked the boys, “Wouldn’t you rather be out in the field keeping fit?”

The boys all nodded in agreement pretending that they couldn’t care less about us girls. But I could tell that each and every one of them was faking it and they were just dying to stick there dicks into us.

“The boys are highly trained and will not be enjoying this, merely performing a duty I have asked of them. You girls will not always be surrounded by boys of this calibre, which is why this lesson is so important. It will help you deal with the sexually charged males you will meet once you leave this college.
From now on, when I talk about boys in general, I am referring to those young rascals outside of this college who think of nothing but sex and not of these boys before you with their fine morals.” Mr. Parker said.
He then he began the lesson, “Okay girls, the first thing I’m sure you’ve noticed, as Jodie has already pointed out, is your partner’s throbbing erection. It is very easy for an ordinary boy, not of this college, I state again, to become sexually excited, producing these results. It does not take much and I shall prove this. I want each girl to look at your partner’s taught penis very closely.”

We all fixated our eyes on our partner’s ridged cocks.

Mr. Parker said, “Okay, boys, I know this will be very difficult for you all considering your professionalism, but I want you to try hard and pretend that you are one of those afore mentioned teens with raging hormones and react to what I say next as they would.

“Bacon. Football. Pussy.” He said.

As soon as he said ‘pussy’, the boys’ cocks jerked slightly. “Yes,” Mr Parker said, “In ordinary boys that twitch would have been involuntary…”

It was obvious to me, and I’m sure some of the other girls, that the boy’s cocks jerking actually was involuntary, but anyway, Mr Parker continued, “…which leads me on to another point I should make about boys before we get started properly. Boys in general have partial control of their penises. Every boy has a sexual threshold that when breached renders them mostly incapable of thinking about anything except cumming in some young lady’s sweet warm pussy, bum or mouth.”

As he said those last four words the boys all emitted low moans and their dicks started jerking around again.

“Ahh…, very good boys. You’re helping me out greatly with your acting,” Mr. Parker then continued, “I don’t know if there is an official name for this stage of heightened sexual arousal and not a lot of girls know of this. But it is something worth knowing about if you girls are planning to flirt and tease boys as you are so prone to doing. If you go too far with what you girls call ‘prick teasing’, a boy will eventually reach that heightened state of sexual arousal and loose all control of his own mind. This is how some girls end up being…”

Mr. Parker was going to continue but he could see that all the boys were becoming restless with just standing around.

“…well, more on that later maybe. For now I want all you girls to reach out and gently touch your partner’s penis and concentrate on how it feels in your hands.” Mr. Parker said.

As we did so, you could hear once again all the boys moan with relief, with once again, Mr. Parker congratulating them on their ‘acting’. They were clearly enjoying every second of this, but I decided to concentrate on my own lesson.

The first thing I was aware of was Billy’s cock was so hot! As I gently moved my hands up and down his ridged shaft, he moaned again and said, “Oh man! Your hands are so soft!” Then he caught himself saying, “…err, that’s the kind of thing one of those other boys sir was talking about would say…”

“That’s correct Billy, well done. Touch everywhere girls,” Mr. Parker said. “If you reach under, you will find that your partner’s scrotum has bundled up into a tight ball.”

“Oh yeah!” Some of the girls exclaimed in enlightenment as most of us had never noticed this before. Mr Parker then told us that to really understand the male penis, we would have to put them in our mouths. “Don’t be afraid,” Mr. Parker said as he could see our hesitation. “It is the best way to learn.”

We all crouched down and had to spread our legs apart to allow the boys to stand closer to us and of course, they couldn’t help but look at our pussies as we did so. With our mouths open and our tongues pushed out slightly, the boys guided their eager dicks into our lush, wet mouths. Billy was trembling and as the bottom of his bell end slid against my silky tongue, his dick started involuntarily jerking and bobbing again, banging the roof of my mouth. Mr. Parker told the boys not to move and for us to focus on how their raging cocks felt in our mouths and to use our tongues to explore every contour. He walked the line offering more specific instructions to various couples.

Billy’s dick in my mouth felt very muscular and I could feel all the veins protruding from it with my tongue yet his cock head felt very smooth and plump. As my tongue slid all over Billy’s throbbing cock, he kept losing his breath and his quiet moaning was becoming louder and more frequent. I looked up into Billy’s eyes and noticed they seemed to have glazed over, he was not even focusing on my tits or pussy like he was before.

All of a sudden, Billy grabbed my face with both hands, tilted my head back which was quite uncomfortable, and forced more of his thick cock into my mouth. As his dick head touched the back of my throat, I was now starting to panic, worried that he would cut off my air supply. Billy began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth but never letting it move far from the back of my throat. The expression on his face had now intensified with his mouth open and eyebrows locked into an intense frown. I tried pushing Billy’s thighs back to get him to ease off a bit but it was like he was an autonomous machine, pistoning his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. I started waving my arms around and moaning to get Mr. Parker’s attention, as I couldn’t speak with Billy’s cock banging against my tonsils and I was unable to get out of his vice like grip on my head.

Over the low din of some of the other boys’ controlled moans, Mr. Parker suddenly stopped in mid sentence of the instruction he was giving another pair and said, “Everybody stop and look at Jodie and Billy.” I was suddenly very embarrassed being the centre of attention with a dick thrusting its way in and out of my mouth but Billy seemed unaware of everything.

“Right! Gather around everyone. This is exactly what I was talking about before. I had not remembered Billy is new to our college and is not highly trained as the rest of the boys. He has reached that heightened state of sexual arousal I mentioned. You can see it in his face. Right now, the only thing he can think about is spurting a thick load of gooey cum into Jodie’s mouth. He has lost all sense of reason and logic and I shall prove this.” Mr. Parker reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet and withdrew $300.00 from it.

“Billy,” Mr. Parker called. “Billy,” He had to call again. Billy’s hips were still thrusting away but this time, he managed to look in Mr. Parker’s general direction, not quite being able to focus on him but he did not stop fucking my mouth nor did he release my head. My neck was starting to ache from the uncomfortable position.

Mr. Parker said, “Billy, I am placing 300 dollars on this table,” He walked to one of the tables at the edge of the room and put the money on the corner. “If you come over here within 10 seconds and take it, you can keep it all.” Billy, still pounding away at my mouth, looked at the money then back at Mr. Parker. His mouth was still open with the intense expression across his face. He tried to say something, but he could only utter moans from the sweet sensation of his cock head rubbing against the soft interior of my warm, wet mouth. All he could do was look back down at his cock torpedoing into my mouth with his balls slapping against my chin.

“You see, class?” Mr. Parker explained, “He heard my proposition, but the urge to cum has taken over his entire thought process.”

Saliva started to dribble out of Billy’s open mouth and onto my face, gross!

“Yes,” Mr. Parker continued, “Billy does not have control of his own body. His brain can no longer send the signal to his mouth to swallow hence why he continues to drool all over Jodie, such is the power of his urge to cum. Of course, when he has cum, he will regain his senses and realise that he should have taken the 300 dollars but at this point in time, it is completely incomprehensible to him.”

Just then, Billy’s moans got a lot louder, his forceful fucking of my mouth intensified. His whole body tensed up and I could feel his dick in my mouth start erratically spasming and as he uttered one final moan, he squeezed my head tighter, forcing his super erect dick deep into my mouth and held it there and came. My mouth started rapidly filling up with hot salty liquid. More and more of his gloopy spunk was ejaculating into my mouth. I didn’t know when it was going to stop so I panicked, coughing out his sperm all over my tits.

“Right, class,” Mr. Parker started, “What just happened there, as Billy ejaculated down Jodie’s throat, is known as a ‘gag reflex’ which is something you girls will have to learn to control in order to please your future spouses.

Okay, everyone get back with your partners.” And to Billy he said, “You have disobeyed me by allowing yourself to become sexually excited after I strictly forbade it. You also came without my explicit permission. Ordinarily, you would be in big trouble but as you have helped the class by demonstrating a point of mine, you are excused. You better sit down.

Billy was on the verge of collapse, completely wiped out after his huge orgasm. He walked over to a side table, laid down, and then fell asleep. I, on the other hand, was just relieved to straighten my neck.
I wanted to excuse myself to clean Billy’s cum off my breasts but Mr. Parker said I would miss vital parts of the lesson so I should just sit and watch for now. I pulled up a chair and sat. Billy’s cum, as well as now running down my body, was turning quite cold. It had also trickled onto my nipples, making them more sensitive to the slight draft coming from the open window, so now, my nipples were very hard and pointy from the cold.

With the pairs back together, Mr. Parker told the girls to resume exploring the boys’ cocks with their tongues and mouths but this time, he told the boys to cum so that the girls’ gag reflexes could be tested. They started the same fucking motion Billy used, enjoying their partner’s velvety mouths.

“Okay girls, you are now aware of this ‘gag reflex’ that Jodie was so kind enough to demonstrate. I want you all to think about this when the boys start to ejaculate. Concentrate hard. You must control your gag reflexes because I want you all to retain your partner’s sperm in your mouths.” Mr. Parker instructed. To the boys he said, “Kindly make some extra gestures of noise or signal to your girl so that you don’t surprise her when you explode in her mouth.”

As all the boys moaned and grunted with delight while fucking their partner’s mouths, the girls had an air of concentration about them, determined not to fail where I had.

One by one, the boys reached that euphoric moment and jizzed into the girls’ waiting mouths. You could see the strain on both the boys and girls faces. The boys were straining because they were trying not to let Mr. Parker see that they were enjoying their orgasms and the girls were straining because they desperately tried not to spit out the hot slimy cum the boys had just ejaculated into them; none of them liked the taste. Ella was the only other girl to let her gag reflex get the better of her and she coughed her partner’s pungent spunk onto the floor. Mr. Parker frowned at her. When all the boys had finished, Mr. Parker told them to sit and said to the girls, “I want you to close your eyes and really focus on the taste and flavour of the spunk in your mouths. Use your tongues to manipulate the sperm all around, see how viscose it is. Some will be thick and gooey, some will be a little thin but stringy, there’s a load of different textures. No pun intended.”Mr. Parker looked at me and Ella, realising that we could not participate in this part of the lesson. He then looked at all of Billy’s cum still slowly dribbling down my torso and told Ella to lick the spunk off my body so that she could take part. As she did so, he gave her directions saying, “That’s right. Make sure you get the blobs of sperm hanging from Jodie’s nipples.”When she was done and had a decent amount of Billy’s sperm in her mouth, Mr. Parker asked the boys, “Which of you spurted more than three times into your partner’s mouth?”

Steven, Michael and Josh put their hands up. Mr. Parker called over Bonnie, who had been Michael’s partner and told her to share Michael’s sperm with me. I crouched below her and opened my mouth. She bent over me and allowed some of Michael’s ejaculate to drip onto my outstretched tongue then, I too had to close my eyes and investigate the flavour of Michael’s manly essence.

We had to hold the boys’ sperm in our mouths for 5 minutes, rinsing it all around our cheeks and over our tongues. After the time was up, Mr. Parker finally told us we could swallow and as we did so, most of us girls grimaced which Mr. Parker saw.

“You girls should not be so ungrateful!” He said, telling us off. “It is a well known fact that sperm is very nutritious, containing lots of vitamins and amino acids which you all know are vital for your developments. You should thank the boys for providing you with a nutrient boost!” He then changed the subject, “Every boy’s spunk will taste slightly different. Some of the factors that affect this are; whether he smokes, drinks alcohol regularly, eats a lot of meat, or is a vegetarian. For your homework girls, you must each sample two other boys’ sperm and write a detailed report on the differences in taste, texture and smell.”

“Ok, sir,” All us girls replied reluctantly, we really weren’t looking forward to this.

“Good,” Mr. Parker said, “Now it’s time for the boys to learn about the girls…”

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