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I got an email from Sandi, a 24-year old office manager, who wanted me to share her experience with this blog’s readers.  I was more than happy to do it…

I work in an office full of men.  Big, hairy, smelly men.  Although I have to dress nicely, I don’t dress up for these ugly guys.  A skirt and blouse is what I wear every day.  And since they’re always leering at me, I try to remember to wear wear a bra and panties, too.

The other day, I casually mentioned to the only other woman in my office how annoyed I am at the way the men have been looking at me.

“It’s your blouse,” she said.

I stood up and faced her.  “What about it?” I asked.  “Is my bra showing through it?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“What is it?” I begged

“It’s showing.”  Realizing I wasn’t understanding her at all, she explained, “Your blouse is showing under your skirt.”

I looked down, and turned bright red.  I had tucked my blouse into my skirt, which was one of my sexier ones, and the tails were longer than the skirt itself!

“I would just take it off,” she advised.

“The blouse?” I was incredulous.

“No,” she laughed, and put her hands on my shoulders in a now-is-the-time-to-face-the-music kind of way.  “Your skirt.”

“Take off my skirt?”  This idea was even crazier.  Doesn’t she know this office is overrun with horny men?

“Yes,” she said, moving closer and putting her arms around me in a reassuring way.  I love the way she smells, and without thinking about it, I stroked her pretty hair.  She rubbed my shoulders, then my back, relaxing me.

Then, before I knew it, she had removed my skirt and tossed it aside.  Instead of yelling out or grabbing for it, I kissed her.  And she kissed me back.  In a way, if felt really good to be liberated from my skirt, not just because my fashion faux pas was averted, but because I felt so much freer without a bottom.

I guess she read my thoughts.  “You still have your panties on,” she said.

“Yes,” I said, well aware of them.  I never found panties particularly comfortable, but in an office of horny men, they were a life saver!

She shrugged, and we both went back to our work.  Having fixed my wardrobe malfunction by removing my skirt, I expected the leering glances from the men to subside, but they seemed to be even more interested in what I was wearing.

Finally, as my beautiful office mate and I were about to go to lunch, I asked her, “Why are the men still looking at me that way?”

“It’s your panties,” she said, matter of factly.

“What about them?”

“They’re showing, that’s all.  Men seem fascinated by a girl’s panties.  Go figure.”

I looked down at my lap as we were walking to the lunch room.  No panties.  “How are they showing?” I asked.

She snapped my waistband.  “Ow!”  I said, looking at my stinging hip.  The front and back of my blouse were plenty long, and covered my privates nicely.  But the sides weren’t so long, so the sides of my panties were exposed to public view.

I suddenly felt self-conscious about them as I realized what all the men had been looking at.  “What should I do?”

“Lose ’em,” was her curt answer.  She dragged me into the ladies room just outside the lunch room.

I glanced at myself in the mirror, and agreed: panties in full view are unsightly.  I took them off, and put them in the trash can.  From the side, the curve of my butt was visible, but the tails of my blouse covered the important parts.  “But now everyone can see I’m not wearing any panties,” I said.

“Which would you prefer?  For people to deduce you’re not wearing panties?  Or for them to ogle your panties every second of the day?”

I sighed.  “I suppose you’re right,” I said.

We went into the lunch room, and had our lunch.  Each little breeze reminded me to keep my legs together.  I was so grateful to my office mate for helping me fix my wardrobe.

As we got up to leave the lunch room, I said, “I still can’t shake the feeling that all the men are staring at me.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said, comforting me.  “I’m sure it’s just that your blouse is very thin, that’s all.”

“So?” I asked.  Lots of girls wear thin blouses, and they don’t get stared at.

She opened her mouth, then shut it.  “Forget about it,” she said, finally.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around to face me.  “No, tell me,” I demanded.

She looked me up and down, just like the men had been doing all day.  “It’s more than just the thin blouse,” she said.

“What?!” I demanded, suddenly aware of many eyes turning our way.  “What?” I asked again more softly.

“You’re completely shaven, which is nice,” she began.  I felt myself blushing.  How did she know that?  Was my blouse that thin?  “Maybe you should balance it out.”

“What ever do you mean?”  My hands were on my hips.

“Now, don’t get mad,” she said, stroking my hair.  “I just mean, if you give the men something else to look at besides your pussy, then maybe…”

“You’re crazy!” I said.  But I knew she was right.  My blouse was so thin that it was almost transparent.  If my office mate could see through it, then I guess the men could, too.

“You have such pretty breasts,” she said.  “It seems a shame to cover them up like that.”

She kissed me as we ducked, once more, into the ladies room.  She helped me out of my bra.  I couldn’t bring myself to throw it in the trash, so I handed it to her, and closed my eyes as she threw it out.  She kissed me and patted my bare butt.  I spread my legs, allowing her sexy touch to linger between my legs.

“I think you can go one more,” she said.

“Huh?” I asked.  Then I saw where she was looking.  I followed her advice and unbuttoned one more button.

As we walked back to the office, I knew she was right.  I was down to one thin item of clothing — just my blouse — but I felt much more comfortable and secure, knowing my underwear wasn’t showing, and that I was, as she said, balanced.  If the men ogled me that afternoon, I didn’t notice, because I felt so good, thanks to my lovely office mate.


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Some women wear a ridiculous number of layers. A bra, a camisole, a tee shirt, a blouse, a sweater. I do not get it. It does cause more unwanted attention. I count shoulder straps.

Below, much the same. Panties, slip, skirt, hose, plus the long tops.

About the only thing less covered is her feet. She’ll wear open toed heels in the middle of winter. Go figure?

A burka-wearing female has less clothing on than the typical multi-layered western woman.

At least Sandi managed to realize less is more.

Comment By base At 1/11/2010 12:33 AM

Great to hear from you, Mr Hertz. I don’t know if you can do anything more with Sandi’s story, but anything you put out is fine with me!

Comment By Keith At 1/11/2010 5:18 PM

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