Dress Code — Top (archives)

Dress Code — Top

A “top” is any article of clothing that covers the breasts, and hangs down no lower in the front than the top of the pubic bone (an inch or two above the vulva) and no lower in the back than the tail bone (coccyx). Tops include Bras, Shirts, short jackets and sweaters, and the like. A girl is permitted to wear at most one top, which means she may not wear a bra under her shirt, for example.

If a girl has a particularly nice top, such as the mesh top pictured blow, and she has no suitable bottom to go with it, she may wear the top by itself without violating any College Regulations. The reverse is not true: The regulations of the college require all students to wear tops inside most school buildings, so girls may not wear bottoms without tops.


Girl wearing a top.

‘girls may not wear bottoms without tops.’

Genius, I say, pure genius. Perfect for allowing toplessness with bottomlessness.

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