Dress Code Guidebook — wearing a top with socks or stockings (archives)

We have pictured many girls wearing only socks, or only stockings partly because some girls prefer to wear these items alone, and partly to illustrate the items of clothing themselves, without the distraction of other clothes on the same pretty girl.

However, some girls prefer to wear a top rather than going topless.  Perhaps you are shy, and you prefer to keep your breasts covered.  That’s perfectly acceptable, and you should not feel the least bit embarrassed to cover your breasts.


It’s a cute look, and it looks good on this girl: socks and a t-shirt.  Since her socks don’t extend past her knees, her t-shirt can be as long as she likes.  Heck, if she really wanted to, she could wear a t-shirt long enough to cover her cute little butt!  (But we’re glad she prefers to leave it uncovered.)


Here’s another example of a girl who likes to wear a top with her stockings.  She was kind enough to show us both the front and the back of her stockings, which very nicely match her top.



As you can see, she has a full range of movement, without fear of exposing her pretty tits to accidental view.  Therefore, this girl feels very comfortable and modest in her choice of clothing.


Do you want to dress up a little?  Maybe you’re going off-campus on a date, and you want to look a little special for your man.  Wearing a nice top is definitely the way to go.  Sure, we know when you’re off campus, you might attract a bit more attention than you’re used to, but from your dorm room to the edge of campus, you must abide by the Dress Code, so you may not wear or even bring any panties with you, if you are wearing stockings.  This may seem like an imposition, but if you plan your date carefully, you should minimize your embarrassment.  Consider dinner and a movie as an example.  While you’re walking to your table, your butt will be bare, but once you sit down, all people will see will be your pretty top.  Similarly, at the movie theater, as long as your boyfriend gets up for the popcorn, the majority of time will be spent in darkness, where you’ll be glad to have your lap free for a little romance.


WARNING to all you pretty girls on campus: The following is an example of clothing to be avoided.  This girl is wearing a top that’s a little bit too long, and may qualify as a dress.  As you know, a dress is a “body cover”, and can’t be worn with any “bottom” such as stockings.  This girl feels more comfortable with her top open, which is understandable, but it’s still too long, and really should not be worn in conjunction with stockings.


Moreover, as this girl shifts her position slightly, it is clear she hasn’t shaven in a while.  Of course, there is no rule against growing a bush, but as every College girl should know, a bush counts as a “bottom”, and should not be worn with any other bottom, including stockings.  And since her top is too long, she should still take that off, as well.


Here’s a girl who has a pretty pink top that’s really too long to wear just as a top, since it would cover a bit too much of her pretty little bottom if she were to stand up in it.  So, obviously, she can’t wear a bottom with it, which is a shame.


Still, not all is lost.  By wearing a pair of socks instead of stockings, she can avoid double-coverage of her pretty derierre.


Yay! She says as she grabs her feet above her head in triumph!



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