Dress Code Guidebook — Socks (archives)

Socks are an “accessory”, which means you can wear them with any other clothing you like, or no clothing at all — it’s your choice.  You can think of socks as a way to be naked without actually being naked!


We won’t run down all the reaons a girl might choose to be naked, but here’s one: Health regulations forbid girls from going topless inside school buildings such as classrooms, the dining hall, etc.  There is one exception, however.  If a girl is naked, then she may enter any school building.  This rule is in place to accommodate girls who, through no fault of their own, just happen to be naked. (e.g. if their clothes were taken into evidence during an Inspection).


There are a few girls, though, who like to go topless, who are dismayed by the rule that forbids being topless in class.  Some of those girls pay lip service to the rule by wearing a revealing top, but others use the nudity loophole by taking off their bottoms as well.


Because their intention was merely to go topless, many girls who use this loophole feel a little shy, and so they wear socks.  Although it hasn’t been thoroughly tested, most College officials maintain that a girl wearing only socks is still naked, and so she is exempt from the rule that forbids her from being topless inside school buildings.

Almost-to-the-knee socks

A word of warning is in order.  If you wear your socks almost to the knee, you should probably not wear a bottom with them, and here’s why: Suppose you’re wearing a bottom such as a skirt with your socks, and you are inspected.  The inspector may ask you to strip naked, except for your socks, and then he may ask you to pull your socks up past your knee.  You might say they don’t stretch that far, but how would the inspector know you’re not pulling an “OJ” on him?  To guard against that, many inspectors will withhold your clothes until you do pull those socks past your knees, and faced with that, many girls will comply, stretching their socks nearly (or even past) the breaking point just to get their clothes back.  But then here’s the catch-22.  Knee socks are a bottom, and so you are out of compliance with the Dress Code, and you will be cited.  Either way you lose, unfortunately.  For this reason, many girls chose not to wear a bottom even with socks that are well below their knees.


Do you think these inspectors are unreasonable?  If so, check out this pretty girl:


She looks pretty good in her socks and accessories.  Is she bottomless out of choice?  Maybe not.  It turns out she’s required to be bottomless because her socks can easily stretch past her knees.  So I suppose she really isn’t bottomless after all — her socks, I mean stockings, are her bottom.  And I’m sure you would agree she looks great in them!


More socks

At the risk of repeating some pictures, we include additional pictures here, so you will be completely familiar with the ways socks can be worn at the College…

stripey socks…


mismatched socks (worn with a top)…


…and a trio of girls who can’t resist showing off their pretty socks…


Girls, when you are dressed only in a pair of socks, you may find it hard to resist showing your love for another girl dressed similarly.  It’s OK to stroke her pretty little butt, just as it’s OK for her to stroke yours.  Don’t be bashful about separating your legs slightly, and if you feel her fingertips between your cheeks, resist the temptation to “flinch”.  Rather, enjoy the sensation of another naked girl exploring your body!


The feelings of joy that result from such mutual exploration are indescribable.


And we owe it all to socks!

Even the prettiest of girls often think they have a flaw. Some pretty girls think their feet are ugly. Long toes, or a little toe that hooks under. Or they simply didn’t spend time to paint their toenails. whatever the reason might be some girls will wear socks to hide their feet.

They shouldn’t be afraid to show their feet. In fact, showing their feet causes those guys with foot fetishes to not even notice whether the girl is wearing clothes.

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Other girls wear socks to ward off the cold. If the floor is cold, socks provide a barrier to that cold chill. Many girls realize this first running around the dorms naked. Slipping on a pair of socks keeps the cold floor from chilling the girl. In fact, many girls wearing just socks feel warm and cozy to the point they forget they are naked and walk outside whilst talking with friends.
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