Dress Code Guidebook — socks and modesty (archives)

Are you a girl who is perhaps a little shy?  We understand that you may be a little intimidated by the pictures you’ve seen so far in this guidebook, because many of the girls are, for lack of a better word, uninhibited.  But not you.  Yet, you would like to wear a pair of socks that can extend past your knees, and you want to know how you can pull it off, given your shyness, are we right?

Well, the girl in these pictures will be your salvation.  You will see how she poses so coyly, she doesn’t give anything away.  She is as shy as you are, and so by watching her carefully, you, too, will be able to feel comfortable dressed in just a pair of socks.

Here’s how she pulls it off.

First, she faces a wall whenever possible, leaving only her back turned to you.


Of course, you are permitted to touch her pretty bottom, and she expects you might do that, but she is pretty much covered up, and feeling quite modest.  As she faces the wall, she makes every effort to keep her legs together, so that the most intimate parts of her body will remain hidden.


Feel free to move closer to her, so as to get a better look at her lovely body.  After all, by exposing almost all her skin to you, she knows you will look at her admiringly, and perhaps touch her gently.


After a while, she may tire of standing, and begin to kneel.  She will still feel decent and proper, though, because she knows butt cheeks will keep her private parts private.  If you see her in this position, feel free to slide your hands between her legs, and feel the softness of her inner thighs.  She will most likely separate her legs to make it more enjoyable for you to feel her softness.  When she does this, she might accidentally expose herself more fully than she intends to your searching hands.  Please try not to take undue advantage of her vulnerability in this position.


The time will come when the girl will need to sit up.  How can she do this with dignity and decorum?  As you see, by raising her legs slightly, she is able to keep herself private to a great degree.


She may sit with her knees to her chest, and her legs together, because this is a most ladylike pose, hiding herself from prying eyes as much as reasonably possible.  As you can see in the next picture, for example, her breasts are not visible at all.


A closeup reveals that her legs make an impenetrable barrier, preventing any view of her pretty chest.


As an alternative, to bending her knees, she may straighten them, accomplishing the same objective.


A closeup reveals that by keeping her legs together, she minimizes the view of any of her most personal spaces.  If you come upon her in this position, you may feel free to caress her legs, and even the soft dark space between them.


Eventually, though, she will be forced to stand and face you.  She will look you in the eye, and expect you to do the same.  For this reason, she sees no reason to keep her legs together, as you are gazing directly into her eyes.


She may sit, and relax her guard just a bit.


She won’t spread her legs to far, because this would be unladylike, of course.  But neither will she put herself in an uncomfortable position just because your gaze might have slipped down her body slightly.


She is certain you are not counting the cute little fuzzy hairs that adorn the lower part of her lips, just above her asshole, so she won’t attempt to cover them.


She’s just an adorable girl, wearing a pair of socks.


And the thing she wants most is for you to love her for her.  She’s smart and pretty, and we both know it!


We hope this girl has helped you understand the role of socks in a balanced wardrobe, and how they fit into the Dress Code at the college.  Thank you very much for sticking with this pictorial to the bitter end.

Could not the hair on the lower end of her lips be considered a muff by the strict terms of the guidebook? As I recall the definition of a muff is pretty strict… I would hate to see this girl cited for double coverage due to an over-zealous inspector; however it seems to me that if she were to take a little more care in shaving then this wouldn’t be an issue
Comment By b At 9/19/2008 3:10 PM

Does it not also appear in certain photos that this girls is moist? Happy times, no?
Comment By b At 9/19/2008 9:00 PM

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