Dress Code Guidebook — Shoes (archives)

In our never-ending quest to help you girls understand the intricacies of the Dress Code, we have prepared this guidebook.  The guidebook has sections for each type of clothing or accessory you might want to wear.  This section is concerned specifically with footwear.

We are working to improve this section, but in the mean time, we thought it would be a shame not to let you see what we’ve accomplished so far, so we are letting you see this unfinished section as we endeavor to improve it.

Many of you girls have complained about some of the previously published sections of the Dress Code Guidebook, saying that you had difficulty understanding the particular garments that were covered, because some of the models were also wearing other garments.  For example, some people had trouble understanding the article on “stockings” because some of the girls were also wearing tops.  We know this is distracting, so we have made a great attempt in this section to show mostly girls who are wearing just shoes.  However, it is also helpful to see how items of clothing can be worn along with your shoes, to accent and highlight the shoes themselves.  If you find these pictures distracting, then please feel free to skip over them, and concentrate mostly on the girls who are naked, except for their shoes.

Shoes are an “accessory”, which means you may wear them in combination with any other items of clothing.  Of course, you need not feel obligated to wear any particular clothing (or any clothing at all) with your shoes.  Often a very pretty pair of shoes is all it takes to make you look like a million bucks!


This guide will outline the various types of shoes you may wish to wear.

Casual Shoes

ShoesPlay01.jpg For casual wear, a pair of flat rubber-soled canvas-top shoes is ideal.  This type of shoe is inexpensive, and they come in many colors, so you can match them to your outfit.  The shoes pictured here are comfortable, practical, and they match the girl’s pretty dress.


Sandals are simple shoes consisting of a platform to walk on, and a strap that goes over the top of the foot to secure the shoe to the beautiful girl wearing it.


High Heel Shoes

If you feel like dressing up, sometimes all it takes is a nice pair of high heel shoes.

ShoesHeal02.jpg This is a crystal high heel shoe, which is so classy, it can be worn without clothing.

To see more useful information on high heel shoes, please come back soon, and visit the soon-to-be-developed section devoted entirely to that topic.  There, you will not only see the backside of the pretty shoes modeled here, but many more pretty shoes as well.



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