Dress Code Guidebook — How to tell if your dress is too long (archives)

Here at the College, we all want the same thing you do.  We want you to look cute in whatever clothes you choose to wear, but not too cute.  That is, we want you to be decent and modest.  And, of course, the most important way you can achieve this goal is by wearing a dress long enough to cover your pretty little body all by itself.  Your dress should be long enough that you don’t need to wear panties under it, and to encourage this, we don’t even allow you to wear panties.


Naturally, you want to follow the rules, so we don’t expect you to wear panties under your short dress.  But some girls aren’t as honest as you, and they may cheat, which isn’t fair to you, is it?  Of course not.  And so you are glad we inspect you and your co-ed classmates, making you remove your dress just long enough to ensure you are following the rules.


Although we ask you to try not to feel at all humiliated by the Inspection process, we know it’s only natural that you would feel a tinge of embarrassment by having to strip yourself naked in front of all your friends.  Most inspectors take advantage of your natural reluctance to expose your naked body in public by forcing you to spread your legs, bend over, raise your arms, and generally strike poses you may find, well, revealing.  The rules allow an inspector to force a girl to display herself in this degrading manner for up to five minutes during an Inspection as a deterrent to other girls who might otherwise be tempted to violate the rules.


You might wonder how humiliating a girl who is following the Dress Code can serve as a deterrent to other girls who might be tempted to violate it.  The answer is simple.  Inspectors naturally choose girls who might be violating the code, and force them to strip.  The pretty orange dress worn by this pretty co-ed is long enough that it may take more than just a casual glance for an Inspector to see she’s naked under it, and so this babe may be in for a rude surprise when she is forced to remove it.  Only by stripping a pretty girl can an Inspector tell for sure that she’s following the rules.


It’s not hard for a girl to hide a thong strap in her butt crack, and Inspectors know this as well as anyone.  So you should think very carefully before choosing a dress as long as this one.  As cute as it is, this dress is just a little too long for this girl to feel safe from Inspection.  Although she is quite decent in this dress, which is the goal of the Dress Code, we feel she would be just as decent in a slightly shorter dress, which she should wear if only to make the Inspectors’ job a little easier.


Thank you for your interest in this important matter.  We sincerely hope you will be a happier girl, and a cuter dresser after digesting the material presented in the Dress Code Guidebook.

Short dresses may avoid some inspectors, but other inspectors are concern with the rampant use of bras to enhance cleavage and shape. The dress code attempts to keep the girl from showing too much of her top as well. Girls wearing push-up bras tend to wear blouses that show that cleavage. Some also wear form fitting tops to showcase their curves in a vulgar display. Hence, inspectors are on the lookout of girls who wear high neckline tops to hide their bras, but also the inspectors are careful to inspect those showing some cleavage as a trick. A low cut blouse can let the inspector see at a glance that no bra is being worn.
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This dress code guidebook really helps.
Comment By Chris Shobar At 4/30/2009 9:38 AM

i love 2 read these but theyre all fake
this is 2 ridiculous 2 b true all the time
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