Department Store Dummy (archives)

Will come with me, Crysta? I hate to walk alone through the city, especially when I’m naked.”

“Don’t be silly, Donna, you’re not naked. One, two, three,” she counted, ticking off Donna’s panties and high-heel shoes.

“Yeah, well, I feel naked, even with my cute little panties on.”

“Don’t be such a worry wart,” Crysta chided her close friend, slapping her sexy butt. Donna looked at her with begging, pleading eyes, to the point where Crysta gave in. “Oh, OK, I’ll go with you. I wanted to see your new job, anyway.”

“Oh, thank you, Crysta!” Donna hugged her roommate, and then gushed about her new job. “It’s really nice. They pay twenty-five dollars an hour just for standing there, and modeling their clothes.”

“Like a mannequin?”

“Yes, except I won’t have to stay completely still. As long as I don’t react to the customers, and if I stay pretty much in the position they leave me. And I can’t interfere with them dressing and undressing me.”

Crysta grabbed her keys and held the door open for Donna. “So they might strip you naked, then?”

“No, they promised me that I would have clothes on at all times while customers are in the store.” Donna paused at the door, and kissed Crysta to thank her for coming along — a long, lingering kiss on the mouth. When they were done kissing, Donna opened her mouth to say something, then changed her mind.

“What is it?” Crysta asked.

“It’s just…” Donna fingered one of the five buttons that went from top to bottom, along the front of Cryta’s micro-minidress. “Never mind.”

Crysta read her beautiful roommate’s mind. “It’s just that you’re topless, and I’m not.”

Donna cast her long lashes down. “Yes,” she said quietly.

“Donna, we’ve been through this. I just can’t strip for you every time we go out. I’ll undo one button, and that’s it.” Crysta undid the top button of her dress, revealing a good deal of cleavage.

“Two,” Donna begged.

Crysta undid three buttons, revealing cleavage down to her navel. This satisfied Donna, who slipped her hand into Crysta’s dress, and felt Crysta’s erect nipples as they kissed one more time. Crysta responded, pulling Donna closer, and giving Donna full reign to feel all of Crysta’s nakedness beneath the dress she was now barely wearing.

When they finally parted, Crysta straightened a lock of Donna’s hair that had fallen into her face, and carressed her face. “Do you feel better, now?”

Donna’s panties were soaked with girl juice from their kiss. “Yes,” she said. “I really do.” With that, the girls left their room, and started walking downtown. Donna was still glowing from their kiss, so she didn’t even hear the catcalls from passing motorists as the girls neared the department store. When they arrived at the side door, they cupped their hands over it, and stood on their tippy toes to see. Donna’s panties covered her ass, but Crysta’s minidress rode up a couple inches, revealing the lower half of her ass. A few boys stopped to watch the girls — one topless and the other bottomless — bend forward.

Donna knocked on the glass, and the manager came. She was a prim and proper looking woman in her thirties, wearing a business suit. She unlocked the door, and opened it about an inch. “Yes?” she said.

Donna spoke up. “I’m here to work,” she said. The manager looked at her blankly. “I’m a model.”

The manager softened up, and smiled. “Oh!” She opened the door a little wider, looked Donna up and down, and said, “You’re supposed to let us dress you.”

Donna looked confused. “Yes,” she agreed.

“Well, give your panties to your friend, and then I’ll let you in after you’ve been standing outside for a few minutes, stark naked.”

“A few minutes?!”

“Yes,” the manager replied curtly. “Some time for you to think and reflect about how you should show up naked next time.”

Donna looked with puppy-dog eyes to the manager, but she didn’t melt. Instead, she closed and locked the door. Donna looked at Crysta, who shrugged. Finally, she looked at the boys who were watching the girls’ every move. Finally, Donna said what was obviously on her mind. “I feel really uncomfortable taking off my panties with all these people watching.”

Crysta understood completely. “What if I undo the last two buttons of my minidress, and let it hang open. That way you won’t be the only girl with her pussy showing.”

“But then you can do up your dress whenever you want, and I’ll still be naked.”

Crysta didn’t want to have to offer this, but she felt bad for her friend. “You can take the buttons off my dress, so I won’t be able to do it up.”

Donna’s face lit up with a wide smile, making her more beautiful at that moment than any girl Crysta had ever seen. Donna pulled off her panties and threw her arms around Crysta, kissing her lustfully. The girls probed each other with their tongues as Donna pulled Crysta’s buttons off, one by one. The girls pressed their bare fronts together, and hugged each other close. Crysta came quietly as Donna stroked her between her cheeks. They paid no attention to the crowd of boys who had gathered to watch them kiss. Finally, the door opened, and Donna went inside. “Thank you, Crysta,” she said as the door closed.

Crysta was left by herself in nothing but a micro-minidress with no buttons. It was wide open in front, her huge boobs hanging in full view, as was her shaved pussy. She made a half-hearted attempt to cover herself by pulling the “lapels” of her dress together, but she succeeded in covering just one of her boobs. She picked up Donna’s panties, and looked at them longingly. Alas, they were way to small for her. No use. She decided to ignore the dozens of pairs of eyes that followed her every move, and just walk home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Department Store Dummy, Part 2

Safely inside the store, Donna felt safe and comfortable, even though she was naked. She waved at Crysta as she started to walk home, but Crysta didn’t see her. She couldn’t take her eyes off Crysta’s beautiful hips, undulating from side to side as her dress flipped past her ass crack with each step. God, she was beautiful. Donna watched as people passed her, then turned around for another look. She closed her eyes and imagined how her gorgeous roommate appeared from the front, with her big, luscious breasts and her perfectly shaved pussy, which was probably still a little red and swollen from just having cum.

“Go a size big,” said one of the assistant managers. She had evidently been talking to Donna for a while.

“Huh?” Donna asked, making no effort to cover up her daydream.

“Pick out a pair that’s one size too big for you — we don’t want any panty lines.” She smiled at Donna. Donna’s eyes focused on her name tag. Elaine.

“Oh, OK, Elaine.” Donna was glad to start with panties. She had been afraid she might have to go bottomless like some of the other models she had seen when she had been shopping as a customer. She recalled one incident in particular. A model was posed in a short skirt, with one foot on her pedestal, and the other resting on the back of a bench. Donna had been shopping all day, and just needed a rest, so she sat on the bench without realizing the model was even there. For no particular reason, she glanced up at the girl, and saw she was crying. Donna felt bad, and wanted to console the girl, but she was too high off the ground for her to hug, even if that was allowed, so she just stroked the girl’s legs, and said, it’s OK. Looking up at the girl, she noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties, and that her pussy was swollen and red. She was obviously in a very high state of sexual excitement, and needed release. Normally, Donna would have just stroked her pussy, but she was such a sweet little girl, she wanted to do a little more for her. So she took off her miniskirt, and fingered her asshole as she probed her pussy with her tongue. After each thrust, she licked her sweet girl-juice with a long, lingering slurp. The girl shuddered several times, and then relaxed. Donna put the girl’s miniskirt on again, and patted her quivering pussy one more time before gathering her things and moving on.

When she got to the rack of thongs, she fingered her own pussy and found it to be sopping wet from just thinking about that poor girl and her miniskirt. It would feel good to slip into something soft. She picked out a thong that barely stayed up, knowing if she got anything smaller Elaine would send her back for a bigger size. Elaine looked her over and smiled. She put a shirt and miniskirt on Donna, arranging them carefully so her panties were covered. She explained to Donna, “In this department, the customers are allowed to shop directly off the models, so they will take your shirt and skirt off, but you can leave your panties on. If I see you without a skirt or shirt, I’ll find one and put it on you, but under no circumstances are you to dress yourself or leave your pedestal, do you understand?”

Donna nodded and smiled. This would be fun, being dressed and undressed all day. Elaine repositioned Donna’s legs slightly, leaving them akimbo. Then she adjusted the front of Donna’s panties, letting her fingers run gently across Donna’s pussy. She hoped Elaine wouldn’t be mad that she was a little wet, but she didn’t say anything. Donna smiled and tried to ignore being petted, but her pussy only got wetter. When she was done, her panties were pulled down about two inches, leaving a gap between the panty strap and her pussy, which might let someone see her pussy, but luckily for her, Donna didn’t know this, so she wasn’t bothered by it.

“Are you ready?” asked Elaine.

Donna nodded, but she didn’t say anything, because she was already “in character”, legs slightly parted, and looking out across the see of racks of clothes. Elaine wandered off, and customers gradually began milling about. Donna’s first customer was a cute girl about her age, who seemed to be having trouble with the snap of her miniskirt. Donna wanted to help her, but knew it was against the rules, so she just let the girl struggle with it. Soon, her boyfriend came over, and started to help. He seemed to touch Donna’s skin more than necessary, but eventually he was able to get the skirt off, pulling her panties down another inch in the process. The girl and her boyfriend went off to try on the skirt. Standing there without her skirt, and with her panties teetering on the edge of her pubic mound, she felt a bit vulnerable, although she felt good to be wearing a shirt along with the panties. Oh good, Donna thought, when she saw a worker coming her way. But instead of dressing Donna, she just adjusted her legs, separating them, and bending her forward at the waist. What? Donna thought, this is a hard position to hold, and opens up my pussy to practically full viewing! Her nipples hardened as she thought about the people passing by who might be glancing at her wet pussy. And there was nothing she could do about it. Oh, please, she begged in her mind, come and put a skirt on me!

But before any worker could answer her mental plea, another customer came by, interested in her shirt. She felt the material, and commented to her boyfriend, “it’s soft!” Luckily, he seemed uninterested. That is, until she added, “come and feel this.”

The boy came over, and looked straight into Donna’s eyes with a sly smile. He felt the shirt, in the area of Donna’s belly. “Yes,” he said. “It is soft.”

The girl placed her cheek on Donna’s belly, and continued feeling the shirt, saying “Mmmmm, this is soft.”

Donna thought, this is wierd!

Then the boy came over, and put his cheek against Donna’s ass, and felt Donna’s legs. “This is soft,” he purred. He felt up one inner thigh, and down the other, pausing to deftly feel beneath Donna’s little panties as if they weren’t even there.

“Oh, look, Tim,” said the girl, pointing at Donna’s nipples. They were fully erect.

Tim began feeling them. “I can’t get over how soft this shirt is,” he said.

“I want to try it on,” said the girl. “Take it off her.”

Oh, please don’t, Donna begged in her mind while focusing off in the distance and trying to maintain a pleasantly blank expression.

“I don’t know if I should,” said Tim, still kneading Donna’s pert breasts.

“Please,” begged the girl.

“Oh, OK,” Tim said, as he gently removed the shirt. Donna raised her arms to help him take the shirt off her, which flattened her belly, and in so doing, her panties slipped right off her, coming to rest half way to her knees.

Please pull up my panties, Donna begged silently, all the while smiling and pretending nothing was wrong. “How do you think she shaves so close?” Tim asked, his nose just inches from Donna’s bald pussy.

The girl came close and ran her finger over it. “I think it’s permanent,” she said.


“Yeah, electrolysis or something.”

Oh, please just go away! Donna thought desperately. But the boy kept it up. “Sure is smooth,” he said, stroking Donna’s pussy.

The girl moved behind Donna, and commented on how pretty her asshole was, which was a nice thing to say, but Donna just wished they would go away. “I wonder how it tastes,” she said idly.

Then the worst happened. The boy parted Donna’s cheeks, and took a big slurp between them. Hoping the shock of being goosed by a stranger’s tongue didn’t register on her face, Donna was further surprised by a wave of excitement that swept over her, wetting her pussy, and — if this is even possible — further hardening her nipples.

“Well?” asked the girl.

“Sweet!” Tim said.

“What about her pussy?” asked the girl.

“What about it?” asked Tim, not understanding her.

“How does it taste?” she prompted.

He stroked Donna’s naked belly, and carressed her cheeks before going in for a dive. He took four or five nice long licks all the way from Donna’s vagina to her clitoris — enough to put Donna into paroxysms of delight, which she tried to cover by staring distantly into space.

“Put it on,” Elaine repeated.

Donna looked at her and noticed she was handing her a new shirt. “Where are the boy and girl?” Donna asked.

“What boy? What girl?” asked Elaine.

“The ones who pulled down my panties and licked my pussy!” Donna said.

“Shhhh!” Elaine cautioned. “No one pulled down your panties. Relax!”

Donna checked her panties. Still in place.

“Now put this on!”

It slowly dawned on Donna that she had imagined the whole thing — there never was any girl or boy. She felt an afterglow in her pussy, though. She had cum, but everything else was in her imagination. She put on the shirt, hoping no one noticed her orgasm.

As Donna put on the shirt, Elaine said, “Normally we like it when the models stay quiet, but the customers really liked your ‘Harry Met Sally’ routine. It’s OK if you do that again a little later. Now, let me find a skirt for you.”

Elaine rummaged about, and found a tiny little skirt, and put it on Donna. She arranged Donna’s legs this way and that way, seeming unsatisfied with the result. “Let’s try it without the panties,” Elaine said.

Donna wanted to protest, But you promised I could keep my panties on whenever customers were in the store, but she remained quiet while Elaine slipped her panties off. Oh, please don’t let people see my wet pussy — I just came! But Elaine was oblivious to the problem, propping Donna’s legs up, and putting her bright pink pussy on full view. “Hmmm,” said Elaine. “I guess you’ll need to put panties on, to cover that up.” She stroked Donna’s wet pussy, and slipped the panties on her. She didn’t pull them up all the way, but Donna breathed a sigh of relief anyway. It felt so good to be covered up. Thank you, Elaine, thank you!

A little boy, no more than five years old, walked by clutching his mother’s skirt. Pointing at Donna, he said, “Mommy, do girls have a dick?”

Mom corrected the boy, “Penis,” she said. “And no, girls have a vagina instead.” The boy continued to stare between Donna’s legs, so Mom prompted him, “It’s OK, Jimmy. Lift her skirt and you’ll see she has no penis.”

No, please don’t lift my skirt, Donna thought. Not a five-year-old! This is creepy!

But the boy lifted her skirt and stared under it for a long time. “Maybe she has a little one,” he said.

“Well, feel her panties,” Mom prompted.

FEEL THEM?! No! Donna begged in her mind, but it was no use. The boy felt her panties. Please don’t notice how wet they are, Donna thought. “They’re wet!” said the boy. Donna was mortified.

“That’s a secretion from her vagina,” said Mom. “It happens to most girls when they are stripped in public. Some girls get wet just from being put on display like this girl is,” she explained.

“Is it pee?” asked the boy. “Did she pee in her panties?”

“No,” said Mom, “It’s different. Take off her panties and feel inside them, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s more slippery than pee.”

NO! NO! No! With all her mental might, Donna begged the boy to leave her panties alone! Where is Elaine when I need her! But to no avail. Mom watched while the boy tried to pull down Donna’s panties. Good. He was having trouble. Maybe he would give up. But Mom was full of suggestions. You’ll find it easier if you take off her skirt first. This was worse than creepy. She was even hoping Mom would step in and finish the stripping. Finally, she was just hoping the boy would finish stripping her just to get it over with. And this wish came true.

Finally, the boy managed to get everything off Donna except her shirt. Donna desperately wanted to cover her wet pussy, but she remembered to spread her legs apart as if she were wearing clothes. She posed just as Elaine had left her, with her gaping pink pussy fully on display. At least a worker would see her and put some clothes on her — if not panties, then at least a skirt. It won’t be long now, Donna prayed.

Mom continued her anatomy lesson. “Now, Jimmy, look between her legs. Do you see two holes?” Pointing, Mom said, “This one is her anus, where she poops. And this one is her vagina. Feel it.”

No, don’t feel it!

The boy touched it gently. Against her will, his touch felt good. A five-year-old! This was terrible.

“Do you see how slippery it is? Now look at these lips that circle the vagina. These are called labia. Pull them apart, go ahead, it’s OK, and you’ll see a lump of skin, here. This is her clitoris. Go ahead and touch it.”

No, not there! Please, please don’t touch my clit! But, like all her other mute pleas, this one, too, was ignored. He touched her clit, and, forgive her, it felt good.

Mom continued, “Now rub her, gently but firmly, from her clitoris to her anus, along the insides of her labia. Rub the skin around these areas, too. Her upper thighs, her buttocks, and her lower belly. This will excite her, and cause her to produce more secretions from her vagina.” As the boy followed Mom’s instructions, she continued, “Do you see the liquid flowing from her vagina?” Who could miss it? It was practically a torrent! Oh, Stop before I — stop! Oh my — oh my — please — PLEASE — GOD!

But the boy kept touching her. Donna turned her silent begging toward Mom. Please, mom, stop telling the boy to touch me! He’s doing too good a job! I’m about to cum! He’s got me on the brink and keeps touching me! Donna used all her might to stave off the orgasm that was trying to flood her body, when a miracle happened. Mom distracted the boy. “Look at her nipples, Jimmy!” Yes, look at my nipples, that’s the boy! “Do you see how hard they are?”

“Yeah, she’s got her high beams on!”

Mom seemed amused by the boy’s precocious remark, “That’s right. Firm nipples is another sign that a girl is excited. Take off your shirt, Donna.”

What? Donna said, in her mind.

“I said, take off the shirt.” All the people watching the five-year-old boy faded as if they had never existed. The store was empty, except for the workers. It was an assistant manager, holding out her arms, and asking for Donna’s shirt.

“It was another fine show,” she said. “We’ll want you back every day to do this. The customers love it!”

“What show?” Donna asked, innocently.

“Do you mean you’re really cumming when you do that?” one of the workers asked.

Donna didn’t answer. She just stripped off her shirt, and noticed she was naked. She hadn’t considered how she would get home. Oh well, she thought. It’s not like this is the first time I’ll be walking home in the evening, stark naked. She exited the side door, and was surprised and pleased to see Crysta waiting for her.

“Crysta!” she yelled, and ran to her, hugging her. “I’ve missed you so much!” Crysta was still wearing her buttonless minidress. It felt good to press their bellies together, and stroke each other’s buttocks. It made being naked at least bearable, if not pleasant.

“I have a present for you,” Crysta said, handing Donna a little bag.

“What is it?” Donna gasped.

“Open it!”

Donna tore into the bag and found a tiny white miniskirt, no more than four inches long from waist to hem. “I love it!” she said as she slipped it on. She pulled it up and rolled it so its length was reduced to three inches at the most, and positioned it so it exactly covered her pussy. In the back, it more or less covered her asshole, while leaving very little to the imagination. It was a nice gift — to Donna, and to those who followed her on that busy sidewalk.


I really love the live mannequins in the shop. I can dress and check to see how much is showing rather than trying on the clothes myself and relying on a mirror of devious friend to tell me what’s showing. the problem with mirrors is you are looking down at an angle – not the same as seeing from a distance.

With the live mannequin, I can see exactly how much they’re showing; thus, how much I’ll be showing in the same outfit.

Comment By Belle At 10/10/2007 3:19 AM

love the one of the little boy. so taboo but sexy!
Comment By zeke At 12/31/2008 4:47 PM

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