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As you know, panties are prohibited under short skirts at the college. The reasoning is simple. If girls aren’t allowed to wear panties under short skirts, they won’t wear short skirts. That is, the lack of panties will be too risky for the girls, and so they’ll wear longer skirts. This way, we maintain an acceptable standard of decency at the college.

Still, some girls will be adventurous, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Here’s a girl who has a very short skirt, and she’s following the rules. As you can see, she’s pretty decent. By keeping her legs together, she avoids showing her pussy or asshole to any wandering eyes


When she sits down, she continues to keep her legs together. Wearing stockings is another trick she uses to appear fully covered. Only by lowering your head and looking directly between her legs can you tell that she isn’t wearing panties.


Naturally, for a girl who isn’t wearing panties, skimpy clothing does very little to cover her up. While this may leave her feeling exposed, it also has a flip-side, which is that taking it off doesn’t exposer her much more. Here she is again, having removed some of her clothing, and feeling about as “covered up” as she was before.


Here, she has lifted her top, so her boobs are fully visible. This gives her a feeling of freedom, and at the same time, she feels no more exposed than she did previously. Having enjoyed this breath of fresh air, her boobs long to be completely free of her top, and as they are already fully visible, it is a small step for this girl to simply remove her top, and her skirt as well.


Here, above, she is lounging on the stairs, having removed all her clothing except her leggings, which give her the continued illusion of being fully clothed. Notice that this girl has shaved fully, so that there is very little evidence of nudity, even when she is naked. Her lips cover her pussy, leaving only skin visible to the eye, and when you think about it, not much more skin than is ordinarily exposed at, say, a public beach.

Some girls hate to be topless. This girl always wears a shirt, even on “one item day” so she can keep her tits covered.


Here’s another girl who proves that panties aren’t neaded to stay decent:


These girls are getting ready to leave their dorm room, naked. It’s a big deal the first time around, but it gets easier as the girls discover how well accepted nudity is. By stripping together, each girl encourages the other, and they can do together what either one alone is afraid to do.


When they’re out and about in the nude, the girls can remind one another to keep their legs together, so as not to show off their fully shaved pussies too much.


While the new Dress Code on campus is suppose to encourage decent attire, it seems to be promoting immodesty as well. I understand college days are for experimenting and discovering new ideas. Afterall, I did graduate in 1973 doing the bra burning and Equal Right Amendment protests. I did bare my breasts on several occasions for political freedoms. What I wonder is whether the new Dress Code is instilling a new philosophy in the co-eds or just their means of staying out of trouble and in-line with the authority mandates?
Comment By Concerned Alumni At 10/9/2007 7:40 PM

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