Dean’s Address to Freshman Girls (archives)

Dean’s Address to Freshman Girls

“Let’s go, Crysta. We’ll be late.” Donna was in a hurry, looking fine in her skin-tight blue-and-white micro-minidress and matching panties. This was an outfit Donna had bought many months ago, but was afraid to wear back home for fear her parents would find out about it. This was a style they wouldn’t understand because its sex-appeal is that the dress covered the panties most of the time (they were cut high, so they disappeared under the dress), but they came into view every now and then. A quick look at Donna, though, would make you wonder if she had anything on under the dress. She liked seeing boys do that double-take.

“You’re not going to the Dean’s Dress Code talk, are you? I thought we could just skip that.” Crysta wore a red semi-sheer baby-doll dress that was meant to be worn with matching semi-sheer panties, but she couldn’t remember what she did with the panties. So she just wore the dress. It covered her butt, more or less, but the front of her dress had a slit right up to her boobs, so her pussy was only covered only when she stood straight and still.

“Yes, we really should go. How else will we learn about the Dress Code?”

“By reading the Student Handbook, maybe?” Crysta’s hands were on her hips.

“The Dress Code is in the Student Handbook?” Donna was amazed.

“OK, you’re right. We should hear the Dean explain it. Let’s go.” Now it was Crysta dragging Donna out the door. They slammed it behind them.

They got to the lecture hall, found a seat near the front, and sat down. It wasn’t long before the program started. The Girls Advisor, Gail Grayson, introduced the Dean, who has been “skillfully guiding the policies of the College for many, many years,” blah, blah, blah.

The Dean began speaking. “Thank you, Gail, for that most generous introduction.” He turned to the audience, mostly girls. He seemed genuinely happy to be there. “I’m thrilled to be here to introduce yet another class to the wonderful set of Codes we have here at the College. I will help you get acclimated to the Dress Code and the Code of Conduct. Briefly, their purpose is to provide a framework of modesty and decorum for you girls to live by, without being unduly restrictive. In a few minutes, you’ll see how we’re able to accomplish these goals.”

“Most of you feel that you already dress and behave just fine, so why is a code needed?” He surveyed the girls as if he expected a hand to shoot into the air, on which he would call. But no hand was raised. “Answer: Each of you has her own idea about what’s appropriate, and for you, maybe what you wear *is* appropriate. But many of you are wearing dresses that are too short — some waaaay to short” He seemed to look straight at Crysta when he said that. “which reflect badly on you and on the College, and do not contribute to a healthy learning environment. I’m sure you all believe your breasts are adequately covered, but some of you could stand to do up one more button of your shirts. Well, you get the idea. The point is that standards are needed so that compliance is uniform.” Crysta looked around the room, and smiled to herself at the sight of some girls doing up one more button of their shirts.

“So how can compliance be defined? Many ideas have been tried, and many ideas have failed. For example, dictating hem length of dresses seemed like a good idea, but measurement is tricky, both in defining the particular distance to be measured, and actually performing the measurement. There’s just no end to the arguments that result from this sort of rule. Enforcement took a lot of time and work on the part of the College. Our experience is that length guidelines just don’t work.

“So what works? To help us find out, I want to invite a girl from the audience to come up on stage for a little demonstration.” Donna looked around to see which two girl he meant, but Crysta tried to fade into her chair. She had an idea it might be one of them. “You, in the third row.” Crysta pointed to herself and raised her eyebrows. “No, the girl in the blue-and-white dress.” Donna was in a state of shock, so Crysta helped her up. She walked up the steps on the side of the stage, and stood next to the Dean, facing the audience. “let’s welcome your beautiful classmate, …” He put the microphone in front of Donna. “Donna,” she said. The audience broke into wild applause, perhaps fueled by relief that they weren’t picked. “Thanks for helping us out, Donna.” Donna smiled weakly, her arms folded in front of her, visibly uncomfortable. “Donna, let me ask you a question.” She nodded. “Do you feel that your dress is long enough? Is it decent?”

“It’s supposed to be like this,” she said.

“So is that a ‘yes’?” He softened his sarcasm by smiling gently at Donna.

“I guess so, yes.”

“Then would you mind removing your panties in front of this nice audience?”

Donna is shocked. “No! I mean Yes!” Crysta smiled at her friend’s apparent indecision. The audience tittered.

“Which is it, no or yes?” The audience laughed a little harder, but Crysta began to worry that Donna will start crying.

Donna pulled it together and tried to explain. “I mean this is an outfit — a dress and matching panties. It’s meant to be worn together.”

The Dean tried again. “You said earlier that your dress is decent, right?” Donna nodded. “So why not remove your panties in front of these nice people?”

“Please don’t make me take them off,” Donna begged, now almost crying.

“Don’t worry, Donna,” the Dean consoled her. “I think I’ve made my point. Let me just ask you one more question, and then I’ll leave you alone. If you weren’t allowed to wear panties, would you wear a longer dress than this?”

“Yes!” she laughed, and much to her releif, the Dean let her walked off the stage fully clothed. The Dean let the eyes of the audience follow her panti-clad cheeks to her seat next to Crysta, who patted her and gave her encouragement. The Dean addressed the audience, smiling confidently. “It’s pretty clear that you girls would wear longer dresses if you couldn’t rely on your panties to cover your little bottoms. That’s the cornerstone of our Dress Code — you can wear any dress you like as long as you don’t wear panties. With that policy, we know you’ll police yourselves, and wear dresses of utmost modesty.”

He turned serious. “Problem solved? Not quite. To illustrate why, I would like another one of your classmates to join us onstage.” Crysta flinched, and instinctively covered her lap with what little fabric her babydoll dress afforded. She breathed a sigh of relief when the Dean said, “Please give a warm welcome to Linda.” Linda came from nowhere — backstage, maybe — and joined the Dean onstage. She was, in a word, gorgeous. She wore a thin pink micro-minidress with a “flirty” style, and matching pink french-cut bikini panties. “Hi, Linda.”

“Hi, Dean.” She was tall, poised and confident, and seemed to know the Dean well. She put her hand on his shoulder and tossed her hair in a way that simply radiated sex appeal.

“Well, Linda, I think I need to ask you the same question I asked Donna — is your dress decent enough to wear without panties?”

She took a step back from the Dean and opened her mouth in mock shock. “Dress? Oh, Dean, you mean this little old thing? This isn’t a dress, it’s a shirt!” She gestured gracefully to her lovely breasts. “And,” lifting her dress to give everyone a much better view of her tiny panties, which were cut so low they barely covered her privates, she continued, “these aren’t panties; they’re a pair of shorts!”

“Very nice.” He cleared his throat. “Thanks, Linda, nice job. He started clapping as Linda pranced offstage, hips wiggling, and the audience joined in the applause, watching her as she made her way to her seat. Addressing the audience in a pedantic style, he said, “So you see the problem? If we make a rule ‘no panties under a dress’ then all of a sudden they aren’t panties, they’re ‘shorts’. And it’s not a dress, it’s a ‘shirt’. So we need clear definitions for all items of clothing. You can read them — they’re all spelled out in the Dress Code in your student handbook. But I’ll just give you the highlights right now. Under the Code, there’s no distinction between ‘panties’, ‘shorts’, and ‘pants’ — they’re all treated the same. This cuts off any debate before it even starts. The distinction between a ‘shirt’ and a ‘dress’ is the length, but not measured in inches, which we’ve seen is problematic. Rather, if it reaches your tailbone or your pubic bone, it’s a dress. Otherwise it’s a shirt. What could be simpler? A shirt is a top, so you’re allowed to wear one bottom with it — either a pair of panties (or pants; remember, they’re the same under the Code) or a skirt. A dress is called a ‘body-cover’, so you aren’t allowed to wear anything else. With these rules, we expect most girls to dress very decently indeed.” He paused, and surveyed the audience to make sure they were following his presentation. He seemed satisfied that he had made his point clearly.

“Now I’ve presented the main points of the Dress Code. All items of clothing are simply defined as bottoms, tops, and body-covers, and you can wear them in any combination that covers your top and your bottom just once. Of course, once you get into the details, there are exceptions and special cases that must be dealt with, and these are spelled out in the Dress Code, which I highly recommend you read.”

“As I might have mentioned, the Dress Code is always evolving and changing, to keep up with the times, and to address situations that have come up over the years. In recent years, we have noticed an alarming trend toward shorter dresses and skirts. This is partly due to the micro-minidress fashion trend, in which the dress covers only half-way down a girl’s butt. Thankfully, most girls are still shy about wearing such short dresses, and we have the rule forbidding panties to thank for that. However, we have discovered that some girls have been growing out their pubic hair, and relying on it for modesty. By cultivating a thick bush, girls find that their private areas are fully covered, even in the shortest of dresses, as long as they keep their legs together. In this way, more and more girls are getting away with wearing tiny little skirts. In the past we have tried to outlaw pubic hair, but many girls have objected to this, citing the principle of autonomy over personal grooming. So there is a new rule in the Dress Code, starting this year: If you have any pubic hair at all, then you may not wear any clothes below the waist. This rule is the fairest compromise: it allows girls to grow their hair if they really want to, but at the expense of modesty. We expect the majority of girls will choose to shave so they can wear bottoms. And with more shaved girls this year, we expect to a decline in daring fashions, because girls will need to rely entirely on their clothes for modesty.”

“I would like to shift gears for a moment, and discuss a Health Code issue that is somewhat related to the Dress Code. In the dining hall, classrooms, and in many other school buildings, you must be wearing a top. We’ve posted signs at the entrances of these buildings that read “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” to remind you of this rule, which applies to both girls and boys. In your dorm buildings and almost everywhere else on campus, you are permitted to go topless, if you like. There is one exception to the rule. The only way you will be allowed to go topless into one of these buildings is if you are naked. I bring it up now because I know many of you girls enjoy going topless in the warm weather. If you appear at the door to the cafeteria or classroom without your top, then you will face a dilema: either remove your bottom, or you will be turned away. I would hate for you to forget this rule and be forced to decide whether to take off your bottoms in order to enter one of these buildings. So girls, remember to wear your tops if you’re going to the cafeteria or to class.” He paused to verify this message was well-received.

“One more minor issue needs mentioning before I move on: Carrying of clothing. Years ago, when panties were first prohibited, girls started carrying their panties instead of wearing them. Carrying clothes defeats the spirit of the Dress Code, because it makes it too easy to comply with its letter, but not its spirit. As a result, the carrying of clothing is forbidden with the exception of clothes with their tags still on, which may be carried directly from the store to your dorm room.

“Now I’ve given you the basics of the Dress Code, with a few of the tricky issues that you should keep in mind.” He ticked them off on his fingers as he spoke: “pubic hair, wearing your tops, and carrying clothes. So the Dress Code problem is solved, right?” He looked around the auditorium and saw heads nodding. The girls seemed a little shocked by the Code, but also excited by it, because it was so different from any Dress Code they had seen before. “Not quite,” he continued. “There’s still the issue of compliance. We can make all the rules in the world, and although most of you will follow the rules, some people will cheat.” Someone gasped. “Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe.” The audience laughed. “So we’ve set up a system of *voluntary* inspections.” He emphasized the word “voluntary”. “A dedicated team of Inspectors is deployed throughout the campus to make sure all the girls are complying with the Dress Code. If an Inspector approaches you, then the most important thing is not to worry. Inspections are designed to be quick, discrete, and painless. And, I can’t stress this enough, inspections are completely voluntary. I want to explain the inspection procedure so you won’t be surprised when it happens to you. An Inspector will approach you, and identify himself. His main concern will be to verify you aren’t wearing any extra clothing, such as panties under a dress. Inspectors have a wide degree of lattitude in completing this task, but the most important thing for you to remember is that he will not force you to do anything you don’t want to do. He will ask for your compliance, and then it is up to you to voluntarily comply with his requests. He will typically ask you to lift your skirt or remove one or more articles of clothing. If you question the request, argue with the inspector, or in any way fail to comply, he may infer that you are in violation of the Dress Code, and cite you for indecency, so it is always wise to comply with your Inspector — although it is certainly your right to refuse. As long as you cooperate fully, removing your clothing promptly when asked, an inspection will be over within five minutes. Remember: inspections happen; they’re a necessary part of Dress Code enforcement. They entail a certain amount of public nudity, but as long as you comply fully and don’t violate the rules, you’ll get all your clothing back and be on your way quickly.”

The audience sat in stunned silence as they took in the meaning of the Dean’s last point.

He took advantage of the quiet to continue. “Often I’m asked, why are inspections performed in public? Doesn’t the necessary public nudity of the inspections themselves undermine the spirit of decency fostered by the Dress Code? You will be interested to know that inspections were performed privately at first, but we found that girls who failed to comply with the Dress Code were not sufficiently detered by private inspections, and we also found that inspectors sometimes abused their positions, and took advantage of vulnerable girls. The transparency afforded by public inspections keeps the compliance enforcement system on the up-and-up.

“What happens to girls who fail an Inspection? Again, if this happens to you, don’t worry. An inspector may cite you for indecency as a result of any one of a number of factors. If you are slow to comply with a request to remove clothing, for example, he may infer indecency and cite you. Being cited is nothing to worry about. You will receive a full hearing before any determination is made regarding indecency. When you are cited, the inspector may take one or more articles of clothing into evidence. This evidence may be used against you in the hearing, and it will also be available to you so you can defend yourself at the hearing. You will receive a written citation that gives the time and date of your hearing, and instructions explaining how you should dress for your hearing. Having completed his job, the Inspector will leave you, at which time you should continue to go about your business. Remember, there is no shame in being inspected or cited for indecency. This happens to many innocent girls who later prevail at their hearings.

“You may ask: Doesn’t it add insult to injury to strip girls and take their clothes when they are cited for indecency? The answer is: not at all! If you are cited for indecency, the only evidence available to either convict or clear you is the clothing you’re wearing. The purpose of taking it is to give you the fairest possible hearing, and no other purpose. After you receive your citation and turn over your clothes to the inspector, you are completely free to go about your business. One of the most important things to remember is that you are innocent of the charge of indecency until you are found guilty at your hearing. So you should not feel shame or embarrassment just because you were given a citation, or because you were forced to turn over your clothing to the Inspector. Let me also point out that if you follow the Dress Code, and comply promptly with every Inspection, then you will never be cited for indecency. However, if you are cited, you should take some comfort in knowing this is something that can happen to any girl, and you will see that the other students are very understanding of your predicament, and they will do whatever they can to help you feel comfortable without your clothes. Because of the relative rarity of citations, the overall impact to the campus of taking the clothing of indecent girls into evidence is relatively minor.

“Finally, I would like to explain how the indecency hearings are conducted. Hearings are usually held in the evening, for the convenience of both the cited girl and the spectators, for whom an indecency hearing is an enjoyable educational experience. As I mentioned, the citation describes how the girl should dress for her hearing. It is customary for a girl to dress in the morning for her hearing, and spend the day dressed as directed. The mode of dress is entirely dependent on the whim of the Inspector at the time the girl was cited. At the hearing, the Inspector will act as prosecutor. He will describe the nature of the Dress Code violation he suspected. At the hearing, he will use the girl as a model, forcing her to dress or undress as needed to illustrate his points. Then the girl will be given an opportunity to give her side of the story. Afterwards, a judge will decide whether the girl was indecent.

“If she is found indecent, the judge will hand down a punishment, which will be inflicted on her by officers of the court. The nature of the punishment is up to the judge, who has wide lattitude to develop a creative punishment within certain limits. The main purpose of any punishment for indecency is to embarrass and humiliate the guilty girl, both as a deterrent against future transgressions and also as an example to other girls. For this reason, the humiliating punishment is performed in a very public setting. Certain punishments, however, are considered too severe, and are, therefore prohibited. For example, the judge may not sentence a girl to be raped or to be tied up for any length of time exceeding 72 hours. He may, however, offer the girl a choice of two different punishments, one of which is rape. In this case, if a girl chooses to be raped, this is a “consensual rape”, which is described by the Code of Conduct, which I’ll discuss in a few minutes. The kind of punishment most often handed down include being tied up naked and spread-eagle in front of the Student Center for long periods of time. Students are encouraged to spank, fondle, and photograph the naked girl, and to subject her to as much ridicule and humiliation as possible during the time she is tied up. The poor girl will try to hold her bladder and her bowels as long as possible, but ultimately, she will fail, resulting in a mess. Volunteer students will then clean up the mess, and wipe the poor girl’s butt so she will not become a health hazard to others. I’m sorry to go on in such graphic detail, but it is important that you girls understand the consequences of indecency. They are so dire that you will certainly be encouraged to understand and follow the Dress Code religiously.

The audience was stupified.

The Dean gave them time to absorb the enormity of the consequences of violating the Dress Code. When he heard them murmuring to each other, he interrupted them. “This concludes my introduction to the Dress Code. I encourage you to read the rules in detail so that you will become very familiar with them. In the mean time, are there any questions?” No one stirred. “Are you girls aware that the Dress Code is in full force at this very minute? An uncomfortable silence fell over the girls seated in the audience. Let me be very clear. There may be an inspection at any time, and it might happen anywhere on campus. Like in this room, for example!” A general rustling ensued. Girls wearing dresses or skirts removed their panties, and left them under their seats. Girls wearing jeans had to work a bit harder to get their panties off, but most of them did it. Some were too shy to get bottomless, even briefly, so they opted to just take off their jeans and sit in their panties.

Crysta sat in detached amusement as she watched the commotion around her. “Go ahead, Donna,” she said, as Donna hesitated taking off her panties. “You’d better comply with the Dress Code so you don’t end up spread-eagle in front of the Student Center!” Donna slipped off her panties, and arranged her dress neatly on her lap so she was covered as well as possible.

The Dean asked the girls wearing just a shirt and pants (or shirt and panties) to stand up. He urged the girls to check the length of their shirts, reminding them that any shirt that covers the pubic or tail bones isn’t a shirt at all, but rather a dress. Quite a few girls discovered their “shirts” were long enough to count as dresses. Some weren’t sure exactly where their pubic bone was, but their shirts were long enough they were worried, and wanted to play it safe. “You may be tempted to remove your shirt if it is too long, but you should resist that temptation, because unless you are naked, you must wear a top while you’re inside this building. Remember: No shirt, no shoes, no service! So if your shirt is too long, you must remove your pants or panties.” More rustling ensued, as girls stripped off their bottoms. “Now I see you’ve left a lot of clothing on the floor, and you know you’re forbidden to carry it, so now’s the time to donate it to the Red Cross. Please pass all extra clothing to the center aisle, where it will be collected.
“Now, all the girls who took off some of your clothing just now in order to comply with the Dress Code, please stand up, and remain standing.” Just about all the girls stood up, many of them covering themselves with their hands. Donna felt a twinge of excitement as she stood up, feeling the breeze between her naked legs. Crysta sensed her shyness and whispered to her that she was fully covered, and not to worry. That made Donna feel a lot better. “I expect that you are all a little uncomfortable right now. Looking around I see many of you are bottomless. And I see some of you forgot to shave this morning. Until you shave, you should refrain from wearing any bottoms. The discomfort you are feeling right now is completely natural. None of you wants to expose herself to the world. So examine your wardrobe, and try to understand why this happened. You were all wearing dresses that were too short, or else shirts that were long enough to be short dresses. So this doesn’t happen to you again, please follow the Dress Code every morning when you get dressed.”

Looking at his watch, the Dean continued. “We’re almost done, now, girls. I want to thank you for hanging in there with me this far. Now, I want to very quickly look at the College Code of Conduct, which is known as the CCC. The most important rule in the CCC is this: you must refrain from becoming visibly sexually excited in public. Sexual excitement is characterized by erect nipples and vaginal swelling and wetness. One of the most effective ways to avoid becoming visibly sexually excited is to keep these very private areas well covered.

“Another incentive to keep yourself covered is the rule — I hate to call it by this name, but I know you girls all call it this — it’s the so-called “groping rule”: Any bare skin between your thighs and your neck may be touched by your fellow students. You are not permitted to resist in any way. For example, if you find yourself standing in line at the cafeteria dressed in such a way that your butt is bare, the boy behind you in line may smooth his hand over your butt. You must allow him to continue doing that as long as he likes. If he runs a finger between your cheeks, you may not clench your cheeks to make it more difficult for him to touch you. In fact, you are required to spread your legs slightly to give him full access to your bare skin. The humiliation of being forced to endure a fondling of this kind should be incentive enough to keep your butt covered, especially because soon you will be facing a more serious problem. As I mentioned a minute ago, you are required to refrain from becoming sexually excited. If you have bare skin, and since you are not permitted to resist a boy’s advances, you may find that you are unable to refrain from becoming excited.

“The punishment for public sexual excitement is ‘Consensual Rape’. That is, if you become excited, any nearby boy who sees your condition may force himself upon you, and you are not permitted to resist. This is because your sexual excitement constitutes ‘permission’ for the sexual encounter. In other words, by getting excited, you are, as the girls say, ‘asking for it’. That is why the rape is termed Consensual.” The audience let out an “Ahhh” of understanding in unison. “I think most of you now understand the critical interconnection between bare skin, fondling, sexual excitement, and consensual rape. Each one leads to the next, so the rules, taken together, form a powerful incentive for girls to cover up. In addition, girls are strongly incented to avoid being cited for indecency, since such a citation usually entails giving up some clothing. Girls who have lost clothing in this way are subject to fondling, which might lead to sexual excitement and then consensual rape.

“We’re almost done, girls! I’m sure you’re happy to hear that. There are more rules in the CCC, so I urge you to read that, right after you study the Dress Code. I just want to bring one to your attention, and then I’ll let you go. It’s the ‘No Covering Up’ rule. A few minutes ago, when I asked all you bottomless girls to stand, I noticed that some of you covered your laps with your hands. That’s understandable, because your dresses were so short, they left you fully exposed. But this kind of ‘covering up’ is forbidden by the CCC. The logic is simple: if your clothing is modest, then no covering up is necessary. If your clothing isn’t modest, then you should feel some sense of shame for wearing clothing that is inappropriate for your sense of modesty. If we allowed girls to compensate for their lack of modesty by covering themselves with their hands, then the incentive to wear modest clothing is reduced. Above all, the Codes are designed to encourage girls to be modest at all times.” The Dean beamed with pride at the girls, who remained engaged throughout his entire speach. Many of them lost their pants or panties, but they learned an important lesson about modesty. He dismissed his audience, confident that they had learned a great deal, and would, from here on out, obey the Dress Code and the CCC religiously.

“Let’s go back to the room, Crysta,” said Donna, as the girls got up to leave. She felt the breeze on her butt and instinctively smoothed what little there was of her dress against it.

Crysta looked at her watch. “But it’s lunch time. Can’t we get a bite to eat first?”

“But I’m practically naked,” Donna protested.

“So am I,” Crysta said, “and you don’t see me complaining about it.” Secretly, Crysta felt very uncomfortable being bottomless in public, but it was a “good” kind of uncomfortable — the kind that made her pussy feel all warm inside.

“Oh, OK,” Donna sighed. “But as soon as we’re done with lunch, I want to go back to the room to put on something more decent.”

With that, the two bottomless girls went off to the cafeteria, feeling a little vulnerable, but in the company of a bunch of other girls, some quite a bit more bottomless, they soon felt right at home.

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