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Here’s another pictorial with no point, really, except that there are so many girls on campus who are a little shy about showing their butts, and they shouldn’t be.  I mean look at these beauties!  They should be proud, don’t you think?

Amelie is a inexplicably reluctant to take off her little red bikini…


But with a little encouragement, she’s able to overcome her shyness, and enjoy her walk through a construction site.


Still a bit shy, she hides her pretty boobs from us.  Why are the prettiest girls so shy, I wonder?


Still shy, she crawls away…


OK, I know this pictorial is all about girls with cute butts, but we haven’t seen this cutie’s face yet.  She’s a very pretty girl all around, don’t you think?


This cutie could have just as easily been featured as a Pretty Girl, or one with Pretty Breasts, as you can plainly see.  Here’s one more picture of her, for your enjoyment.  Let me tell you, I found it “hard” to decide where to put these six pictures.  Scroll up, and look at her butt one more time.  I think maybe we made the right choice to put her here!


In the hills near campus, there are many picturesque spots where a girl can relax and enjoy the day.


And what could be prettier than a happy girl with a bare ass on a bear rug?


There is a girls’ shower in a glass-enclosed building right in the middle of the “commons”, in the center of the main campus.  Although it’s not connected to any of the dorms, quite a few girls come here to take their showers.  They feel safer here, because boys aren’t allowed inside.  And they can be sure no boys will follow them in here, because of its glass walls, allowing the students to see inside.  They know nothing bad will happen to them in here, because of the good visibility into the shower.  Many of the students enjoy bringing their lunch and sitting on the benches outside, and watch the girls take their showers.

Normally there aren’t so many spectators that a girl would feel uncomfortable, but once in a while a girl will be a little shy when she’s taking her public shower.


This cutie tries to take her shower while covering all her cutest parts at the same time, which isn’t easy.


Gaining confidence, she stands up, although she still turns her back in an effort to keep her pussy out of view.


Maybe she was unaware that we could see her pussy between her legs.  Something about this girl’s shyness made her even cuter, don’t you agree?


One of the nice things about going to the girls’ shower is that you can often find a friend who is willing to help you wash those hard-to-reach areas.


The showers are a comfortable place for girls to share their friendship, and help each other out at the same time.


It’s a good way for them to get to know each other better.


Often, the girls forget why they came to the shower in the first place, because just being with their friends is so much fun.  In the shower, it’s often easy to forget there are spectators outside who are enjoying themselves almost as much as the naked girls inside the enclosure.


While we’re on the subject of showers, there are several places around campus where outdoor showers have been installed, giving girls a way to quickly freshen up.  Many girls who are bottomless anyway like to wash their pussies at these outdoor showers.  If they’re careful, they can avoid wetting their clothes.


Or, if it’s a hot day, they don’t need to be so careful.  Even wet, most shirts remain sufficiently opaque for a girl to feel fully decent.


Now that she has accidentally wet her shirt, there’s no sense in keeping her pretty breasts covered, so she raises her shirt for a more complete shower.  Her shirt will dry off in the warm sun as she walks to her next class.


But I’m afraid I’ve digressed a bit from the topic of this pictorial.  So please stop looking at the girls who are innocently showering, and let me get back to the lovely butts that make this campus so much fun, won’t you?


Naked girls are so beautiful, they’re naturally atracted to one another.  These girls find each other so beautiful, they can’t resist the urge to hug and kiss each other.  Can you blame them?


I know we’re on the topic of pretty butts here, but I wanted to show you that there are many more pretty features to look at in the girls here.  For example, we happened to cach this girl in a hallway who has beautiful blond hair, blue eyes, and a pretty smile, as she re-ties her shoe.


And you can’t ignore this girl’s pretty hair, either.  Have you ever heard that blind people often develop keen hearing?  In the same way, many girls who choose nudity as their style pay special attention to their shoes, so in addition to their pretty hair, you’ll see some of the nicest shoes on these girls.  Did I stretch too far for that analogy?  Mabye.  This girl is pausing for a little stretch of her own.  Let’s enjoy her beauty together.


I can see I’ll have to make a new pictorial on pretty hair.  The next girl makes three in a row with gorgeous locks.  Notice how this blonde’s mane rests in such a sexy way on her shoulders.


A pair of girls go out for a little photo shoot.  Here the photographer bends down for the perfect shot, which is, of course our shot of her: perfect!


Between shots, the girls enjoy the scenery.  Are you enjoying the scenery, too?


The college’s Dress Code forces girls to wear dresses a little too short for their comfort, and many of them wish they could wear panties to cover their pretty butts during the day, so when they finally come back to the dorm, it’s a relief to take off those sexy clothes, and just get comfortable with each other.


Roommates often use each other as pillows, because in case you didn’t know it, girls are soft and cuddly, and who knows this better than other girls?


Since they sleep in the nude, they obviously wake up in the nude, and begin their day.  For many girls, dressing is the last thing she does, so her morning routine is done largely in the nude.  For example, here’s a girl who is barely awake, blow-drying her hair.  I’m sure she doesn’t know it, judging by her expression, but she has just about the cutest but any girl could have!


There’s no end to the beautiful rear ends of these girls, especially as so many of them choose to wear tops as if they were very short dresses.  I’m sure they would prefer to dress more decently, but they are afraid they will be inspected unless it is plain to see they’re wearing no underwear.

These “bottomless” girls, as I call them, are, of course anything but bottomless.  I’ll reserve the majority of their lovely pictures for another pictorial devoted to the bottomless style, but I couldn’t resist including one such cutie here.  I’ll leave you with her image.


Well, I’m sorry, but that’s the “end”.  Please feel free to scroll through them again!

wow thats fen awesome great pics
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