Crysta’s Outreach Program — Sunday, May 17, 2009 (archives)

“Two, please,” Donna said, indicating the movie they had chosen, a light comedy.

“Shirts are required,” ticket agent said, indicating Crysta’s lack of attire.

Donna rummaged in her bag, looking for something to give her little slave. “This’ll do,” she said, producing a tattered singlet.

“A wifebeater,” Crysta said. “How nice.” Her sarcasm wasn’t lost on Donna, but she let it go. It was small, but stretchy. Crysta tried her best to cover everything, but she had to make several compromises. If she pulled it down over her butt, then her tits popped out, so she settled for partial coverage all around.

Donna watched in amusement as Crysta struggled to cover herself in the totally inadequate garment. The ticket agent wasn’t happy that both girls were bottomless, but at least they weren’t naked, so he nodded his approval to enter the building. They found their way to some nice seats near the back of the theater. Donna grabbed her slave by the sides of her pretty head, kissed her hard. “Your main job,” she said, “is to tease me mercilessly, and make me cum as many times as possible during this movie.” She leaned back in her seat, spread her legs, and closed her eyes. Crysta knelt before her master, nuzzled her thighs, and stroked her sexy flat belly. She slipped her fingers under Donna’s little top, and gently slipped it up off her little breast, sensitive to any objection on Donna’s part. There was no objection. In fact, Donna raised her arms, making it easy for Crysta to slip Donna’s top right off her, and onto the floor behind their seats, where it quietly soaked up the soda that had been spilt there by previous moviegoers.

Once again, Donna was naked. The lights were low, and the theater was almost empty, so she didn’t mind. She scooted forward in her seat, presenting her pussy to Crysta’s waiting tongue. As she neared orgasm, she lifted her butt completely off the seat, giving Crysta full access to her most tender places. As she came, Crysta buried her whole face in Donna’s juicy pussy, massaging it with her nose while extending her tongue down to her tight little asshole. Donna arched her back, spread her legs and screamed with joy as wave after wave of delight passed over her. When Donna began to relax, Crysta turned her over in the plush reclining seat, letting her press her pretty little tits into the seat back as she knelt, ass-out, on the seat itself. She continued licking her between her adorable cheeks, while fingering her juicy pussy. Donna relaxed her asshole to make it easier for Crysta to plunge her tongue into it as she moved her delicate fingers up and down Donna’s sexy thin body. This prolonged Donna’s orgasm by several minutes.

“Time to rest,” she said to her slave, patting her on the head, adding, “While you’re taking a break, would you be a doll and get me some popcorn? All this cumming is making me hungry.

Crysta started to adjust her wife-beater, which no longer covered any part of her pretty bottom.

“Don’t bother with that,” Donna ordered. To make her point, she pulled the stretchy fabric up above her belly button, leaving her totally bottomless. “Your bottom is so pretty, it’s a shame to cover it up, don’t you agree?”

Of course, Crysta didn’t agree. She was clearly very excited, her glistening lips were parted, revealing her bright pink inner lips to anyone who might glance at them. But she was Donna’s slave, and did as she was ordered. She was grateful to have any clothes at all to wear, and knew Donna had the power to strip her naked at any time.

A few minutes later, she came back with the popcorn, and handed it over to her naked master.

“Where are your clothes?” Donna asked her slave.

“I’m so sorry,” Crysta said. “I didn’t know how else to pay for the popcorn.”

Donna smiled and nuzzled her naked slave. “Oh, that’s so sweet. You paid for my popcorn with your only item of clothing. I know what that must have meant to you.” Donna kissed her slave deeply as she pictured how she must have felt as she had been forced to strip under the bright lights of the concession stand.

“Let me give you some of my popcorn,” Donna offered, kneeling in her chair. She pulled out a fluffy piece, and pressed it between her cheeks, and then giggled as Crysta dug it out with her tongue, giving Donna an extra lick for good measure after she ate the piece. One by one, Donna put pieces of popcorn between her cheeks, and between her lips, and let Crysta eat them. It wasn’t long before Donna came again, with popcorn grease mixing with her own natural juices.

Every now and then, Crysta came, too, but she kept it quiet. It was not becoming for a slave to exhibit any sexual satisfaction before her master. By the end of the movie, the girls had lost count of the number of times they came. Donna found her top stuck to the floor, and she left it there.

She looked in her bag, and pretended to notice her kimono for the first time. “Here it is!”   She slipped it on over her slinky shoulders, and turned to her slave. I’m sorry, but I have nothing for you to wear. She held her bag upside down and shook it to make her point. It was empty.

“I understand,” Crysta said.

“I’m not sure you do,” said her master. “I would feel awkward walking with a naked girl back to the College. People would stare at us.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to get your wife-beater back,” said Donna. “And hurry up about it.” She slapped Crysta’s sexy butt. “Chop chop”

Donna watched her sexy slave exit the theater in the direction of the concession stand, and then followed her at a distance. There was a commotion, and then the manager hustled Crysta into a private room, and closed the door.   Donna waited no more than five minutes, at which time the door opened, the manager appeared, he looked left and right, straightened his tie. Crysta followed half a minute later, wearing her cute little wifebeater.

Donna stepped out of the shadows, all smiles. “How—”

“Don’t ask,” Crysta said, pulling her tattered little top down around her ample butt as much as it could be pulled without ripping it further. The two girls walked arm in arm back to the College, and up the stairs to their room.

“Thank you for a lovely evening,” Donna said.

I’m gonna get you back for this, Crysta thought.

It’s nice to see a pretty girl enjoy a little dip in the water, isn’t it?

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Love the storyline. Can’t wait for your entry for the next Monday! Richard, there are a lot of authors on this site, most of them pretty good, but you’re still the best by far.

Comment By Keith At 12/2/2009 9:54 AM

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