Crysta’s Outreach Program — Saturday, May 16, 2009 (archives)

“Stop laughing!” said Crysta, stark naked on the sidewalk just outside the main gate of the College.

“I’m sorry,” said Donna. “It’s just, well…” She didn’t want to hurt Crysta’s feelings, but she couldn’t help laughing.

Crysta folded her arms over her tits and glared at Donna. It wasn’t much fun being stark naked on the public streets of the city.

“OK, honey,” relented Donna, reaching into her bag. “Put this on.” It was a pretty pink crop top, Donna’s size, which was just a tad too small for Crysta. Still, it was better than nothing.

She thanked Donna with a sweet kiss. She knew as Donna’s little slave girl, she had to show gratitude for any favor, however small.

It must have killed Crysta to be walking the streets of the city without a stitch of clothing below her waist, but she kept her discomfort to herself. Crysta played her slave girl role so sweetly, Donna’s heart melted. She opened up her bag, and produced the pair of panties, which Crysta eagerly donned. The two girls walked for several blocks toward the center of town. Donna slipped her hand in Crysta’s panties, and stroked her pretty backside as they walked.

“Are you hungry?” Donna asked her love slave.

Crysta nodded, well aware that Donna had pulled her panties half-way down her thigh, and knowing better than to pull them up without permission.

“Then we can go to the BSB, okay?”

The Bottomless Salad Bar. The girls knew it well. It was a popular hangout for kids from the College. The “bottomless” part of it was a play on words: the salad bar was bottomless in the usual buffet sense. And in addition, any girl who was willing to prove she wasn’t wearing panties got her salad half-price. Most girls wore the same kind of short skirt they normally wore at the college. The only embarrassing thing they had to do was lift up their skirt and show everyone in the restaurant they weren’t wearing panties – no big deal for girls used to being inspected in public. The waiters like to make a big production of it whenever a girl ordered the bottomless salad bar. They ring a bell, and bring the girl to the raised stage area in the center of the restaurant. Then they ask her to sloooowly raise her skirt, until everyone was satisfied she was bottomless, and showed it by their applause, whistles and shouts. Finally, when she proves she’s bottomless, the waiters would ring the bell again, and she’s allowed to sit down. Sometimes, to tease the prettiest girls, the whole room would remain silent even after she had lifted her dress right up over her head. Naturally, she would have to keep lifting it, exposing her breasts, and getting more and more embarrassed as she stands there, naked, with all eyes on her. Finally, everyone would yell, and the bell would ring. The red-faced girl would then be allowed to sit down with great relief, and everyone would have a good laugh at her expense.

Crysta gulped. Wearing only a crop top and panties, she certainly wasn’t dressed for the half-price bottomless special. She held out hope that Donna would let her order something else, or nothing at all. Donna stroked Crysta’s pretty butt, “accidentally” letting her fingers slip between her cheeks, and then down between her legs. Crysta stiffened, but as a slave, she knew better than to complain. “I’ve made my decision,” Donna said. “We’re eating at the BSB.”

Crysta knew her place. Without any further complaint, she walked the remaining block to the restaurant, side by side with Donna, her panties half-way down to her knees. Donna smirked at this, knowing how much her slave wanted to pull up her panties, and at the same time willing herself not to. People passed the girls and stared at Crysta’s naked bottom, somehow made even more outrageously naked by the misplaced panties. The girls entered the restaurant, and were shown to their seats. Crysta hesitated before sitting, looking at Donna with those puppy-dog eyes of hers.

“No, Crysta,” Donna said. “You may not pull your panties up.” Crysta sat her bare butt down on the seat, her panties feeling uncomfortable, just above her knees.

The waiter arrived at their table and greeted the girls. “Well both have the Bottomless Salad,” Donna said.

Crysta gasped. No! Please! she screamed in her mind. But she remained silent.

Crysta’s gasp caught the waiter’s attention. He looked at the girls, and started to say, “but…”

Donna cut him off. “It’s okay,” she said. She looked directly at the pretty little panties adorning Crysta’s thighs. “We know what we’re doing.”

Crysta took the hint. She removed her panties, and reluctantly handed them to Donna, who put them safely in her bag.

“Alright, then, ladies,” he said. “Please come with me.”

Donna followed the waiter to the stage, the bottoms of her cute cheeks peeking out beneath her flowing kimono, and Crysta followed behind. Donna mounted the stage, stood with her legs spread slightly, closed her eyes and waited for the waiter to begin raising her dress. But unbeknownst to Donna, Crysta had nodded to the waiter, and the waiter nodded back… Crysta would be the one to reveal Donna’s lack of panties to the restaurant’s patrons. She stood behind her sexy master, and gently touched her under each arm, indicating she should raise her arms. As she did so, her kimono opened up, revealing everything, much to everyone’s enjoyment. Crysta put her finger to her lips miming “shh” to the audience so they wouldn’t cheer yet. Gently, with Donna’s arms high in the air, Crysta grabbed the kimono by the cuffs, and slowly lifted it, slipping it off her arms. The kimono opened completely, revealing Donna’s perfect breasts. Donna kept her eyes closed, unaware she was fully exposed the crowd. But as her kimono was completely removed from her body, she soon sensed she was naked and opened her eyes. At that moment, the restaurant erupted in pandemonium. People yelled, bells rang, and there was laughter and merriment all around, at Donna’s expense. Like all the pretty girls before her, this naked girl reacted no differently. She turned bright red, and demanded to have her dress returned to her. This just made everyone laugh harder until Donna realized there was no point in being the butt of the joke any longer. Knowing her dress would be returned to her in due course, she just went back to her seat in the nude.

Without question, the two girls were the star attraction that evening—one naked and thin, with cute little tits, and the other half-naked and voluptuous, with a hot booty and sexy hips. They sat together, and giggled a lot, stroking each others’ legs and lower back. They paused to kiss every now and then, which the other patrons thought was really sweet. At one point during the meal, Donna happened to look in her bag and notice her dress was there. Of course, Donna preferred to wear clothes in public, but her stripping was all in good fun, and she was able to take a joke better than most girls, so she pretended not to notice it, and remained naked. The girls offered to pay for their meals, but the manager told them the food was free today, because they were such good sports.

As the girls stood up to leave, everyone cheered and whistled, which made Donna blush and smile. She bowed to the cheering patrons, and they ate it up. There was something about the way Donna tried to hide her shyness that made her breasts look extra lovely. And her thin legs afforded a panoramic view of her tight little asshole and her sexy pussy as she left the restaurant.

Once outside, Donna was back to being the master. “Hand over your top,” she ordered.

It crossed Crysta’s mind to refuse, but a deal’s a deal, so she took it off and handed it over. Donna put it on, and instantly felt much less vulnerable to the stares of passers-by, even though her pussy was still not at all covered. Part of it was that her friend was completely naked, so most of the gaping stares went her way, saving Donna that embarrassment.

They held hands as they walked the short distance to the movie theater.

The only thing finer than a happy girl is TWO happy girls!

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