Crysta’s Outreach Program — Monday, May 18, 2009 (archives)

“Okay, now, Donna, you remember what to say, right?” Crysta asked, as the girls got ready for their big day. Crysta was understandably nervous about her talk in front of a class of high school students. She had been tasked with doing an “outreach” regarding the College Dress Code, and she knew the high schoolers had heard a bunch of rumors about it – the same rumors she herself had heard when she was in high school. Her job was to present the Dress Code in the best light. She would mention the dreaded Inspections, but she would make them seem reasonable; no big deal; something to be taken in stride. All of which meant she would not dare say what really goes on at the College.

Donna sighed. “Yes, honey, I remember.” Donna tried not to show she was even more nervous than Crysta. Donna would be the “Barbie Doll” for Crysta to dress – and undress – before a class of horny teenagers. She prayed Crysta would not strip her completely naked, although in the back of her mind, she half expected that would happen. Resigned to the possibility of being stripped in front of a classroom full of teenagers, she hoped at least Crysta would have the decency to let her keep her legs together, and smile wanly at the class, until such time as she would be permitted to put her clothes back on.

Crysta broke Donna’s daydream. “So then, what are the points we need to make?” She didn’t look up as she rummaged through Donna’s dresser, looking for exotic clothing for Donna to wear for the high school kids.

Donna thought carefully. “That we shouldn’t wear panties, because we need to be motivated to wear modest outer clothing…”

“Right, and the fear of exposing ourselves is enhanced when panties aren’t an option, and this fear motivates us to be extra decent.”

Donna giggled at this. “Okay, and then the second thing is that we need to have open and honest inspections, so that—” Donna realized she never really understood the need for inspections.

“so that girls won’t be tempted to cheat and wear panties.”

“But then why do the inspections have to be done in public again? I keep forgetting the reason for that.”

“Oh, you silly girl,” Crysta said, smacking her model’s pretty round butt. “It’s mostly for the deterrent effect. If girls see other girls being inspected in public, they’ll be more careful to follow the rules themselves.”

“Of course,” Donna said, rubbing her sore cheek. “And then, finally, we should cover ourselves up, because exposed skin is fair game for fondling.”

“touching,” Crysta corrected.

“I mean touching,” Donna said, almost purring, as she reached under Crysta’s pretty sun dress, and gently pushed two fingers into her soft, sweet vagina keeping her thumb free to stroke Crysta’s asshole.

Crysta pretended to ignore the intrusion, spreading her legs imperceptibly as Donna probed her sexy roommate. “Here,” she said. “Put this on.”

Donna bowed her head as Crysta slipped a sexy pretty purple jeans top over her head. It fit her snugly, showing off her perky breasts, and had a cute ruffled skirt at the bottom. It was a good example of the kind of dress girls wear all the time around campus—not so long as to be unfashionable or unflattering, and not so short as to leave her completely bottomless. In other words, it shows all of her pretty legs, and just a little cheek, leaving everything else to delightful imagination.

Crysta sat on Donna’s lap, facing her, both girls’ arms around the other. Crysta’s voluptuous body felt so good, Donna couldn’t resist slipping her hands inside Crysta’s dress. Crysta didn’t seem to mind. “So now, honey, recap for me the main ideas of the Dress Code,” purring as Donna rubbed her back, all the way down to her buttocks. She made no effort to adjust her dress as more and more skin came into view.

“1. No panties, so we wear more modest clothes,” Donna said, ticking off the points with her fingers, “2. Public inspections to deter girls from breaking the rules, and 3. Touching to encourage girls to cover up.”

“Good,” Crysta said.

“Nothing about consensual rape?”

“God, no!” Crysta exclaimed. “We’ll just tell the girls to be keep their pussies covered, and hope they don’t wonder about what might happen if they don’t.”

“But isn’t the main idea of the fondling rule for boys to get us girls excited and then rape us?” Donna asked, innocently.

“Yes, of course.” She stroked Donna’s pretty hair, and kissed her sweetly. “But there are some things the cute little freshmen girls will have to learn later.” Crysta lifted Donna’s pretty dress, and folded the middle under, making eight or ten inches shorter, then patted her bare butt.

Donna spread her legs, hoping for more than just a pat on the butt, but Crysta was distracted, and didn’t notice how ready she was for some morning delight.

“Let’s go!” Crysta grabbed the bag of modeling clothes, and pushed Donna’s bare butt out the door.

As they walked down the stairs, Donna started to feel self-conscious that her dress was hiked up, but also well aware that she was Crysta’s slave for the day. “Can I please pull my dress down, now?” she asked sweetly. Her modesty was understandable. In their room, or even on their floor of the dorm, there’s no need for modesty, because the students who live there all see each other as brothers and sisters, but outside the dorm it’s a bit different.

“That’s a good idea,” Crysta said. “Pull it all the way down, and cover yourself up, and then pretend you have something to hide. I want to use you as a decoy.”


“Uh huh,” Crysta said, smiling with amusement as Donna’s pussy finally slid out of view behind her pretty little dress. “The only way I’ll be able to sneak this bag of your clothes past the Inspectors is for you to behave as if you’re wearing panties under that dress, and get yourself inspected. Then, while you’re begging and pleading for leniency, I’ll be sneaking past them with your clothes.”

“So you want me to get inspected, then?” Donna’s hands were on her hips. She was not smiling.

“Yes.” Crysta put out a hand to stroke Donna’s pretty hair, but Donna pushed her hand away. “And I want you to hesitate. This will focus the Inspector’s attention on you, and give him the impression you’re hiding something.”

“But then I’ll be stripped and cited for indecency, even though I’m following the Dress Code”

“Join the club, baby!”

Donna smiled. She remembered that when their roles were reversed, Crysta was stripped naked and cited, and Donna snuck past the Inspector. Then, on the outside, Donna gave Crysta something to wear. “OK, master,” she said, giving Crysta a big wet kiss. She pulled her dress down, and kept her hands on it, and looked very guilty. Crysta followed a dozen steps behind.

Sure enough, as they neared the main gate, an Inspector stopped Donna, and ordered her to strip. All her training told her to strip immediately, but she did her job as decoy. “Can’t you give me a break, just this one time?” She asked the Inspector coyly.

Sensing a good catch, the Inspector ordered Donna to put her arms up.

Donna waited while the Inspector focused all his attention on her, and watched as Crysta made her way toward the exit with her clothes. Then, as she sensed the Inspector was about to get even more angry, she slowly raised her arms. With her arms high in the air, the inspector began to pat down her legs, touching and stroking her inner thighs. Donna took this as a subtle cue to spread her legs apart, which she did at last. The Inspector savored every moment of the inspection, gently easing her dress upwards, lifting first the front, then the back, taking time to feel each inch of soft skin as it was exposed. An electric shock shook her as he felt her pussy. She blushed, it was so wet. He felt inside her soft folds, gently stroking her erect clitoris before continuing up her beautiful thin body, leaving her on the brink of orgasm. After a long,, long time, she felt his hands on her breasts, and realized her dress was gone.

She opened her eyes and saw the crowd of students who had gathered to watch the inspection. She gasped when she saw that one of them was Crysta! The Inspector turned to see Crysta, still holding a bag of clothing.

“Give me that,” ordered the Inspector.

Crysta dropped it and ran for the exit. The Inspector ran after her.

“What about me?” Donna yelled. It was the only way she could think to delay him in his pursuit of Crysta, and it was enough. Crysta got away.

“I’ll tell you what will happen to you,” said the Inspector, seething with anger. “You will get down on your hands and knees, with your butt facing the crowd. You will spread your legs so everyone will see your pretty little butt hole, and your slippery little pussy.”

Donna did as ordered.

“Then,” said the Inspector, straddling his victim, “you will wait.”

Wait for what? Donna wondered silently. The inspector pushed her legs apart, fondled her breasts, then her inner thighs, then her belly. Donna tried to think thoughts that would distract her from the teasing, but it was hard. The inspector slathered some slippery liquid between her cheeks, and on her pussy, which made her shudder. She was inches from cumming, and he knew it.   Everyone could see it. It finally dawned on Donna that she was waiting to be raped. It didn’t take long. A boy knelt behind her, his pants already down to his ankles, and gave her a sweet hug – with his head on her back, and his hands gently holding her tits – before pushing his dick deep into her juicy vagina. Donna came on his first push, and kept cumming as he pushed another three or four times, first holding her breasts, then her hips, before he came. Then he laid his head once again on her back, and they cuddled for half a minute, him gently stroking her erect nipples, and she squeezing her vagina to wring every ounce of joy from his softening dick, before he slowly pulled out.

The boy stood up, pulled up his pants, and then turned around to rejoin the crowd, which was now cheering wildly for some reason Donna couldn’t fathom.

What did I do that was so wrong I should be raped? Donna wanted to ask the inspector. But she kept quiet, and remained on her hands and knees, the boy’s semen dripping out of her pussy onto the ground.

She didn’t flinch when he felt the Inspector’s hand on her cheeks once more, smearing globs of slippery stuff between them. He paid particular attention to her cute, puckered little asshole, which, much to Donna’s dismay, was in full view of the crowd, since her legs were spread so wide.

“Relax,” said the Inspector, “and it won’t hurt.”

Before Donna had a chance to react, he entered her back door.

“Oooh!” Donna said as he thrust himself into her. She stiffened her back as he held onto her shoulders and pushed. She willed herself to relax her sphincter, and let him have his way with her. The Inspector, like the boy, only needed a few pushes to cum. Donna was surprised that she came, too, as the Inspector’s body molded to hers. Then, as if to thank Donna for being such a good sport, while he was still in her back door, he massaged her wide-open sloppy-wet pussy until she came again – or maybe she was still cumming in one long, continuous orgasm. It all melted together in Donna’s fevered mind.

He took her hand, and let her stand up, even brushing the dirt off her knees. For a rapist, he was kind, Donna thought. He handed her a citation for indecency, an idea Donna would have laughed at, were it not happening to her, and told her to have a nice day.

The crowd burst into sporadic applause and cheering, perhaps to honor Donna for being such a good sport. As they began to disperse, Donna looked around, perhaps for her dress. She was still in a bit of a daze, and it took her a minute to remember where she was, or what she was doing. Slowly she remembered she needed to exit the College, and meet Crysta on the outside. Covering her pussy with her hand in her best attempt at modesty, she made her way through the exit, and out onto the busy street. Instinctively, she covered her breasts with her other hand, as strangers glanced at her. Where is Crysta?

Today’s pretty girl is mustering the courage to venture out into the campus wearing only her pretty little muff.  Luckily, she is a good girl who follows the Dress Code, which tells her that her muff counts as a bottom.  She knows it would be wrong to wear two bottoms, so she removes her panties, and goes to class naked.

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