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Because of the Dress Code, I sometimes find myself naked in public. It works this way. I like to dress conservatively. For example, I wear pants and a shirt instead of a minidress. I know it’s against the Dress Code to wear panties under pants — that violates the double-coverage rule. I don’t mind leaving my panties at home. It even feels a bit exciting to have the rough inside of my pants rub against my fully shaved pussy. The problem for the College is that from outward appearances, it’s not possible for inspectors to see that I’m following the dress code. So, from time to time, I’m stopped, and forced to strip, so I can prove that I’m following the dress code. I don’t mind this, it’s part of the rules. Besides, all the girls have to endure this public stripping, so it’s OK.


Where I start to have a little problem though, is in the very strict interpretation of the dress code. In particular, the rule that says I can’t wear a dress and pants at the same time. You see, I’m NOT wearing a dress — just a shirt — but the shirt is long enough by itself to cover my abdomen, and this makes it a micro-minidress in the eyes of the dress code inspectors. So when they strip me, they make me take off my pants first, and then parade around for them wearing just my shirt. I’m terribly embarrassed whenever this happens, because my ass and pussy are completely uncovered. Then, they take all my clothes into evidence, for a hearing to be scheduled at a later date, leaving me naked.

As I said, I don’t mind being stripped by the inspectors, but I really feel that I’m following the dress code, so I should get my clothes back after the inspection is over. Even if my shirt is too long, so it counts as a minidress, I should get SOMETHING back to wear. It would be OK if I just got my shirt back, because if it counts as a minidress, I could wear it that way, and imagine that my pussy was covered. But being totally naked is a scary experience for me. Especially because it’s also an exciting experience. My pussy swells up and gets wet, and I’m always afraid people can see this and know I’m getting turned on by my own fear and humiliation.


So I cover my pussy with my hands, and this helps me feel better. After a while — maybe an hour or so — I start to get used to being naked. It helps when I see other girls parading themselves about campus naked, so I know I’m not alone. Then I relax a bit, and leave my pussy uncovered. When I see other girls who are sexually excited, it relaxes me further, knowing that I can get turned on and not feel embarrassed. This sometimes happens because of another one of the rules in the college, which is that being naked is a blanked invitation for people to touch me. Usually it’s boys who touch me. For example, in the line at the dining hall, a boy might gently stroke my bare buttocks. I’m required by the rules of the college to allow the boy to do this, so I stop, and spread my legs slightly, to give him full access. Even though I wish he would stop, he usually takes this as a sign it’s OK to continue, and as I said, the college rules give him that right. So he strokes me between my thighs, causing me to spread my legs a bit more. This gives him access to my asshole and pussy. Before long I’m excited. Sometimes the boy takes this as an invitation to fuck me, which, again, is permitted by the rules. The dean says girls should refrain from becoming visibly excited, but if they do, this can be taken as permission to be fucked. He calls this “Consensual Rape”. He says the consensual rape rule is in place to discourage girls from letting their excitement show. Trouble is, I don’t know how to avoid it if a boy is fondling me in the dining hall line. So I take it as a matter of course. When I’m naked, boys will fondle me and then sometimes fuck me. The first few times it happens, it can be upsetting. But now I even look forward to a good fucking. Hey, all the girls are doing it, so why shouldn’t I?


Whilst you believe you should get something back to wear, that is not the policy. If I took as evidence just your pants, you could claim at the hearing that your top was short enough to count as a shirt. You might even bring a tube top claiming it was what you were wearing. If I left you your shirt, you could claim the pants I presented were not yours at all.

Since you are likely guilty of the charges, as you know, what incentive would you have for following the Code? You could wear a long dress and pants knowing if caught, only the pants would be taken. By being stripped, you also set a fine reminder to the other girls on campus.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/9/2007 6:55 AM

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