According to the rules, consensual rape is not taken lightly.  Here’s the excerpt from The Codes:

Sexual intercourse

Girls should refrain from voluntarily engaging in public sexual intercourse with a boy, either vaginally or anally.  Kissing is perfectly fine, but the minute a girl feels any penetration of her vagina or anus by the boy’s penis, she is required to resist his advance.  It is the strength of her resistance that distinguishes rape from sexual intercourse.  An act of rape can’t be distinguished from sexual intercourse without a prolonged struggle on the part of a girl.  It is not at all unusual for her clothes to be ripped to shreds during the struggle.  While she is being raped, she must continue to resist him until one (or both) of them reaches orgasm, at which point she is no longer required to continue resisting.  Only after she has resisted the boy’s advances right up until the end can it be determined that the act was, in fact, rape and not consensual intercourse.  Boys are asked to refrain from raping girls, as this is, in most cases, a violation of the Code of Conduct.  After a girl has been raped, she should locate her clothes, and if they are not too badly damaged, she should put them back on.  If a girl stops struggling prior to orgasm, then the act is termed “Consensual Intercourse”, and the girl is subject to punishment, as this is a violation of the Code of Conduct if it is performed in public.  These rules are designed to be easy to enforce, because whenever intercourse occurs in public between a boy and a girl, one of them is at fault — the boy is at fault if the girl puts up a sufficiently prolonged struggle, and the girl is at fault if she doesn’t.  As a practical matter, the condition of the girl’s clothing indicates the strength of her struggle.  If she has nothing left to wear afterwards, then she is cleared of wrongdoing, her shredded clothing indicating she struggled sufficiently.


jeri_spring_training-8 jeri_spring_training-14

You can see Jeri is ready to put up a fight. She has the bat, and the boys have the balls.


And you may think Adrianna is unarmed, but she knows how to use those spiked heels in defense kicks when a boy’s pants are down. She’ll put up quite the struggle. Just look at the determination in her eyes.

So, for the boys who think it is all fun and games to get girls sexual aroused in public so they have an excuse, just beware, the girls have a counter plan… all within the rules.

6 thoughts on “Consensual?

    1. Anonymous

      The rape rules and the 4 pillars work together not against each other. If a girl becomes sexualy excited in the presence of a boy and it is obvious then she must consent to being raped as her punishment. For example if a girls pussie is exposed and a boy touches her he is allowed. If she becomes wet because of that touching then she must allow the boy to fuck her in what ever position he wishes. She must also allow every boy that witnessed her excitement to fuck her 1 after the other. However if a boy purposely makes a girl wet, especially if he were to use a vibrator or similar device she is not at fault. If the boy trys to fuck the girl when it was not her fault or without her even being wet then this is rape and it is not consensual. The girl must struggle the entire time to prove it was not consensual, and then the college will deal with the boy. Boys will get expelled or even turned over to the police in these cases, but we must not get confused between an act of rape which is against the rules and a boy doing his duty to the college by punishing a girl For allowing her self to become sexually aroused in public.

    2. Anonymous

      You’re absolutely right. Honestly the rape fantasy portion of the college code has always made me uncomfortable and this just magnifies it dramatically.

      1. Amazing Dough

        Yeah, I don’t remember ever seeing this ever depicted in the stories, even if it was in the Code’s fine print. Drawing attention to it now is not a good thing.

        1. Anonymous

          But it is a good little reminder to the boys. It’s far to easy for them to think they can just do whatever they like to the girls. If they cross the line the girls need to remember they can fight back. Of course if the girls keep braking the 4 pillars all the time there going to have to let the boys fuck them all. Nice to see a story from someone who read though the rules first, nice job.

          1. base Post author

            thanks. I feel it is important to portray the college life as not a fuckfest. It is for higher education, and the females on campus are just as serious towards their higher learning as anyone else.

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