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[WARNING: Contains pictures some readers may find distasteful (3 near the end which I’ve uploaded smaller)]

Peter Kent reports

With more and more girls of the college choosing to wear panties as their only bottom, a troubling occurrence has started to arise. Many are choosing to wear their panties for longer periods of time, neglecting the hygienic aspects to what they are wearing and walking around in dirty panties. To prevent this becoming an epidemic, the Dean has introduced a new ‘Panty Inspection’. Inspectors and peers can implement this to ensure that girls who choose to wear panties as a bottom, are always wearing clean ones.

An inspector may approach any girl he sees wearing panties as a bottom, and inform her that he would like to perform a panty inspection. He then asks her to pull her panties down so he may look inside them.  As with the other forms of inspection, the same rules apply to the girls whereby it is in the girl’s best interest to obey the requests of the inspector.

Some girls may choose to assist this inspection by lifting up their tops or removing them completely so that there is no chance of extra shadows being cast on their panties, hampering the inspector’s view. It is unlikely that the inspector will ask the girl to remove her panties completely, however, because he is thinking of her wellbeing and does not want her to be completely bottomless in case she feels embarrassed.

Advice For Female Students:
So if an inspector asks to inspect your panties, remember that you just need to pull them down so he can see inside your underwear and not take them off. If you are standing up when you pull your panties down, the inspector may not be able to get a clear view as to whether your panties are clean or not.  It is best to give him full access by bending over as much as you can. You can bend over a chair if you need to, like this.

This position for a panty inspection is nearly perfect.  As you can see, there is a clear view of the inside of Amada’s panties proving that they are nice and clean. The same can be said for Aaliyah, perfectly displaying the inside of her panties.

Amy is also exhibiting her panties well but the inspector may have to step in quite close for him to see inside them properly.

Aaliyah here again, demonstrates how to show an inspector her panties.

And Charlie lets an inspector get a good look at the inside of her panties by assuming a similar position.

Rather than spending extra time seeking out a chair, for convenience, the girl having her panties inspected can bend over on the floor to show the inspector that she is wearing clean panties, like Tiffany is doing here:

If you do bend over to display your panties, you have to make sure that you pull them down far enough and not like this next girl Cassandra:

She has two problems. The first is that because she has not pulled them down far enough, her vagina is casting a shadow on her panties which makes it hard for the inspector to see inside them.  Secondly, her panties are black making it even harder for the inspector to see the state of them clearly. I’m not advocating never wearing black panties, just warning that inspectors scrutinising black panties will have to look extra closely at them bringing their face extremely close to a girl’s vagina while she is in an inspection position, but…

…A better way to give the inspector a good peek inside your panties (without him becoming so intimate with your vagina) would be to sit facing the inspector, dropping your panties then raising your legs like this:

From this photo, you cannot quite see whether the crotch of her panties are clean or not but for an inspector, a girl in this position is nearly perfect. He can walk all around her, examining both sides of her panties for cleanliness.

If the girl being examined finds the floor uncomfortable, she can of course use a chair or other piece of furniture to display her panties in this position.

Most of the girls fully understand the importance of this new inspection and demonstrate this by being quite enthusiastic when raising their legs, being proud to show that they are wearing clean underwear.

Another advantage of the female student being on an object while she raises her legs is that it makes the inspector’s difficult job easier by bringing the panties closer to his face for him to examine.

As Nikki is showing, an inspector will not have to bend down too much for him to see the state of her panties, making the inspection go quicker.

Georgia is keen to help the inspector do his job in this way by raising her legs nice and high, bring her panties up to the inspector’s face.

Faith was already sitting on this chair in her t-shirt and panties when an inspector happened by and asked to check if her panties were clean. She was happy that she didn’t have to get up and just slid her panties down and raised her legs.

Rather that opt for a chair or sofa, Aaliyah thought a table would be even better so she could bring her panties right up to the inspectors face and he would be able to see without a doubt that her panties were clean.

On occasion, an inspector will be passing a dorm room and may spot a student he ought to check over. He will inform her of his intensions and the girl can make use of her bed to make it easier for the inspector to investigate her panties, as shown by Sheila and Olga:

Here is another enthusiastic student happy to prove she is wearing clean panties:

Sometimes, a girl can become a little too enthusiastic when showing off the state of her panties. Remember girls, it is not necessary to remove your panties completely like Diamond has done here:

Simply pulling them down will be enough. You may ask would it not be simpler for the girl to just remove her panties and hand them to the inspector for him to examine. Perhaps it would be, but as mentioned above, the inspectors themselves have decided that this was a better route to go down because they did not want to leave the girls completely bottomless while inspecting their panties, as this could make them feel extremely embarrassed while they waited. If the girl being inspected is still wearing her panties, even if it is just around her ankles, she’ll feel much better.

It is also necessary to state to the female students that when showing the inspectors that you are wearing clean panties, there is no need to be too fancy in your display. It is just a waste of the inspector’s (and your own) time.

Here a girl removes one leg from her panties but tries to keep them on with the other leg and her teeth!

This makes no sense and does not make it any easier for the inspector to examine her panties so there really is no point in trying to be fancy like this. Another example is Chloe:

In trying to be fancy and clever, she is actually obscuring the inspector’s view of her panties and by using her teeth to hold her panties, she may cause herself an unforeseen problem. If she accidently gets saliva on her panties, the inspector is likely to think that the fluid is something else and deem her to be wearing sticky, dirty panties.

And while we are on the subject, what happens if a girl is found to be wearing dirty panties?
Her panties are confiscated for evidence and she is placed on Sine Interulus. She is banned from wearing panties for one month. After that month, for the two weeks following, she is allowed to wear panties again but is put on a watch list. Students on this list must carry around a signatory form and must approach a tutor or inspector every daytime college hour for them to check the cleanliness of her panties then sign her form to show that her panties were clean at the stated hour. After this two week period, the form is presented to an adjudicator and if he finds it satisfactory, she is removed from the watch list, taken off Sine Interulus and she can continue her college life as normal.

Case study 1:
This case shows that it is not always necessary for the girl to pull her panties down. While still wearing her panties, she may turn the gusset over so the inspector can see the crotch area. Ash did exactly this but the inspector was not happy at what he found.

Click to supersize (don't say I didn't warn you! :))

Her panties were filthy. They were taken for evidence and she was place on Sine Interulus.

Case study 2:
This girl was stopped by an inspector who requested to carry out a panty inspection. From her manner, he could instantly tell there was something wrong. She was also stalling. She had removed her top first claiming that she did not want it to get in the way but she did this very slowly.

Unlike most of the girls having their panties inspected, she did not demonstrate the enthusiasm that the inspector usually saw when a girl was proving that she had on clean underwear. She slowly pulled them aside.

Click to supersize...

Just as he had suspected from her attitude, her panties did not look clean, but to be absolutely sure, he went in for a much closer look. should know what this is going to say by now...

His instincts were correct; she was wearing very dirty panties. Like the case above, her panties were confiscated and she was placed on Sine Interulus.

These two cases are examples of how this new inspection is benefiting the college and the female students themselves. In time, girls wearing dirty panties will be a very rare thing indeed.

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    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Do you think it’s too graphic?

      In answer to your question, it depends. Would you like a serious answer? Or, since this is a college, I could redirect you to do your own research, perhaps starting here.

      (Seriously though, if you think the last pic’s a bit much, let me know.)

  1. Mzm

    i was liking lots of this site earlier this year and you wrote a lot of great stories Wraith.. i know you don’t want to get caught in the same old story ideas, but i wonder if maybe you’re might be trying to delve out a bit much.. the original stories, some of which you wrote, covered a broader base of a appeal i think.. they took the mind away from this world into a world that was sexually fascinating and clumsily erotic

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      Thanks for your comment.

      I get what you’re saying but can you point out one or two stories in particular that you thought covered a broader base of a appeal?

      1. Mzm

        I’m not sure if i’m choosing my wording here correctly, but some of your legendary works i think are “Extreme Sex Education Part 1 and 2”, “Another Humiliating Gym Class” and one that i keep going back to read repeatedly, “An Educational Inspection”

        I still enjoy everything you’ve written. There are just some things some have written here that is hard to forget!

  2. JoJo Q. Finsburry

    i would like to say this is a great site, and as long as stories (and pics) like this aren’t too common i wouldn’t change a thing. i liked this story and have no criticisms. What i’d like is for the governments to look at the college and decide that this is the best way for the world to work. Then from there build real stories that aren’t necessarily sexual to any great degree, but sexually charged by all the nudity.

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      I have to agree with this. It has crossed my mind a couple of times and made me want to pitch in with a story. Not that i can match the talents on this site.

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            Slick and other authors here, look at the DRAFT stories page. I was playing around with an idea to foster readers’ ideas.

  3. William Kazak

    I enjoyed this story very much and the pics that go with it. I think it is very important to make the girls aware of the benefits of wearing clean panties at school and getting them to the laundry room. Their mommy’s are not there to inspect their panties for them, like at home, nor are their mommy’s there at school to wash them like they probably do at home. Therefore, the panty inspections at school seem necessary. The girls probably have their calenders full. Their classes and homework should not be an excuse for wearing dirty panties. I am all for the panty inspections.


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