Climbing (archives)


“Go ahead, Debbie,” her friends said, urging her to try climbing the wall

“But I’ve already lost my shirt,” Debbie protested.

“What does that have to do with it?” one of her friends asked.

Debbie thought for a minute. “It’s just that, well, everyone will be looking at me.”

“Do you think your tits have gone unnoticed up to this point?”

Debbie blushed. “OK,” she said. “I’ll give it a try.” She went up to the wall, and announced her intention to climb it.


She spread her legs apart to be hooked up to the safety harness. Then, she started climbing.


She had forgotten that she was wearing see-through panties. That is, until the boys started whooping and hollering. Before long, all the boys in the bar had gathered below her, to look up at her pussy. It was too late now, she thought. She was forced to spread her legs wide in order to find footholds. Always a trooper, she climbed to the top, and rang the bell.


It wasn’t until she reached the ground again, when she had to face all the boys who had looked up her short skirt, that the enormity of her embarrassment hit home.

Oh, I’ve been there! We had a race to see who could climb to the top the fastest. With me and two boys in our harnesses, right before the race began, I told my friends, ‘Oh no! I forgot I’m not wearing panties. Everyone below me will see my pussy!’ My friends loved, and pulled out their phone cameras.

When the race started, the boys decided to give me a head start. I went slow and careful at first. the boys followed me up, staying just below my feet. Of course, they had a great view up my skirt. fortunately, they blocked my friends’ and every one else’s cameras.

I won the race, but the trophy was only for evening. I pouted, so they made me an offer. I could take home the trophy if they could take my skirt. I made the trade. I figured most saw my pussy already. My friend made me pose with the trophy bottomless. I was smiling. I won!

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