Bus Station (archives)

Bus Station

So I’m at the bus station, see? And there’s a girl just sitting on the bench there. I guess she’s waiting for a bus, but her legs are spread apart, and I can almost see up the leg holes of her shorts. She looks like she really wants to get out of the shorts.


So I go up to her and I say something like, It’s sure hot today. She snuggles up to me, and agrees. It sure is, she says. It’s a shame to wear clothes on such a hot day. And she says she was thinking the same thing. I’m just dying of curiosity — is she wearing anything under those shorts? What if I just slide my hand up her thigh. Will they reach a quivering pink pussy? Or soft cotton?

But I savor that moment. First I ask her whether she’s wearing a bra. To my surprise, she shows me she is.


Then I dare her to take off two articles of clothing of my choice. I’m thinking I’ll get her out of her shorts, and then if she’s wearing panties the fun will really begin. Either she’ll have to take them off, or better yet, she’ll beg and plead to be let out of the dare, and I’ll get her to do all kinds of kinky things in exchange for permission to keep her panties on.

But then she says she’ll take off three things, but she gets to pick. I take a quick look at her shorts, and the way she’s got her legs spread apart, and I’m thinking she’ll take ’em off, so I agree.


Within seconds of agreeing to take off three items, she’s down to her skivvies. Two items off — her shirt and her shorts, in rapid succession. Her thighs are so inviting, I touch one to see if she recoils in disgust. Quite the opposite, she moans with delight. I stroke her thighs and gently skip my hand between her right thigh and her left one, skimming her panties. They’re wet! I know she wants out of them. I’m hoping and praying her third item will be her panties. To my delight she stands up, and starts taking her panties off!


But that was just a tease! She sits back down, and takes her bra off.


But her legs are still akimbo, and she leans back and enjoys her thigh rub. I’ll get her out of the panties yet, I’m still hoping. But she’s in no hurry, having fulfilled her commitment. Now she’s got me where she wants me, stroking her soft skin for hours at a time.

Oh, I envy this girl having so many clothes to wear that she can take them off in public place. I was afraid of breaking Dress Code as my English not so well. So I sent all my clothes to home country. Better to be naturally nude than disapproval of authorities at University.

Now I find when I go to bus station, other girls will no longer wear their clothes with me. I sit nude as day you were born. Pretty girls see my naked breasts and pussy and decide to be naked with me at same time.

I try explain but they want me to enjoy my stay in this great country. Sometime we miss bus as we enjoy each other and wait for next bus to come.

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