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I’m a conservative girl. I don’t usually flash my pussy in public, and I try not to take unnecessary risks. But I do like that breezy feeling of having nothing beneath my miniskirt. I look both ways, and when no one is watching, I take off my panties, and throw them into the trash. Once in a while, someone will see me taking them off, and I get really embarrassed — and excited, too. Since I have a “brazillian”, I feel every little breeze, and I always wonder if my dress is long enough — especially when I’m riding up an escalator in the mall.


Here I am, feeling the breeze between my legs, and building up the nerve to walk slowly up the circular staircase at the mall. The sides are glass, and I know there are some angles where people can see right up there. When I look down, I can see guys suddenly look away. I think they probably didn’t see anything, but who knows? Maybe they did.

All this walking around without any panties on gets me really hot and bothered. I feel so close to cumming all the time, but I never quite cum. I so desperately want to touch myself, but I’m too shy to do that in public. Finally, when I can’t stand it any more, I just take off my skirt, and let people see me. Knowing people are looking is enough to get me off. When it finally happens, my orgasm is all the stronger because I feel like people see me bottomless and they know I’m cumming — I feel so wonderfully ashamed when that happens.


Then after I cum, I wonder what came over me. I run back to the trash can, hoping my skirt is still there. If it is, I fish it out, and put it on. If not, I run into the nearest store, and buy something — anything — that will cover up my naked bottom.


Please do watch yourself when dressing to out. As you leave campus, you are expected to be in compliance with the Dress Code. Once off campus, you are of course free to do as you wish; however, we hope the lessons you learn on campus will carry over to your entire life. Wearing panties has encouraged you to wear short skirts, and that is directly against the Dress Code policies.

I should also caution you against retrieving articles of clothing from the trash. It is completely unsanitary. Far better to return to campus bottomless than to dress in germs.

Comment By Inspector #412 At 10/9/2007 6:38 AM

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