Bottomless Tennis

I enjoy playing sports, and perhaps tennis the most. When I was younger, tennis allowed me to wear really cute short skirts, and no one complained. Well, no one complained as long as I also wore panties. I did like teasing my coach at the tennis club by showing up to practice and pretending I forgot my panties. Oh, he would “complain” but he never stopped me from practicing in my little tennis outfit without my panties. This started my life as a first class tease. I loved wearing short skirts and not wearing panties. The freedom was great, but more importantly, people paid a lot of attention to me. They all wanted to peek, and well, I was happy to give them opportunities to see, too. Oh, my parents, at first, suggested if I wanted to wear tiny skirts, I should wear panties with them. They got over it realizing the more they complained, the shorter my skirts got.

So, you might say coming to this college was a wonderful opportunity for someone like me. The problem was the inspectors still stopped me all the time. I had to remove my little skirts and tops to prove I was not wearing underwear. Just raising my hem was not good enough for many inspectors. They wanted to strip me naked.

It was annoying. I mean, I would be late to classes, and then my professors would punish me for arriving late by making me strip and answer questions about our reading assignments.

Here’s what I decided to do…




I left my skirts back in the dorm. I started going bottomless around campus. It was wonderful! I grew out my pubes a little, and was ready for Bush Day and such.


One problem still remained. If I wore a blouse, the inspectors still stripped me under the pretense I might be wearing a bra under the blouse. Totally ridiculous considering most of my blouses were sheer enough for them to tell I was not hiding anything underneath.

One morning I hit on the perfect solution! Why not just wear a bra? I would not be naked, so no problems there. I couldn’t be hiding a bra under the bra. And being bottomless, well, why would any inspector dare to stop me?


Okay, I do get inspections now and then, but I actually do not mind them. The inspectors leave me alone as I go to class in a frilly bra or bralette. I mean, what possible reason would they have to strip me at this point? The inspectors wait until I wear a sports bra, and that generally is when I head to the tennis courts to play and get some exercise. Even if they do strip me naked, I enjoy being able to play naked. My game improves. I cannot explain that, but I really do get better playing naked.


I’ve sent some videos of my play to my old tennis coach for him to see how much I have improved. He’s planning a trip out here to see firsthand, and give me some tips.


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  1. someone

    This is really the perfect sports outfit: Sports-Bra, pubic hair, and sneakers. It keeps your boobs in place, the bare skin lets evaporate sweat away quickly, the fabric does not restrain your movement in any way and most of all: it looks great. Just perfect.


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