Bikini Dare (archives)

Bikini Dare

Alice and Audrey were having an argument. “I bet you wouldn’t dare let me pull your bikini down in public,” Alice said.

“I sure would,” Audrey countered, “and I wouldn’t mind it at all, because I’ll just keep my cheeks together, and no one will see a thing”.

“Well let’s go outside in our bikinis then, and see if you have the nerve!”


“Not so fast,” said Audrey. “I know I have the nerve, but how about you? I think you’re chicken!”

“I am not! I’ll let you pull mine down every bit as far as I pull yours down.”


With that, the two girls stood outside their dorm, and each one lowered the other’s bikini just a little bit.

“Ready to quit yet?” Alice taunted, and lowered Audrey’s bikini another inch.

Audrey lowered Alice’s biknin another two inches. “Hey, that’s not fair!” each girl said as the other tugged on her bikini. Before long, their asses were fully uncovered, and people passing by the dorm were enjoying the show, even though the girls were doing a good job keeping their cheeks together.

After a minute of this, the girls started challenging each other to spread their legs farther apart. Soon Alice found it impossible to keep her cheeks tight over her asshole, and had to feel the shame of letting the audience peek at her privates. This had gone much farther than she had intended, but she was intent on showing that she wasn’t a chicken. Meanwhile, some of the boys had brought out lawn chairs, and sat down to watch the girls argue.


It wasn’t long before the girls started pushing each other down, each one forcing the other to bend over, giving the boys an excellent view. Both girls were mortified to be showing their privates to so many cheering boys, but neither one would give up. Before it ended, the girls had stripped off each other’s bottoms, and flung them to the eager boys. They spread their legs as far as they would go, and bent over completely, looking between their legs at the boys who were hooting and hollering at their exquisite anal beauty.

I did a similar dare with a friend, but I had a secret. My secret was only revealed once we spread our legs and bent over. I had a new rosebud butt plug. With my pussy closed, in front it’s just skin, and the rosebud hides my anus completely.

My friend wasn’t upset I tricked her. She seemed delighted I now wore a butt plug. Everywhere we go, she loves to raise my skirt to show everyone my butt plug.

Some people are amazed how it stays in place, and my friend shows them how it fits. Since college is about education, I don’t mind being the demonstration model. They need to learn somewhere. I’m just glad I can help.

Comment By AmySue Smith At 10/14/2007 5:49 PM

But I was told by an inspector that my butt plug counted as a ‘bottom’ … I had to agree because as you said it covers my butt hole making me decent.
Comment By Heather At 6/24/2008 7:49 AM

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