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The banana challenge is to peel a banana and insert it vaginally without using any artificial lubricant. It’s harder than you think: bananas aren’t very strong, so if the girl isn’t naturally lubricated, she’ll have trouble stuffing it in. The trick is to get yourself fully lubricated and to lick the banana all over before beginning the insertion.

Here’s a girl, up for the challenge. To begin, it’s important to wear a miniskirt, and of course, no panties. Since panties can’t be worn, it’s important that the skirt be long enough for the girl to be fully decent, because — did I forget to tell you? — after the banana goes in, it stays in until Brian decides to go and get it. More about that later.


First, in front of all the onlookers, she lubricates her pussy. Some girls find it embarrassing to masturbate in front of an audience, but that’s OK. If a girl finds that sort of embarrassment exciting, she can use it to help her lubricate. Spreading her legs wide to relax her pussy, she begins inserting the banana. It helps to use two hands, one to push the banana in, and the other to massage her vaginal area, to keep the lubrication coming.


Gentle side-to-side motion is the best way to get it in. Too much pressure and the banana will self-destruct, making it much harder to stuff it in.


Having fully inserted the banana, it’s best to leave your legs apart for a while to avoid accidentally expelling it. Keep in mind that you and your banana will become good friends over the next few hours, until Brian decides you’ve had enough and he goes and gets it. Since you’re wearing a miniskirt, it’s understandable that you would want to close your legs, but hold off on that temptation for a few minutes, until the banana gets fully gooey inside you. Then you can gradually close your legs, and you may begin walking, and generally going about your normal business. You should keep your pussy relaxed at all times to avoid expelling any of the goo. If you feel some goo start to come out, you must stand up, and let it dribble down your leg. You may not wipe it or eat it — that’s Brian’s job. Eventually, Brian will see that you’ve had enough time with your banana, and besides, he might just get hungry. When that happens, he will relieve you of your banana by putting his mouth over your vagina, and sucking it out. You can help him by contracting your vagina and pushing out the goo.


The girl pictured in this story had a heck of a time with her banana, having to stand several times and let the brownish goo run down her leg. She begged Brian to take it from her, and he agreed on the condition that she strip naked first. She said that wasn’t part of the deal, but she agreed to take off her shirt. She wanted to keep her little black skirt on, though, so she wouldn’t be completely naked. (Quite a few girls go topless, so that wouldn’t be so bad, she reasoned.) At first Brian agreed, so she took off her top. He made her throw it out in the trash so she couldn’t change her mind. But then he changed his mind and told her she had to take off her skirt, too. Finally, she saw she didn’t have any choice, so she took off her skirt, with goo running down her leg the whole time. Since she was naked, she attracted an awful lot of attention, and people were fascinated to see her leaking pussy. Brian told her he would suck it out of her in a few minutes, but she had to keep begging. He made her stand in the public square outside the cafeteria and beg at the top of her lungs for him to suck the banana out of her. A huge crowd gathered, watching her try to hold the gooey banana inside her while she bellowed her pleas. Finally, he let her lie down on the grass with her legs as wide apart as they would go. He waited while everyone got a good view, and then he went to work on her. First, licking her clitoris, and all around her lips, he got her good and excited. Her juices intermingled with the banana goo, which bubbled out of her pussy like a fountain, and slid down her perineum to her asshole. Still lying on her back, he made her raise her butt high in the air, and he licked the banana goo off her asshole. As more goo bubbled out, he gobbled it up. He let her push it out of her, and kept licking. She forgot all about the spectators, and just reveled in the enjoyment of being licked all under. She came in a spectacular wave of orgasms, and still the banana kept coming out of her. Brian kept licking for what seemed like an hour, and at the same time, it seemed like just a minute, as she had orgasm after orgasm.

When he finished eating, he took her hand, and helped her stand. She was a bit wobbly at first, exhausted from so many climaxes. The crowd applauded to show their appreciation for such good entertainment.

My middle name is Brian. Can any Brian help a girl with a banana?
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