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Rooming with the Swimteam: Part II

I could not believe my luck. My first semester at school was shaping up to be very interesting indeed. Not only was my roommate Victoria a slightly older, gorgeous and bubbly swim team girl who didn’t mind lounging in the nude, but apparently this whole floor was filled with her teammates. I couldn’t help but wonder what my girl friend would think when she came to visit…

The rest of that first day was spent unpacking my things. Victoria stayed nude the entire time, and my mom, now used to the idea that her son and husband had seen every square inch of this young nubile athlete, asked her a few questions about the dress code.

“Oh of course we’re allowed to be naked in our own dorms” Victoria answered as she got down on her knees to stuff some of my boxes under the bed. “Sometimes it’s actually more decent that way, since it’s so convenient and less seductive than wearing a miniskirt over panties or blouse that reveals your bra.”

“I’m not sure I understand Victoria” my dad chimed in. He had stopped unpacking momentarily and was now gazing thoughtfully at Victoria’s smooth pussy, clearly visible as her firm ass pointed straight up at us. At this point my mom was curious enough that she ignored the fact that her husband was talking to and staring at this young 20-something’s hairless pussy. “How could less clothing be more decent, could you give us an example?”

“Sure!” she said. “Follow me into the commons area kitchen. The lighting is better in there.”

The four of us sauntered into the kitchen and before we could say a word, Victoria swiftly lifted herself onto the table, lay back, and spread her legs. And if that wasn’t enough, she gently splayed open her pussy lips with her hands.

Part II - 01

“Okay” she started off “do the three of you notice how you can clearly see my ass and pussy?”

We nodded, dumbstruck.

“Well first off, now that you’ve seen me, I mean all of me, I feel like the three of us are much closer than if I had been covering my body up this whole time. And everyone knows the closer you are emotionally to another person, especially a person of the opposite sex, the less likely you are to have naughty thoughts about them.”

At this point most of my thoughts weren’t exactly clean, but I nodded anyway.

She continued “Secondly, now that you know what I look like under my clothes, I can be certain that you’ll never try to fantasize about me when I’m wearing clothes, because you’ve seen everything there is to see! Come in a little closer so you can get a better look. I don’t want to keep anything private between us.” She giggled as she said this.

Part II - 02

I could smell a sweet aroma ushering from her exquisite holes. Victoria was right; I did feel much closer to her now that she had exposed herself to us. And I no longer had to imagine how her lush pussy looked—or smelled—up close.

“I know what you’re all thinking,” Victoria said sweetly. “Now that you’ve seen my body up close, the only thing left up to imagination is how it feels. This is where another part of the dress code comes into play, and I for one think it’s so smart. The rules say that anyone can touch or fondle any part of a girl that is exposed. This not only helps the girls remember to be decent at all times, but it keeps the boys from having to imagine what our girl parts feel like! Wouldn’t it just be terrible if our campus was full of sexually frustrated boys who just needed to know what their friends’ pussies felt like?”

Again, this line of reasoning made no sense to me, but I smiled at Victoria and nodded encouragingly.

She turned over onto her hands and knees, ass again in the air, and looked back at us.

“So would you all like to fondle me? I am exposing myself to you after all!” She grinned, not seductively, but in a friendly, open way.

Not wanting to be rude, my mom walked up and touched her lightly, right between her pussy lips, and then quickly stepped back. Victoria smiled sweetly at her without flinching.

Next my dad stepped up and—clearly having premeditated what he was about to do—licked his finger and then slid it cleanly into Victoria’s tight butthole. She let out a shudder and moaned softly as my mom gave a little shriek of surprise and turned bright red.

Part II - 03

“Dear!” she said. “This girl asked you to merely touch her, not penetrate her ass with your clumsy finger!”

“Oh don’t worry, I don’t mind. Really!” said Victoria as my dad quickly pulled his finger out and sniffed it. Victoria sat up and leaned back, nodding to me that it was my turn.

Part II - 04

I reached out, but before my fingers made it to her pussy, Victoria stopped me.

“Be a gentlemen like your daddy and lick your fingers first!” she said with an air of mock indignation. “That is no way to feel your new roommate’s pussy.”

So I wetted both my middle and ring fingers before cupping her delicate looking pussy with my hand. I slid my two fingers forward and back across her clit and labia several times before letting both of them slip inside—a tight fit—to explore her inner vaginal walls.

“Oooh that feels nice,” she cooed. I pulled my fingers out reluctantly despite her obvious enjoyment as I started to feel slightly guilty about fingering another girl. Even though Victoria made this intimate exploration seem normal, I’m not sure my girlfriend would have seen it that way.

Victoria scooted to the edge of the counter. Her wonderful tits were now at eye level, and to my surprise she shook them back and forth in front of me.

Part II - 05

“Well, I let you explore my pussy, it would be rude at this point to leave you wondering what my tits feel like, it might cause you to have unhealthy sexual thoughts!”

I reached up and placed both hands on her plump breasts, palms over her erect nipples, and massaged them as if I was kneading dough. She closed her eyes and smiled for several seconds before opening them to look straight at me, my hands still firmly on her tits.

“You’re good at that! I’m always so sore from training. Maybe later we could exchange massages?”

“Errr… of course Victoria,” I said with a crooked smile, hoping she again didn’t notice the erection I was trying to hide under my athletic shorts. “Besides, what are friends for?”

She jumped off the counter and hugged me again as when we first met, though this time she was completely naked. The next part happened in about three seconds, but I’ll remember it forever. As her body pressed in close to mine, her firm tits squishing against me, I felt the tip of my dick slide under her bare pussy. Her smooth pussy lips parted against the upward pressure of my erection, and my head angled upward just enough to feel Victoria’s wetness through my shorts as we embraced. I savored it, holding back the cum, before my dick popped right out and slid forward between her lovely thighs. Victoria let out a little squeal, smiled at me, and then turned to go out the door.

“Let’s go finish unpacking your things!” she said. “I want to introduce you to all of my teammates, they’re going to love you!”