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College Visit Part 2

I was still feeling self conscious being naked, even though there were just the twelve of us here, all girls, all naked. This was part of the reason I went to talk to Chantel; she seemed so nonchalant, even happy, to be naked, maybe she had some advice.
“Just relax. Aren’t you naked when you shower? When you change?”
I let out a nervous laugh. “Of course.”
“And are you embarrassed then?” “No.” “Why not?”
“Well, there’s no one there to see. We’re out in the open. Anyone could see us at any moment.”
“Just pretend there isn’t. Relax and have fun! You’re at the pool with your friends. Just focus on that.”
I tried to follow her advice. It worked. Soon enough we were splashing about in the pool and having fun, and I wasn’t worried about the nakedness anymore. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, I must confess. I was having fun, that much was true. But I was also taking in the bodies of my friends. I realized that all of my friends were very attractive, as were the three girls who were acting as our guides. I thought to myself how much the boys back at our school would have loved to see this. In fact, most guys. Thirteen attractive girls playing and splashing around in a college pool, each in her birthday suits? I have to say, I was getting excited just thinking about it.
Almost as if they read my mind, three guys appeared on the top of the hill. They walked slowly, casually, down to the edge of the pool. They were wearing shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and sun glasses. They looked ready for a day at the beach. One set down a cooler and opened it up, handing a couple of drinks to the other guys as the three of them sat down to watch us.
The ten of us started scrambling and panicking; some clung to the edge of the pool, others moved their hands to their pussies and breasts, some seemed not to know what to do. Our three guides, however, did not seem to even notice. Well, except for Chantel, who got up from her chair and went over to talk to them! I watched her as she started to make small talk with them. I guess she really didn’t care that she was naked in front of these guys.
I noticed her pointing to me now. Oh no! Don’t point me out! “Cara, come over here and say hi!” She beckoned me out of the pool. I froze for a moment, but the four of them just kept staring at me. I willed myself to get out of the pool and walk over to them. I felt my cheeks flushing with embarrassment. I also felt my pussy starting to get wet. I only hoped me still being wet from the pool masked that fact.
“Cara, this is Jared, Gary, and Matt.” They each extended their hands to me in turn, and I shook them, still in a daze.
“So Cara, I hear you girls are thinking of coming to this school. Is that right?” It was Matt. He was by far the cutest one.
“Uh, yeah. We thought we’d come check it out.”
“Well, I hope you girls decide to go here. It is a great school.”
“I was almost certain that I was going to go here when I set this trip up. Now I’m not so sure.”
“Oh no! Why’s that?”
“Well…..” I figured I would just be up front. “I am not so sure about this dress code.”
Chantel interrupted at this point. “You know, a lot of girls say that at first. But all the girls who actually come here really grow to love it. I’m a senior now, and I’m actually realizing that I’m going to miss it when I leave the school. They say that college is the best four years of your life, and you know, the dress code is really what makes it that way. I’m even thinking of going to grad school here, just so I can continue with the code!”
I was stunned. I didn’t know how I could grow to love the code. Although…. I was enjoying the butterflies in my stomach and the moistness in my pussy from being naked in front of these guys. No, it wasn’t just that I was naked, now that I thought about it. It was the fact that I had to be naked. That’s what made the difference.
“There are some things about the code that I would change though.” Matt was chiming in again.
“Oh yeah? What’s that?”
“Well, look at Cara’s pussy.” I felt myself moisten as four sets of eyes all turned to look at my vagina. I turned to look down myself, at the unkempt tufts of red pubic hair that were covering it.
“Don’t get me wrong, I prefer a shaved pussy. But it certainly is refreshing to see some pubic hair every now and again.”
“Especially red!” Jared interjected.
The three of them started cheering. I felt my cheeks flush until they must’ve been as red as my crotch.
“See Cara? You clearly love the code as well.” Matt was talking to me again.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, the fact of how excited you are. It shows that you really enjoy this.”
I hesitated. Was he talking about what I thought he was talking about? “What do you mean?” I asked again, more timidly than the first time.
“Lie down on the ground for a moment. I’ll show you.”
I hesitated and looked at Chantel for guidance. “You generally should listen when a boy asks you to do something. Every male on the campus is considered a peer inspector, and failing to listen and follow instructions can cause some serious problems for you. Also, there is a fondling rule on this campus, which means anyone else is allowed to touch any skin you leave exposed, and you are not allowed to prevent them from doing so.”
I started to lie on the ground. I was shaking as I was doing so, as much from nervousness as from excitement. Matt seemed entirely nonchalant, however, even keeping up the conversation. “So Cara, have you ever thought about shaving your pussy?”
“No, not really. I don’t understand the need for it.” This made everyone giggle for some reason.
“Haven’t any of your boyfriends complained?”
I hesitated again, and thought about Chantel’s recommendations. I figured this also including answering questions truthfully, so I just answered honestly.
“I have never had a boyfriend. I’ve never even had sex.”
This seemed to give the four of them pause for the first time. By now, I was on my back, and I felt my pussy pulsing. I wasn’t sure what Matt was going to do, but my whole body ached for whatever it was. I knew my pussy was sopping wet.
He grabbed my legs by the ankles in either hand, and pushed them so my knees folded up, and pulled them out far to each side. I looked up at him, and realized I was now exposed not only to the four of them, but the rest of the crowd at the pool had crowded around us, so that my fully engorged vagina was now being seen by over a dozen people.
He let go of my legs and put his face less than an inch from my womanhood. He then seemed to take on the role of professor, explaining things to his eager student body. “From here, I can feel that her genitalia are exuding a lot of heat. This means she is very excited. Another way to tell is the strong smell that is coming from it; probably the rest of you here can smell it.” I saw quite a few nods from the audience. “This close, the smell is almost overpowering. The last and most obvious sign…”
Here, he stood up and caressed my vagina with his hand, starting at the base and moving up to the clit, and pulling his hand away. I felt a wave of pleasure come over me, starting in my pussy and radiating outward. I felt myself tremble and heard a soft moan that must’ve come from me.
“Let’s pause for a moment to point out that she was so excited, she came almost instantly upon me touching her. Notice how she trembled and moaned; these are fairly obvious signs.
“But as I was saying, the most obvious sign of arousal in a woman is that her pussy has become much wetter than it normally is. This is so that the male member can slide more easily in.” He demonstrated a hand that was so wet it was dripping to the enthralled crowd.
I heard Laura speaking out from the crowd, asking for a demonstration of this last point. In a different state of mind, I might have scolded her for being so forward, or realized that it would’ve been an exhibitionist like her that would’ve spoken out first. But in this state of mind, my brain was shouting (though I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually speak) for a demonstration myself.
The professor Matt continued on. “Yes, of course, I’ll be happy to demonstrate.” He pulled off his shorts revealing his fully erect member. I hadn’t seen very many penises, but I was still pretty sure this one was larger than average. I worried a bit if it would fit, but the screams from my head for it to go in silenced any other concerns.
“Now, for someone as inexperienced as Cara here, it is important to go slowly.” He put the tip of his penis against my vagina, and I started to hyperventilate. Slowly was fine, but he was going so slow I felt like I would explode.
Finally he began to push in, and I felt the same rush that radiated from my pussy again. It continued as he pushed in, and I forgot entirely where I was. My whole body began to flex and spasm, and I kept moaning, only much louder now than the first time. If the rush came in a wave the first time, this was a flood. I felt a tickle on my ass hole, and vaguely realized those were his testicles. That meant he was entirely inside me. He began to pull out again, and the orgasm started to subside.
But then as he thrust back in, the waves came back. I lost control entirely. I’m not even sure if I was conscious for the entire experience. After a few more thrusts, he pulled out entirely. I didn’t hear what he said after this, as I was lying on the ground exhausted, but a few of my friends told me afterwards.
“Now she has clearly come several times. In this state, I could probably make her come another half dozen times or so if I wanted to, or even push one orgasm into a long string of multiple orgasms, but for now we are going to let her rest. There’s some other things I want to show you, but I want her to be a little more aware of her surroundings for it, so let’s give her some time to recuperate.”
It must have been several minutes, but I finally was able to prop myself up on my elbows, my legs still splayed out leaving my pussy, which was still sopping wet, on display to everyone. But I was too tired and happy to care about that. As I looked around, they seemed to have noticed that I was coming to, and they started to applaud. I knew Matt wasn’t done demonstrating with me, and frankly, I hoped he never would be. If I saw nothing else on this visit, my mind was made up.
“Now we’ve only just gotten started here. I’ve got a lot more to show you…..”

Sorry, quick interruption here. I know you guys are anxious to hear what else he showed me, and I’ll tell you, but it is going to have to wait until next time.