Audrey Reminisces About Her High School Boyfriend, part 1

“All the girls from our floor are sitting outside Audrey and Becca’s room bullshitting,” announced Crysta as she breezed into the room she shared with Donna.  Crysta’s cutest babydoll dress was in tatters, barely even covering her large breasts.

Donna got up and hugged her sexy roommate.  “It looks like you had a hard day.”

Crysta’s lip quivered.  “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.”

“It’s OK, honey,” said Donna.  She sat naked on her bed looking even more beautiful than usual because of her perfect tan.  “Sit next to me.  Let’s talk.”

Crysta collapsed in a heap next to Donna, and wrapped her arms around her.  Crysta’s tears flowed freely as the girls kissed for a few minutes, both leaning back on the bed with their legs spread.  Crysta’s pussy looked sore.  “Be gentle with me,” Crysta begged.  She sniffled, hiccoughed, and then laughed, hiccoughed again, and then both girls laughed.  “That’s what I said to all the boys.”

Donna sat up.  “You were raped?”  Crysta nodded.  “More than once?”  Crysta nodded again, then held up her fist, and opened it.  “Five times?”  Crysta closed her fist, and then held out two fingers.  “Seven times?”  Crysta closed her eyes.  “Fifty two times??”  Both girls laughed.

“I don’t really know how many,” Crysta said.  “One of the boys begged me to just give him my little dress, and he promised he wouldn’t rape me, but…” she trailed off.  Donna didn’t need to hear the reason.  She knew Crysta’s secret: for a girl unashamed to show everyone her pussy and butthole, it was very odd that she was so shy about showing her breasts.  They were lovely breasts, much larger than average.  Donna would die for boobies like hers!

“It’s OK, Crysta”  Donna kissed each one of Crysta’s teardrops, until Crysta was her old self – playful and adventurous.  “What are we going to do now?” Donna asked.

“Do you want to go into the big city?” Crysta asked.  The “big city” was the girls’ little joke.  The college town was a tiny little place, full of coffee houses, ice cream shops and little restaurants.  Not a big city by any stretch.

“Are you up to it after today?”

“Maybe you’re right.  Do you want to just hang out with Audrey and those girls?”  Audrey’s room had become party central this year, with Audrey the cute little dictator at the center of it all.

“Any boys?”

“I think I saw a few boys sitting with the girls.  Why?”

Donna blushed.  “No reason, just asking.”

Crysta whirled Donna around, pulling her hands down from her face.  “What?”  She laughed, and let go of Donna’s hands which went right back to her face, and then Donna doubled over with embarrassment, and being stark naked, she tried unsuccessfully to hide her excitement.  “Is there a boy on that side of the floor that you like?”

“No!  Nothing like that.  It’s just that…”


Donna took a breath.  “They have a rule over there.”

“Who, Audrey and Becka?”  Crysta stood up.

“Yes.  I can’t believe you didn’t know this.”

“What’s the fucking rule?”

“Okay, okay!  Audrey’s rule is that anyone can sit with them and share stories, as long as they’re wearing exactly one item of clothing.”

“Like a Dress Code, then.”

“Yeah, very much like the Dress Code.  Because no one is allowed to wear panties or pants of any kind.”

Crysta smiled.  “Not even the boys?”

Donna giggled.  “Not even the boys.  And there’s more.”  Crysta was all ears.  “The boys aren’t allowed to get a hard-on.  If they do, they get ‘raped’.”

“How do you rape a boy?”

“According to Audrey, you strip him naked, and one girl sucks his dick, while all the other girls fondle him all over.  Then, if he cums in under a minute, he has to do a dare.”

“A dare?”

“Yeah, Audrey makes up the dares.  One boy had to get shaved over his entire body.  The girls really loved doing that.”

“I bet.”  Crysta glanced at Donna’s pussy.  It was in full bloom.  “You really want to go over there and tease those boys, don’t you.”

Donna crossed her legs.  “There’s one more thing.”

Crysta looked up.

“The girls can get raped, too.”

“And if they cum in under a minute?”

Donna nodded.  “I’m afraid so.”

“But it’s harder to tell if a girl cums.”

“Audrey seems to know.  So girls don’t try to hide it.”

“So that’s what attracts the boys, then?  The prospect of raping a girl from the dorm?”

“The excitement of it.  Trying not to cum.  Doing Audrey’s dares.  Watching boys and girls do her dares.  And –“


“the stories.  Audrey has a million stories about her high school days.  She’s a whole lot of fun.”

“Okay, let’s go!”  Crysta headed out the door when Donna snagged her hand.

“You’re just about as naked as I am, honey.  Let’s put on some clothes.”

“Ha ha, you’re right.”  Crysta slipped out of her tattered babydoll.  “Can I wear a terrycloth bath robe?”  Crysta didn’t wait for an answer.  She snuggled into it, and admired herself in the full length mirror.  The mirror was tilted to help the girls make sure their clothes were the right length.  Crysta’s white bath robe was perfect.

“You look adorable!”  Donna giggled as she hugged her sexy roommate.  She pinched the very bottom of her sexy butt, just above her tender inner thigh, and just below the bottom of her robe.

“Now, you.” Crysta said, spreading her legs slightly in case Donna wanted a little more of her.

Donna sighed.  Maybe she and Crysta would make out later.  “I feel like being topless,” she said, almost giddy with anticipation.  “A skirt, maybe?”

“Or a loin cloth,” Crysta suggested.

“A loin cloth!  You’re a genius!”  She fished out a cute little suede fringy thing, and positioned it over her pussy.  “Will you tie me?”

Crysta grabbed the strings, and tied them in a nice little bow, nice and loose to hang low in front.  A loin cloth this small has to hang low enough to keep Donna decent.  The tiny thing was barely bigger than her pussy!

The two girls, both looking like a million bucks, headed over to Audrey and Becka’s impromptu session of story-telling, cock sucking, daring, and just plain fun.  When they got there, they were happy to see there were four or five boys, and about twice that number of girls.  Two of the boys extra large t-shirts, and the rest were bare-chested, wearing basketball shorts.  The girls wore a variety of skirts and tops.  They made room for the two new arrivals to sit down.

“You got here just in time,” said Audrey.  “I’m about to tell the story of my first date with Tony when I was a junior in high school.  But first, do you girls know the rules?”

“Yeah,” said Donna.  “I explained them to Crysta.”  She sat with her legs up, her tiny loin cloth not quite reaching to the floor, so everyone got a pretty good look between her legs.

Crysta blushed, hoping no one would notice her pussy, still red and sore from the day’s rapes, as she sat “Indian style”.  Her robe was missing the belt, so it was open slightly.

“Crysta, would you mind very much crawling to the center of the circle on your hands and knees?  I just want to make sure you don’t have anything on under that robe.  Would that be OK?”

Well, it wasn’t OK at all!  But she did it anyway.  The robe opened, revealing her breasts, and it was so short it didn’t cover any of her butt.

“That’s far enough,” said Audrey.  “Now, Donna, will you please crawl right behind her, and very gently stroke her inner thighs, breasts, and back, pushing ever so gently her robe forward?  You’ll need to spread your legs a bit wider than hers so you can get close enough to push it over her head until it tumbles down in front of her.”

Donna’s heart was beating, because felt herself get excited just watching Crysta get into position.  And then even before she crawled into place, she imagined slowly pushing Crysta’s robe off, and how exciting it will be to stroke Crysta’s lovely breasts.  Then, when she began actually crawling, she knew she had given herself away.  Her pussy was in full bloom, with everyone watching!  There was nothing she could do about that, though.  She positioned her legs outside Crysta’s, and began stroking Crysta’s inner thighs, right up to the edge of her juicy pussy, but being very careful not to touch it.  Instead, she let her fingers slip around Crysta’s pussy, forward along her flat belly, to her ample breasts.  Crysta’s nipples were hard as she caressed them.

Then, Donna straightened up, still on her knees, her front inches from Crysta’s behind.  She started again from Crysta’s beautiful butt, probing between her cheeks, careful not to touch her glistening wet pussy.  Crysta responded by spreading her legs wider, forcing Donna to spread hers as well.  Slowly, Donna pushed Crysta’s robe forward.  Again and again, Donna stroked Crysta’s legs, narrowly missing her pussy, gently stroking her puckered asshole, and then pushing the robe up her back and over her head until if fell in a heap on the floor while Crysta remained motionless, her legs spread, her bright pink pussy glistening.  Everyone could see that Crysta was right on the edge of climaxing.

Donna was startled to hear Audrey’s voice.  “Very good, Donna.  Now, please tell us if Crysta was able to refrain from becoming sexually excited while you stripped her.  We trust you to tell us, because you’re blocking our view of her pussy with your own very pretty little body.  But before you answer, I should note that your own sexual excitement is quite evident.  I think it’s probably just due to Crysta, though.  If she’s excited, then it’s not your fault at all for becoming excited.  What is clear is that one of you must be punished for all of this gratuitous sexual excitement.  So tell us, Donna.  Is Crysta excited?”

Donna gulped.  Poor Crysta.  She had been raped several times today.

Audrey saw Donna’s hesitation, and offered some advice.  “Why don’t you just put your nose between her cheeks, and stick out your tongue.  Use it to lick the tender skin between Crysta’s lips, and then plunge it into her vagina.  Do this several times, to see if Crysta is able to refrain from becoming excited.  Then let us know if she was successful, OK?”

Donna understood what she was being asked to do.  Crysta did too.  She lowered her shoulders and breasts to the floor, spread her legs, and arched her back so she was ripe for the taking.  Donna did her job, licking Crysta from clitoris to vagina, plunging it in again and again, with a little extra touch:  Each time she pushed her tongue into Crysta’s vagina, she wiggled her nose back and forth over Crysta’s tight little asshole.

Well, it wasn’t long before Crysta came.  Crysta forgot everything except the glorious feeling of multiple orgasms at the skillful touch of her sexy roommate.  She collapsed, naked on the floor, with her legs spread wide, while Donna knelt with a plaintiff look at Audrey.

“Well?” asked Audrey.

“Nothing,” lied Donna.

“Nothing?  So your own excitement can’t be blamed on Crysta?”


“Then Crysta is innocent, and you are excited all by yourself, then, is that what you’re saying?”

The girls started to gather around Donna, as Crysta crawled away, and sat naked against the wall, basking in the afterglow of Donna’s expert tongue-fucking.

“Donna, your rapist will be Edward.  Go ahead, Ed.”  Ed was one of the more handsome boys on the floor.  He was wearing only a t-shirt, his penis fully erect.  He hugged Donna tenderly, pushing her gently forward until her hands were on the floor.  He gently parted Donna’s legs, and rubbed just the very tip of his penis between her lips to get it wet.  He pulled back so everyone could see Donna’s pussy, her lips spread wide open, and looking extra pink against her all-over tan.  Donna’s vagina was open as well, and very slippery.  Ed had no trouble slipping into it.  Meanwhile, a hundred little hands were rubbing Donna everywhere on her body, between her legs, between her lips, under her hood, between her cheeks, her belly, tits, nipples.

“30 seconds,” announced Audrey.  Ed pushed himself into Donna with a slow and regular rhythm.  The hands continued to massage her, especially in the wettest places.

“45 seconds.”  Ed pushed one more time, and held Donna’s hips tight as he let out one or two little grunts, and then hugged her with his face against her back, rocking gently forward and back.  The hands stepped up their touching, spreading Donna’s legs wider, and stroking all around her wet pussy.  Ed was still hard even after cumming, so he pulled almost completely out, and slid back in.  He did this a second time, and then a third…  That was all it took for Donna to collapse in a raging orgasm the likes of which she had never before experienced.  The fingers seemed to get softer and gentler as she came again and again.  They became kinder, and sweeter as Donna fell onto her back with her legs wide open, knees on the floor, the bottoms of her feet together.  The fingers stroked her sweaty body, all over, taking extra care around her bright pink vagina, which was still open, and continuing to pulse at irregular intervals.  She felt gentle hands stroking her hair, caressing her breasts, and breathing softly on her neck.  She closed her eyes as the last pulses of her orgasm faded.

“Don’t feel bad, Donna,” said Audrey.  “Very few people can hold out a full minute.  Was that fun?”  Donna moaned softly as she vaguely realized that she would have to do a dare for cumming in less than a minute.  “Look at me, sweety.”

Donna looked up.

“You did it!  You lasted 61 seconds before you came!  Congratulations!”


Ed, his penis hanging flaccid out the bottom of his t-shirt, hugged Donna.  “Congratulations, honey.”

Suddenly, Donna was so happy, she didn’t know what to do.  She wanted to hug everyone, especially Audrey, despite the hell she had just been through.  “Come on, Crysta,” she said, taking her naked roommate by one hand, and picking up her robe with the other.  “Let’s hear Audrey’s story.”

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