Ashley’s Diary — Wednesday, April 1, 2009 (archives)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It’s day three of our game, and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable about it than I felt over the weekend, reading the rules.  I’ve stopped worrying so much about my own clothes, and started looking forward to the day in just over three weeks when I’ll get to watch a girl get stripped!  She’ll be a volunteer in a way — one of the girls who has indicated she won’t mind being stripped by not really playing the game to earn points.  A girl like Becky, who wore a 2-inch dress on the first day, and then instead of trying harder, she more or less gave up on the second day, wearing a 4-inch dress.  Now, here it is Wednesday, and the poor girl wore a 1-inch dress, and this would be short enough to be selected, except for one thing: if there are too many 1-inch dresses, then the girls with the lowest point totals will be de-selected.  I saw the dejected look on Becky’s face when she was told she had to sit down, and watched her practically stamp her way to her seat.  Then after she sat, I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties, and realized why she was so mad.  It must have taken a lot of courage for her to go commando, and to earn no points for her effort must have stung.

Meanwhile, I toyed with the idea of wearing just an apron to school, but in the end I wasn’t up to leaving my butt completely bare.  I’m waiting for one of the other girls to do that first, before I get that daring.  So I wore a thong under my apron.  I tied the apron over my thong so it wouldn’t show.  This was my way of trying out the bare butt idea — leave ’em guessing whether my butt is really bare, right up to the point where I announce whether I’m wearing panties.  I pictured myself having been selected, wearing the skimpy apron, which shows a lot of side-boob, by the way, and saying “no panties!”  I imagined the gasp of astonished delight that would come up from the boys seated in the classroom.

But I wasn’t even selected!  It seems the apron, cute as it is, is just a little too long — an inch longer than today’s median length.

It was good that I tried it out, though, because my almost-bare butt that I was so worried about turned out not to be a problem at all.  After lunch, I stopped in the rest room, took off my thong, and just left it in the trash can.  All afternoon I went commando, and no one said anything to me.  Probably they all thought I was still wearing my thong, if they even thought about my outfit at all.

Overall, the experience was very positive, even though I wasn’t selected.  I think maybe I’ll have the courage to wear an apron again, although probably still with a thong under it.  I’ll just make sure it’s a tad shorter, so I’ll be selected.

Whether she’s coming or going, today’s pretty girl looks great!



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