Ashley’s Diary — Tuesday, April 7, 2009 (archives)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I got dressed this morning in a sexy halter top that just covers my front, and it’s not that tight, so anyone to my left or right can see under it.  I don’t mind showing my boobs, though, and it’s an extra point if I get selected. I wore a tiny little miniskirt with it — just five inches from waist to hem, and that’s without even rolling the waist!  Even if I wear it low, it’s just symbolic — not really a skirt at all.  So, naturally, I wore a thong under it.  My plan was for the skirt to exactly cover the thong, making it look like I had nothing under it, and then I would get credit for a “zero”.  That is, a crotch-length skirt.  Cha-ching!  Two points!

When the teacher called for the girls to come to the front of the room, I really thought I would be selected, but…  Well, I think the teacher has it in for girls wearing miniskirts.  He made me pull it down so far it was practically falling off me.  I know this is allowed under the rules, to thwart girls who purposely wear their skirts too high for the selection process, and then pull them down later to cover their pussies.  But come on!  This was a tiny little skirt to begin with!

So I stood there, lowering not just my skirt, but my thong, too, because I didn’t want the straps to show.  (I was still thinking of lying, and saying I wasn’t wearing a thong, just to get an extra point.)

“Lower,” he said.

“But if I lower it any more, my pussy will show,” I said.  The skirt was exactly even with the top of my pussy in front, and the back of it was dangerously close to sliding right off my butt.

“Lower,” he repeated.

I felt terrible doing it, but I lowered it another inch, exposing an inch of my pussy.  That will show him, I thought.  But then I got the shock of my life when he ordered me to lower it even more!

I lowered it another inch, so there was actual daylight between my crotch and the top of the skirt.  The back of the skirt was completely off my butt, so I had to spread my legs to keep it from falling right down to the floor!  (And to my utter embarrassment, my thong did hit the floor!)

“Three inches,” he judged.  “You can sit down, Ashley.”

In disgust, I started to pull my skirt up to its normal position when he bellowed, “Did I tell you to pull up your skirt?”

I shook my head.  I was beginning to get annoyed at our teacher.  What had gotten into him, anyway?

“Sit down,” he repeated.

I stood there for a minute, with my legs spread wide, the skirt straddling my thighs.  Does he want me to walk like I have poop in my pants?  I refused to do it.  I put my legs together, and started walking.  Naturally, my skirt fell to the floor, but I kept walking, too proud to pick it up, or my panties, either, for that matter.  I left them in the front of the room.

I guess I didn’t think ahead, though.  As I sat there, watching the rest of the judging, (and fuming at crazy extent to which the teacher made me lower my skirt), I realized I would be pretty uncomfortable spending the rest of the day wearing only a sexy halter top.  I was practically naked!  The boys to my left and right were getting an eyeful of my hard little nipples!  I swallowed my pride, and walked, hunched over to be as inconspicuous as possible, to where my skirt lay, and picked it up.  I couldn’t find my thong, though — a casualty of the commotion, I suppose.  I made it back to my desk, and with great relief, slipped on my skirt.  I rolled the waist a couple times just to make it a little sexier.  Some girls roll their waist out, but that looks bad.  I roll mine in, so it just looks like a shorter skirt — about three inches, in my case.  The top was exactly even with the top of my pussy, for maximum coverage.  Anyway, I figure, with my sexy halter top, the boys won’t even notice if my pussy shows just a bit.

After I got myself all adjusted, and today’s nine girls were selected, the most exciting thing happened!  (Even more exciting than Becky finally earning three points!  Yes, it was the same apron as yesterday, but I guess the other girls got tired of showing their pussies, so the median length was 2 inches!)  Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point…

The teacher handed out a brochure, featuring this pretty girl:


Do you know what she’s wearing?  Nothing!  That is, nothing but paint.  I opened the brochure, and looked at the pictures.  They were amazing!  The model really looks like she’s wearing clothes, but it’s all an illusion.  Her clothes are just painted on.  It’s as if she has the sexiest, thinnest clothes imaginable, but they’ll never rip or move out of place.  What a sense of freedom this girl has, to be wearing such a pretty outfit.  I read every word of the brochure.  The paint job is guaranteed for seven full days not to flake off or fade when worn as directed.*

I finished the brochure, and understood the whole story: The school had contracted with a local artist to do his designs on four lucky girls in our classroom.  And here’s the best part: even though our bodies would be completely covered, just like the girl in the picture, the teacher promised us that the lucky girls would not suffer in the daily judging.  For example, the girl in the picture would be counted as if her hem length were zero — crotch length — even though the paint covers about an inch of her thigh.  Moreover, he would count it as if she weren’t wearing panties, even though she is.  Painted panties don’t count as panties, he said.

I noticed an asterisk, and followed it to the footnote:

* To be eligible for her free body painting, the lucky winners must agree to wear the artist’s design for seven full days, and attend school for five of those days.  Although the highest quality most durable paints are used, care must be taken during and after sexual intercourse, urinating and defecating not to wipe off or smear the paint.  Using a hygiene partner gives best results.


I especially like the frilly bottom of the minidress worn by today’s pretty girl.  It’s a perfect dress for springtime, so light and bouncy.  It’s a nice length, too.  Just short enough to show off her pretty cheeks, but long enough so she doesn’t have to worry about wearing panties.


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