Ashley’s Diary — Thursday, April 16, 2009 (archives)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We made it!  Seven days without any clothes except our body paint.  Whew!

I feel especially lucky, because I earned four points every day this past week, for a total of 20 points.  Taylor and Liz, too, had steady incomes, leaving eight girls in the doghouse: Kathy, Meghan, Brittany, Nikki, Hanna, Chelsea, Courtney, and Mandy.

Mandy is the worst off, with just four points, while the rest of the girls in the doghouse have as many as eight points.  After today’s judging, I went up to Mandy and asked her if she needed help.  She’s a nervous girl, with nice sized breasts, and medium-length wavy blonde hair framing a very pretty heart-shaped face.  She has curvy hips, and an ample booty.  Today she wore a pair of bikini panties and a tiny little halter top that showed ample side-boob.  “No,” she said, “I don’t need any help.”

“But if you keep going like this,” I said, “you’ll be the one who gets stripped naked on the 24th of April.”

She blanched.  I could see I made my point.  “What should I do, then?”  She looked up at me with those pretty green eyes, and I melted.

“Stand up,” I said.

I put my hands on her shoulders, sizing her up.  I gently moved them down her sides, feeling the lovely curve of her hips.  I hooked my fingers in her panties, and lowered them, just a little, to see if she would flinch.  She remained steady, trusting me.  I lowered them another inch, then another, and she continued to trust me.  In fact, she parted her legs slightly, in case I needed to lower her panties further down her thighs.  Since I had her trust, I used it.  I lowered her panties to her knees, and she remained standing, facing me.

I took a close look at her pussy.  It was beautiful!  “Why do you keep this hidden?” I whispered to her.  She giggled.  “You can take off your panties, if you like.”  Since they were already down to her knees, she figured she might as well.  “You can sit down, now.”  She did, and I squatted next to her seat.  “Now, do you think you can come to school bottomless tomorrow?”

Mandy wasn’t sure.

“Do you feel OK right now?”

Mandy nodded, and started to speak.  I put my finger on her lips to silence her.

“Then you’ll be OK tomorrow.”

“But the only reason I’m OK sitting here bottomless is because you’re bottomless, and so are so many other girls.  I feel comfortable in a group of half-naked girls, but when I go to my other classes, I’ll feel…” she paused, thinking of the right word. “… well, naked,” she finally said.

“Do you want to find out if you’ve got it in you, Mandy?” I asked.

She nodded, most likely knowing what I was about to suggest.

“Then toss your panties in the trash, and see if you can survive the day.  If so, then you’ll be able to do it again tomorrow and the next day, until you earn enough points to get out of the doghouse.”


I kissed her to stop her from talking.  When I was done, I continued, “and then you and I will sit hand-in-hand, watching one of our classmates get stripped stark naked against her will!”

She smiled at me.  That will be fun, we both thought.  I can’t wait!

Here is today’s pretty girl.  I think her tan lines are so cute, and her hips and pussy are just perfect!  If I had her body, I would wear hip-length dresses, to accentuate my natural beauty!


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