Ashley’s Diary — Friday, May 1, 2009 — Health Day (archives)

I slept through my alarm — again!  I woke with a start, and remembered it was Health Day, so I put on a bra and a pair of panties, and ran out the door.  “Bye mom!”  I have no idea if she even looked up as I ran out the door.

When I got to the bus stop, there was just one other girl, wearing a short hospital gown, tied losely in the back.  She said I would be in big trouble for wearing panties.  “Nothing tight,” she said.  Didn’t you pick up your gown?  Some girls are wearing bathrobes, she offered.  Run home and get one!

But the bus was coming.  All I could do was stand there like a deer in the headlights.  “Oh, crap,” I said, getting on the bus.

“I heard they were going to confiscate all panties, and all bras right at the school entrance,” one girl said.

“Quick!” I said.  “Someone give me a pair of scissors!”

One girl said, “I have a nail file.  Would that help?”

“Hand it over,” I said.  I took off my panties, and struggled with the nail file until I had done a job on them.  I put on what was left of my panties, and handed the girl back her nail file, just as the bus pulled into the school driveway.

Sure enough, any girl foolish enough to be wearing a bra or panties was relieved of her underwear.  They were letting towels and robes of various kinds through, but every girl had to open, or, in some cases, remove, her robe so it could be verified she was naked beneath it.  Nothing with buttons or snaps was allowed, so there were girls near the entrance feverishly modifying their clothes so they would be permitted inside.  For example, one poor girl decided to wear her pajamas, but the bottoms snapped, and the top had buttons.  There was nothing she could do about the bottoms, but she was allowed to wear the top after she removed the buttons.

I took off my bra, and threw it in the gutter, which was already strewn with undergarments.  I was stopped at the entrance, and told to remove my panties.  “They’re not panties!” I said, proudly (taking them off anyway).  I showed the teacher that the crotch piece had been removed, turning them into a ragged miniskirt.  There was a quick conference, and finally the teachers let me through, just as the bell rang.

“We don’t tolerate nudity at this school, not even on Health Day!” said the teacher.  “Katherine!  Lauren!  Jennifer!  Get your pretty asses up here!”

The three girls lumbered to the front of the room to accept their punishment.  “You’re growing quite a little forest down there, Jennifer,” he said, patting the lower part of her abdomen.   Jenny blushed.  Most of us shave, but Jenny has a cute bush, I think.  She’s a natural redhead.

“You knew it was Health Day, and still you came to school naked,” the teacher began.  Kathy started to say something, maybe about how her clothes were confiscated at the entrance, but the teacher wasn’t letting her speak.  “Now, what am I going to do with you?” he asked.  It was a retorical question.  “Normally, I would find one of your classmates who is wearing two items of clothing, and force her to give one up for you to wear.  But since it’s Health Day, there aren’t any girls wearing more than one item!”

Matt raised his hand.  “You could force a boy to give his pants to one of the girls, his underpants to the second one, and then fuck the third!”

We all laughed.  All except the teacher.  And, now that I look back at the three naked girls, I see they’re not laughing too hard, either.

“Stand up, Matt.”

“I was just kidding!”

“Take off your pants.”

“Really, it was a joke!”

“And then take off your underpants.”


The teacher wasn’t kidding.  Matt slowly undressed.  He covered his face when his dick popped up out of his pants.  He tried to cover his erection with his shirt, but we all saw it.

“Now, choose one of the girls, and give her your pants.”

“No, please,” he begged.


Matt said, “OK, I’ll pick the best kisser.  I’ll start with Kathy.  Come over here and kiss me.”

Kathy wondered if the teacher would make Matt go through with the third part of his plan — fucking one of the naked girls — so she decided not to take any chances.  She came over to him and laid a lip lock on him with white-hot passion that would melt steel.

When she was finally done, his dick was harder than ever.  “Lorie,” he said.  Lorie came over to him, took off his shirt, and kissed him all over his face, neck, and chest, stroking his dick as she kissed all around it.

Matt’s voice cracked as he said, “Jenny!”  We laughed.  Clearly, Lorie was in the lead.  Jenny knelt before Matt, and sweetly kissed his dick.  Then she started licking it like an ice cream cone until he almost came.  But before he came, Matt said, “here, Jenny.”  He handed her his pants.  Jenny sat down, and Kathy and Lorie stomped back to the front of the room.

Matt, now naked, followed the girls.  “Wait, Kathy, wait Lorie, the best is yet to cum, so to speak.”  He laughed at his pun.  Who knew Matt was such a clever guy?  “I’ll give my underpants to the girl who is the best muff diver.  Here’s what you’re going to do.  Kathy, lie down on your back, and Lorie, crawl over her backwards, so your pretty butt is by her face, and your face is by her pussy.  Now, Lorie, your job is to make Kathy cum.  If you can make her cum before you do, then you get my underpants.  Got it?”

Lorie wasted no time.  She began munching right away.  I stood up to get a better view.  Matt was kneeling next to the girls as the went at it, fondling their breasts and their legs, and generally getting them both pretty excited, especially Lorie.  Maybe it was just because Lorie was on top, and so it was easier to get to her.  He spread her legs apart, and fondled her thighs and asshole.  Then he practically laid on top of the two girls, pushing his dick between Lorie’s cheeks, and practically cumming on her back.

“She’s cumming!” Kathy said.  Lorie tried to hide it, but Matt pulled her up, and put both his hands between her legs — one on her pussy, and the other on her asshole.

“I feel her pulsing,” he announced.  Poor Lorie collapsed on the floor, her legs spread wide.  She had tried her best, but Kathy just outlasted her.  Matt brought Kathy back to her seat, stopping first at his own to get his underpants.  She seemed to be in a daze, but she did manage to put on Matt’s underpants, and sit down.

“Now, should I fuck Laurie?” asked Matt.

“Of course not!” said the teacher.  “I can’t have students fucking one another in my classroom!”

Well, Laurie and Kathy just fucked each other, I wanted to say, but I guess it doesn’t count when girls do it.

“Just give her your shirt, and sit down.”

Matt’s dick shriveled.  He gave Laurie his shirt, which covered her nicely, and then plopped his naked butt in his seat.

A naked boy for a change.  That’s a nice way to end the week, I thought, as I quietly finished myself.

Here’s the recipe: start with a beautiful girl.  Put her in a cute outfit.  Lower the temperature, just a bit.  Add backlighting and a breeze, and…


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