Ashley’s Diary — Friday, April 3, 2009 (archives)

Friday, April 3, 2009

I was so happy to see Becky, and she was happy too.  Her little tits were nicely covered by a sexy little apron, which looked plenty short enough to get her selected, finally.  “Oh, Becky,” I said as we kissed hello, “you’ll finally get some points today, I can feel it!”

“I sure hope so,” she said, parting her legs as my gentle caress passed from one of her cheeks to the other.

I reached under her apron, around her pretty back, and hugged her close.  “I know so,” I said, confidently.

Meanwhile, I had racked up enough points, I was dressed very conservatively in a miniskirt, thong, and halter top.  It was Friday, after all, and I just wanted to see some of my sexy classmates vie for their exit from the doghouse.  And I didn’t want them to see my juicy pussy, no matter how turned on I got.

Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed.  Becky looked absolutely gorgeous as she pranced her naked butt to the front of the room and beamed with joy in her 1-inch apron.  Her joy turned to anger, though, when it turned out that one inch wasn’t quite enough.  Not for her.  Not today.  “What do I have to do, get naked?” she demanded.  Then in a fit of pique, she ripped off her apron and stomped to her seat, and sat down.  Some of the boys thought her impetuous streak was cute, but I felt bad for her.  I jumped up from my seat, got her apron, and brought it to her.  “Come on, honey,” I said.  “Put it on.”

Becky just sat at her seat with her arms folded over her little tits, and her legs crossed, giving her remarkably complete modesty, considering she was naked.  Unfortunately, in her anger, she had ripped one of the ties off the apron, so it wouldn’t fasten any more.  Still, I knew once she calmed down, she would be happy to have something to cover her naked body, so I draped it over her.  She grudgingly pressed it to her naked body, her legs still crossed beneath it.

So at the end of a week, the standings are

Taylor – 8
Elizabeth – 6
Ashley – 6
Lauren – 6
Alexis – 6
Jennifer – 6
Samantha – 5
Courtney – 4

Katherine – 2
Megan – 2
Brittany – 2
Emily – 2
Nicole – 2
Hannah – 2
Chelsea – 2
Kaitlyn – 2
Amanda – 1
Rebecca – 0

with poor Becky all alone at the very bottom of the heap — the only girl who has yet to be selected, even once.  Meanwhile Taylor earned two more points, with a sexy outfit that shows some side-boob, bringing her to the top of the class, even though she was selected only three times this week.

Meanwhile, Liz seems to have quite a different strategy.  She wore panties (or at least a thong) all but one day this week.  Her plan seems to be to wear the shortest dresses possible, and earn just one point a day.  And it seems to be working.

Well, it’s Friday, and I’m still here.  I survived a week of playing the game without getting naked, and without baring much more of my lovely body than I would ordinarily bare.  I think my most daring outfit this week was the man-tailored silk shirt, because it was so light I couldn’t always tell when my butt was showing.  I felt like I was naked wearing it, and you know what?  I kind of like that feeling.  I like feeling naked but not actually being naked.

Looking over the past few days’ diary entries, I see I focused on the clothes we wore, and although that’s fun to talk about, it turns out there were some other things that happened this week.  For one thing, we have other classes besides just homeroom / health, and believe it or not, some things happen in these other classes!  For another thing…  Oh, I guess there was just one thing.

Today’s girl is one of the prettiest so far!  I love the way her blond hair flows in the breeze as she stretches her arms by the birch tree.  She has natural beauty, doesn’t she?


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