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Dress Code

1.0 Dress Code

This document contains the rules and regulations that comprise the dress code (“Code”) for students who attend this college (“College”).

1.1 Introduction

This section describes the purpose and application of the Code.

1.1.1 Purpose

The main purpose of the Code is to provide standards of modest dress for students who attend the College, so they can have a learning environment characterized by modesty, decency, and dignity.  The main emphasis of the Code is to spell out the two main coverage standards.  First, and most important, underwear must be covered at all times, and may never be seen.  Second, the “private areas” must be covered while the student is in a standing position.  Taken together, the main effect of these two coverage standards is to encourage decency.

1.1.2 Motivation

A paradoxically immodest consequence of the two rules, each of which encourages modesty, is to prohibit wearing underwear under very short dresses, and to allow shorter dresses for those girls who choose not to wear underwear than for those girls who choose to wear it.  On balance, though, the effect of these standards is to encourage students to wear clothes with better coverage, for two reasons.  First, most students prefer to wear underwear, and the first coverage rule requires wearing clothes robust enough to cover the underwear at all times and from all angles of view.  Second, if a student is not inclined to wear underwear, the fear of exposing one’s privates will encourage the wearing of clothes with an extra margin of decency beyond the minimum required by the Code, so they will feel confident their privates are covered adequately.

1.1.3 Format

Each section of the code is numbered, and gives a rule or definition.  Some of the sections contain a recommendation, denoted by the word “Recommendation” in bold face.  The recommendation is given to help students understand the way each rule is applied in practice.

1.1.4 Minimum Standards

The Code provides the minimum body coverage standards, so by following them, students can be assured they will not be punished, but it is recommended that students aim to exceed the standards, for the sake of safety and decorum.  As a rule, the code seeks as its highest priority to prevent underwear from being seen.  As a second priority, pubic hair should not be seen.  Thirdly, students are expected to cover their “private parts” if at all possible.

1.1.5 Gender Applicability

It has been determined that, for various reasons, the dress code should apply to girls, and not to boys.  Here are some of the reasons.  Boys tend to dress modestly with or without a dress code.  Boys have fewer body parts that require coverage.  The range of clothing options available to boys is limited to mostly pants and shirts, whereas the range of clothing options for girls is much wider.  Scantily clad girls are of great interest to boys, and so they distract boys from their college duties.  It should be understood that this does not reflect sexism or gender bias of any kind, but merely the realities of gender and fashion.

1.2 Violations

There are two categories of code violation.  A Category I (“Coverage”) violation results from a body part that is not properly covered while a girl is standing.  A Category II (“Observed”) violation is visible underwear, pubic hair, or an illegal combination of clothes.

1.2.1 Category I (Coverage) Violation

A Coverage Violation occurs when a body part is not properly covered.  This type of violation is very minor, and should only be recognized if it occurs in the “At Ease” position.  In this position, the girl is standing with both feet flat on the floor, parallel to one another, separated by a distance of two feet.  Her hands should be at her sides, unless directed by the Inspector, and the girl should not be touching any of her clothing with her hands.  The vantage point for inspecting an aspect of the girl’s attire should be the same height as the element of attire (“Eye Level”).  A front view should be used to judge coverage of the breasts and vagina.  A rear view should be used to judge coverage of the anus only.  It is not a violation if the vagina is visible from the rear.  It is not a violation if body parts are visible while a girl is in any other position than standing.

1.2.1 Category II (Observed) Violation

An observed violation can happen at any time, often when a girl least suspects it, such as when bending over, getting in or out of her car, or sitting.  At these times, if any underwear or pubic hair is visible, if a prohibited combination of clothing is worn (such as two tops, or shorts under a dress), an observed violation occurs.

Recommendation: An observed violation can’t occur if hair and underwear is not visible and no illegal combination of clothing exists.  Girls who think they’re wearing panties under a dress are often cited for wearing “shorts” under a dress, which is a common violation.  It happens when a girl wears panties that are larger than “Code size”.  Such panties are classified as “shorts”.  To avoid this problem, girls should read the definitions of panties and shorts carefully, and either tailor their panties or purchase “Code panties” at the Student Center.  To be safe from this type of violation, girls should shave completely every day, and to be completely safe, they should avoid wearing underwear, shorts, or pants of any kind.

1.2.2 Inspection Process

An inspector who observes a violation first approaches the girl, and notifies her that she is suspected to be in violation of the Code.  He presents her with a Certificate of Inspection, and may demand certain articles of clothing to be taken into evidence.  The girl has the right to see the Inspector’s ID card, and assert Special Circumstances before accepting the Certificate of Inspection or surrendering any items of clothing.  The judgment of the Inspector will determine whether the plea for Special Circumstances will be accepted.  If clothing is required for evidence, and the girl does not surrender this clothing, then the Inspector is allowed to take the clothing by force.

Recommendation: It is unfortunate that enforcement of the Dress Code requires Inspection, which, in turn, entails public stripping.  It is also unfortunate that some girls get both turned on and humiliated (each one feeding the other) during the process.  For these reasons, it is recommended that you do not violate the Dress Code, and that way, after you’ve been stripped naked and made to expose your moist underside to the gathering crowd, you’ll at least get your clothes back when the inspection is done.

1.2.3 Certificate of Inspection

After an inspection (See Inspection Process) the Inspector provides a Certificate of Inspection (“Certificate”) to the girl.  The Certificate contains the following required information: Inspection Date, Inspector Name, A description of the girl’s attire, A description of Code violation (“Violation”), A list of clothing items taken into evidence during the inspection, the Hearing date, and other instructions.  A copy of each Certificate is sent to the Campus Patrol.  The girl must carry the Certificate with her on the day of Inspection, and bring it to the Hearing on the appointed date.

Recommendation: girls who receive a Certificate should read it carefully, because it usually specifies how to dress for the Hearing.

1.2.4 Authorized Personnel

Teachers, college administrators, members of the Campus Patrol, and their deputies may conduct an Inspection.  All Inspectors are required to carry an Inspector ID card, and present it to the girl being inspected upon request.

1.2.5 Special Circumstances

In the following circumstances (“Special Circumstances”) a Violation is not recognized:

(1)  A Certificate of Inspection has been previously issued on the same date to the same girl for the same violation, and either she is either naked or she is still wearing the same clothes as she was when she was cited for the Violation.  The girl must produce the Certificate of Inspection to claim this Special Circumstance.

(2)  This is the date on which the girl is scheduled to attend a Hearing, and she is not wearing any clothes at the time.  The girl must produce the Certificate of Inspection showing the Hearing Date to claim this Special Circumstance.  This provision does not protect against a pubic hair violation, so girls should shave before attending a hearing.

(3) The girl has been found guilty of a Violation and is carrying out the sentence of the court.  The girl must produce the Judgement issued by the court to claim this Special Circumstance.

(4) During an inspection, if a girl removes one or more articles of clothing voluntarily at the request of the Inspector, she may not be cited for a Violation on the basis of having removed these articles.

1.2.6 Inspection Process

It is important for girls to know that all Inspections are voluntary.  An Inspection can only be done with the permission of the girl being inspected.  To obtain permission, the Inspector announces that he will perform an inspection.  At that point, the girl has the right to ask to see the Inspector’s ID card, and assert Special Circumstances.  If, in the judgment of the Inspector, the Special Circumstances do not apply, permission for the inspection is deemed granted.

To begin the inspection, the girl surrenders her belongings to the Inspector.  She may take a few seconds to adjust her clothing, then assumes the At Ease position.  The Inspector may search the girl’s belongings to determine if a Violation has occurred (a “Carrying Violation”).  He may not touch the girl without her permission.  He may look at the clothes covering the girl’s breasts, vagina, and anus to determine if a Coverage Violation exists.  All inspection of these body parts is done from Eye Level.  The vagina is considered covered as long as it can’t be seen from the front, even if it is visible below the anus, when viewed from the back.  The inspector may look for Clothing Combination violations by asking the girl to assume various positions, such as sitting or bending over, or by asking the girl to voluntarily remove one or more articles of clothing.  The inspector is required to inform the girl that she need not assume any position in which she isn’t comfortable, and she is not required to remove any article of clothing she would rather keep on.  The inspection is completely voluntary.

This girl is forced to remove her panties during a public inspection.
Girl removing panties during a public inspec-
tion.  A Girl should be prepared  to remove
her panties during an inspection, so both
she and her panties can be fully examined.
These panties are more than 50% sheer, so
they would probably be kept as evidence.
Girls should not be unduly concerned if they
are left bottomless or naked following an
inspection, because this is quite common.

The inspector may find a violation during the inspection, or he may infer the violation from the girl’s unwillingness to submit to various requests.  If a dress code violation is found or inferred, then it is noted on the Certificate, and one or more items of clothing may be taken into evidence.  If the girl does not surrender the requested items, the Inspector is permitted to use force to obtain them.  When the Inspection is completed, the inspector gives the girl a Certificate of Inspection.


1. A girl who is approached by an Inspector in a public place may think she would prefer to be inspected in a more private setting, but she should not ask for this.  In a private setting, an Inspector is more likely to ask for sexual favors, which he is allowed by the Code to do.  While the granting of such favors is completely voluntary, a girl may feel inclined to accede to such requests to help her case.  A public inspection is safer, because Inspectors are inclined to perform a more visual and less physical inspection when it is open to public scrutiny.

2. A girl wearing proper clothing, say a dress and panties, for example, may be asked by an Inspector to remove the dress, so he can verify the panties meet Code.  This request might strike the girl as unfair, since she is adhering to the Code, and removing the dress would expose her breasts to public view.  Even though she is within her rights to refuse to strip, it is recommended that she take off the dress anyway.  This way, the inspector will be able to see that the panties meet Code, and usually let the girl put on her dress and go about her business.  If the girl doesn’t remove the dress, then the Inspector might infer a Code Violation, and take her clothing into evidence, requiring her to strip anyway.

3.  If an inspector asks for permission to touch the girl, she should say yes, because this will allow him to verify proper attire without stripping her, thus saving her possible embarrassment.  A girl who claims to be wearing no underwear, say, can have that claim tested easily by allowing the inspector to insert his finger (for example) between her legs, which can be done without the embarrassment of having the girl strip in public.  After the Inspector has inserted, removed, inserted, removed, and inserted his finger (or whatever), the girl will be free to go, rather than face the prospect of an inferred violation that could happen if she withheld permission to touch her.

4.  During an inspection, a girl should try as hard as she can to refrain from becoming sexually excited prior to removing her clothes, because if she is visibly excited when she is first exposed to public view, she will not be able to argue that the excitement was caused by the inspection.  In particular, if a girl opts for a manual inspection (see item 3, above), then she should studiously avoid becoming wet during the inspection.  If, after a complete manual inspection, she decides to remove her clothing (or her clothing is taken into evidence), then it will not be clear whether her sexual excitement stems from the inspection or existed prior to the inspection.  This makes her vulnerable to Consensual Rape, under the College Code of Conduct (CCC).

1.3 Hearing

After a girl is cited for Violation of the Code, a Hearing will be held, which the girl must attend.  Her Certificate of Inspection is also her summons to the Hearing, and contains instructions that usually tell her how she should dress for the Hearing.  A jury of her peers, composed of boys and girls from the College, will determine whether a Code Violation actually occurred.  A Judge will determine the punishment if the girl is found “Indecent” by the jury.

1.3.1 Presentation of Evidence

Girl forced to wait naked for her hearing to begin.  She covers her titties with her hair, and keeps her legs together so people will see less of her, not realizing her demure attitude is enhancing her nudity.
Naked girl waiting for her hearing.  This
girl is typical of those awaiting their
indecency hearing.  To feel less
vulnerable, she lets her hair covery her
cute little breasts, and she keeps her
legs together to minimize the view of
her shaved pussy.

A Judge, appointed by the office of the president of the College, presides over the hearing.  A Prosecutor, appointed by the Judge, represents the interests of the College in the Hearing.  The girl may defend herself or bring her own Defender, or she may ask the Judge to appoint a Defender to represent her.

The Prosecutor presents the evidence against the girl.  He may call the girl as a model on which to display the evidence against her.  Although she cannot be compelled to give testimony, she is required to put on or take off clothing as ordered by the Prosecutor.  In addition, the girl herself may be introduced into evidence.  She is not permitted to object to removing her clothing or to being introduced into evidence.

When the prosecutor has finished presenting his case, the girl (or her Defender) may begin presenting her defense.  She may use items of clothing that have been introduced into evidence by the Prosecutor, and wear them as needed to conduct her defense.

After the girl is finished presenting her defense, she must return all evidence to the Prosecutor, and return to her seat while the Jury deliberates.  During deliberation, the Jury may send a message to the Judge asking to see some evidence.  The Judge will review such requests, and, if appropriate, will send the girl into the Jury Room to model the evidence.

Recommendation: In the “special instructions” section of the Certificate, near the bottom, there is a checkbox labeled “Attend Hearing in the Nude”.  It is common for this box to be checked, so the recommendation is to take note of this instruction.  Don’t worry about being cited for a Violation on your hearing day.  Nudity is on a girl’s Hearing day is not a Violation of the Code.  Although a first-time Violator may feel embarrassed to be traveling in the nude, it is commonly done, and is quite expected.  Try to stay dry between the legs while nude, because while you are protected against Dress Code violations, you are not protected from CCC violations, even though you are under orders to appear nude.  If nudity arouses you, and you are unable to stay dry, then you should expect to be Consensually Raped one or more times on the day of your hearing.  Do not be concerned about this, but please allow extra time to be raped, so that you won’t be late for your hearing.

1.3.2 Determination of Decency

When the Jury has finished its deliberations, the foreman notifies the Judge, and the Jury returns to the courtroom.  The defendant is ordered to stand while the Jury is polled.  Each juror says “Decent” or “Indecent”.  The majority vote determines the verdict.  In the event of a tie, the Judge determines the verdict.

If the verdict is “Decent”, the Prosecutor must return all articles of clothing to the girl, whether or not they had been introduced into evidence.  The girl has the option of wearing the clothing or having it mailed to her, and is free to leave the Hearing room.

If the verdict is “Indecent”, the girl must remain standing while the Judge pronounces the Punishment.

Recommendation: If a girl is found Decent, but the clothing that had been taken into evidence is not sufficient to meet the Code, then she should remain nude to avoid being in Violation of the Code.

1.3.3 Punishment

The Judge has wide discretion to pronounce a punishment that will be sufficiently humiliating to the girl so as to deter future Violations, and to serve as a warning to others not to violate the Code.  There are, however, limits to this discretion.  A girl may not be sentenced to be raped, for example, although she can be given the option of rape as one of a group of alternative punishments, as long as that group contains at least one non-violent option.

The practice of offering a choice of punishments to those found guilty of a Violation is done to further humiliate the girl by requiring her to choose her own punishment.  The most serious Violations will usually result in the choice of rape or a lengthy period of humiliation, such as being handcuffed naked to the bicycle rack outside the Student Center for three days straight.

Recommendation: If a girl faces a choice of many days of humiliation on the one hand or a rape or two on the other, she should take the rape.  It will be over before she knows it, she will have learned her lesson, and she can go home that evening a better person for it.

1.3.4 Photographers and Reporters

The Judge may choose to prohibit or limit the taking of pictures inside the hearing room, but he may not limit photographers who typically catch defendants on their way in or out of the hearing room.  The rationale of this rule is that the girls who found their way into the hearing room, while they may be able to “beat the rap”, should have thought a bit more carefully about her attire before venturing out of doors dressed in a way that put them under suspicion of indecency.  The presence of photographers and reporters should serve as a deterrent.

Recommendations: First, a girl who is required to attend her hearing in the nude should recognize that there’s nothing she can do to prevent her picture being taken, and so she should smile for the camera, and hope for a flattering angle.  Second, while it may seem counterintuitive, a girl should spread her legs as wide as possible and masturbate to keep her pussy wet.  This way, the pictures will all be so raunchy that newspaper editors will be forced to crop the photos or not print them at all.

2 Decent Attire

Girls must wear clothing that covers (hides from public view) certain parts of their body and certain types of undergarments.

2.1 Covered Body Parts

The breasts, vulva, and anus must be covered while the girl is standing in an “At Ease” position, but it is not necessary for girls to hide these body parts from view while sitting, squatting, or bending over.  Pubic hair must never be seen while the girl is in any position.

2.1.1 Breasts

Girl wearing semi-sheer shirt.  Her breasts are clearly visible.  She has been forced to remove her panties.
Girl wearing semi-sheer
shirt.  During inspection,
she was forced to remove
her panties because her
shirt was too long; but
her shirt is sufficiently
opaque to cover her
breasts, so she was
allowed to keep it on.

The breasts must be partially or fully covered, when viewed at “eye level” (that is, a horizontal line of sight) from the front.  In particular, the nipples must be fully covered by an article of clothing held in place by a strap or cloth that extends around the back, neck or arms.

A vest or scarf is provides sufficient coverage even if it is not fastened, as long as it covers the nipples in an At Ease position.

The nipples and surrounding skin must be covered by clothing that is not transparent nor more than fifty percent sheer.

The clothing that covers the breasts may be a “fishnet” style as long as the openings are not larger than one inch.

Fishnet body stocking, front view.  Although this outfit is prohibited by the Dress Code, many girls dress this way.
Fishnet body stocking.  One-inch openings
are the largest allowed by the Dress Code.
Large openings for the vulva and anus are
convenient for girls who become excited,
so they can be raped without disrobing.
Fishnet body stocking, rear view.  Girls enjoy wearing this outfit because it allows them to feel covered up while still enjoying the freedom of nudity.
Full rear access is available to girls wearing
this body stocking, so they can enjoy the
pleasures of either input without disrobing.

Body paint may be used as an alternative to clothing, but only if it is covers in a manner similar to the coverage of a permitted article of clothing.

Whipped cream, shaving cream, or any similar substance may be used as an alternative to clothing, where permitted.  It should be used generously, as body heat may have a tendency to thin the material, allowing it to drip or slide off the body.

Underwear, if worn, must be completely covered, and must not be seen from any vantage point at any time, except as provided in “Exceptions”, below.  Please read the definitions of the clothing carefully.  An article of clothing that conforms to the shape of the breasts, such as a bra or bathing suit top is considered underwear.  Panties are considered underwear only if they are very brief bikini or thong style.

A girl who uses her hair to cover her breasts will be considered during an Inspection as if she were topless.

Recommendation: If you are a girl who likes to go topless in public, you can do it by taking advantage of a loophole in the Code allowing you to wear panties as outerwear, which makes the shirt optional.  Be warned, however, that Inspectors are very strict regarding the definition of “panties” — you must make sure they cover nothing more than your vulva, and hardly any of your butt crack to avoid having them classified as “shorts”.  When in doubt, wear your panties at half mast (exposing most of your vulva and all of your butt-crack), just to be safe.

2.1.2 Vulva

The vulva is the opening of the vagina, the lips surrounding that opening, and the space between the lips.  A “significant portion” of the vulva must be covered when viewed at Eye Level from the front, but it need not be covered from other angles.

If body paint is used to cover the vulva, then it must cover the lips, right up to the pink part, which, for safety reasons, should not be painted.  A girl’s paint job should be designed to look like clothing, which means that more than just her lips should be painted.  When she is standing with her legs together, her vulva should be closed, or nearly closed, which allows it to be considered fully covered by body paint.  A girl wearing body paint should avoid appearing in public immediately after having sex or while sexually excited, as this condition might leave a space between her lips large enough to leave her substantially uncovered.

Whipped cream, shaving cream, or any similar substance may be used to cover the vulva, where permitted.

Split-crotch panties are permitted, and need not cover the vaginal opening as long as they cover a “significant portion” of the vulva.

Recommendation: A girl who is wearing a dress should rely on the dress, rather than panties, to cover her vulva.  This is because showing your vulva is a Category I violation, which can only occur during an Inspection, and is only recognized when you are standing At Ease.  Showing your panties is a more serious Category II violation, which can occur at any time, so it’s harder for you to guard against accidentally violating the Code.

2.1.3 Anus

This skirt meets the dress code
because it covers her tailbone.  She
feels confident in this skirt that
she is properly covered.  She either
doesn’t know or doesn’t care that
her pussy is fully visible from the
rear, which is appropriate.  It is
nearly impossible for a girl to fully
cover her backside, so she should
simply accept the fact that it will be
seen from time to time.

Girl playing tennis.
During active sports, girls should
not expect to remain fully covered,
so it is pointless for them to be
concerned over whether their
pussies or assholes might be
seen.  They should simply play the
game, and allow themselves to be
viewed in all their beauty.
r panties because her
shirt was too long; but
her shirt is sufficiently
opaque to cover her
breasts, so she was
allowed to keep it on.

The anus, or “asshole”, is just below a girl’s tailbone, about two inches from the bottom of her rump, and about the same height as the top of her vulva, when viewed at Eye Level.  The anus should be either covered or “nearly covered”, when viewed at “eye level”.  “Nearly covered” means that an article of clothing should cover to within an inch or two of the anus.  A dress typically hangs a bit higher in the back than the front, because of the curvature of her rump, so it is almost always long enough if it covers her tailbone.  A dress that covers the vulva from the front almost always covers her tailbone from the back, and usually her anus as well.

Recommendation: A girl wearing a dress, especially a short dress, can avoid a Category II Violation (Observation violation) by not wearing panties.  However, the dress must be long enough to cover the tailbone to avoid an anal Coverage Violation.  If a girl wants to leave her ass uncovered, she may take advantage of one of the many exceptions to the Anus coverage rule by wearing a backless dress or loin cloth.  This type of clothing is not required to cover the anus, so no anal coverage Violation can occur.  Although the Code lets a girl in a backless dress show her anus without fear of Violation, she may feel self-conscious knowing that people can see her anus.  She should avoid the temptation to press her cheeks together, effectively hiding her anus from view, however, because this may be construed as “covering up”, which is a violation of the Code of Conduct (CCC).  Another concern a girl faces while wearing a backless dress (which is also a concern with a short dress) is that her vulva might be seen from the rear.  Girls should not be unduly concerned about this possibility, because there isn’t much that can be done about it.  Girls with thin legs will find the Vulva can’t be hidden completely, but the view of the vulva from the rear can be minimized by bending forward as little as possible.  When bending, girls are advised to bend at the knees rather than the waist.  When this isn’t possible, such as when using a drinking fountain, or reaching into a car, then girls are advised to wait until as few spectators as possible are in the vicinity, and then simply ignore (or secretly enjoy) their gasps of joy at the beauty of their bottom.

2.1.4 Pubic Hair

Pubic hair, like underwear, may not be seen at any time.  If it is seen, either by Observation or Inspection, then the girl may be cited for a Category II Violation of the Code.  Any hair longer than one day’s growth on a girl’s lower torso is considered a Violation.

Note: the “Special Circumstances” exceptions that allow nudity on hearing days, while changing, or using the public toilets do not protect a girl against a pubic hair violation.

Recommendation: Since panties, by definition, are extremely brief, they might not cover all pubic hair (see the definition of Panties, below, to see that panties big enough to cover pubic hair are considered “shorts”), the safest way to avoid this violation is to shave daily.  When shaving, girls who do not wear panties should remember to remove hair from the region of their vulva lips and anal area, because although it is not a Violation for the vulva and anus to be seen except in the “At Ease” position, it is always a Violation if pubic hair is seen.

2.2 Articles of Clothing

Articles of clothing are defined and classified in this section of the Code.

Tops, in increasing size, are tube tops (or bras), short shirts, shirts.  Anything longer than a shirt is a dress, which is no longer a top but rather a body-cover.  The dividing line between a shirt and a dress is the top of the vulva (the point where the two outer lips meet) and the tailbone (coccyx).  If either of these is covered by a shirt, then it’s not a shirt; it’s a dress.

Bottoms are panties, shorts, or pants if part of the clothing (the “strap”) goes between the girl’s legs.  Bottoms are considered skirts otherwise.

Body-covers are items of clothing that cover both bottom and top, such as dresses, leotards, etc.

A girl may wear either one top and one bottom, or else a single body-cover.  In addition to this, a girl may wear panties and/or a bra, as long as this underwear can’t be seen from any vantage point.

Exceptions exist in this Code, which allow girls to wear clothing that would otherwise be prohibited.  For example, the Anus Coverage rule is waived so that a girl may wear a backless dress if she so desires.

Court cases have set precedents, which allow girls to wear clothing in a way that would otherwise be prohibited.  One celebrated case established that girls who wear panties as outerwear may, if they so desire, go topless.

Recommendation: Girls should read these definitions very closely and keep them in mind while purchasing clothes, because a failure to properly classify one’s clothing might be disastrous.  For example, a shirt that is just a little too long is properly classified as a micro-mini dress, and thus may not be worn with a bottom.

2.2.1 Bra

An over-the-shoulder boulder-holder that covers the breasts and nothing else is called a bra.  If it covered anything else, then it would be a shirt or dress.  A strapless bra is called a “tube top”.

A bra is “underwear”, which means it can be worn under dresses and tops as long as it can’t be seen from Eye Level, on a girl in any position.  It is unwise to wear a bra under a sleeveless shirt or dress because it is a Violation for underwear to be seen, even the straps.

2.2.2 Tube Top

Any ring of clothing (without straps) is called a “tube top” if it is used to cover the breasts, and does not hang below the belly button.  If it covers the breasts and hangs below the belly button, then it is a shirt or dress.  If it is used lower on the body, then it is considered a skirt (or thigh-skirt).

A tube top is a “top”.  A bra may not be worn under a tube top.

2.2.3 Shirt or Vest

A shirt is an article of clothing that covers the breasts, other than a Bra or Tube Top, that does not extend below the top of the vulva in front nor the tailbone in back.  If the bottom of the shirt is above belly-button level, then it is called a “short shirt”.  A sleeveless shirt that can be worn open in the front is called a “vest” if it covers the breasts.  A jacket is a kind of shirt or dress depending on its length.  A sweater is also classified as a shirt or dress, depending on its length.

A shirt is a “top”.  A bra may be worn under it, as long as it can’t be seen.

2.2.4 Dress

Semi-sheer panties, cover the girl's pussy, but still allow it to be seen.
Lingerie, worn as a semi-sheer micro-
minidress.  Although she isn’t wearing
panties, this girl is fully covered.  She
enjoys showing the bottoms of her cheeks,
while still enjoying the confidence of full
coverage.  Yet, she is so clearly naked
under the dress that it’s a short leap for
her to remove the dress completely.  If
necessary, she will gladly remove it
without feeling that she has uncovered
much of her beautiful body.

A dress is an article of clothing that covers the breasts, and extends lower than the top of the vulva in front, or lower than the tailbone in back.  An apron, or “backless dress” is one that does not cover the anus.  Panties may not be worn under a backless dress.

A minidress is one that extends no more than one to two inches below the bottom of the rump, covering a girl’s privates when she is standing, when she is viewed at Eye Level.

A micro-minidress is any dress shorter than a minidress, and typically does not cover the vulva when viewed from the rear.  As long as a “significant portion” of the vulva is covered when viewed from the front, this is not a Violation of the Code.  Panties may not be worn under a micro-minidress.

A “sun dress” is one that hangs loosely from a waistband located between the breasts and the belly button..

A baby-doll dress is a mini-sun-dress (or micro-mini-sun-dress).

A dress is a “body-cover” and may not be worn with a top or a bottom.  A bra and/or panties may be worn under a dress, as long as they can’t be seen.

Recommendation: Wear a loose-fitting dress, so that if an Inspection is done you will be able to spread your legs apart far enough to assume the “At Ease” position without removing the dress.

2.2.5 Panties

Semi-sheer panties, cover the girl's pussy, but still allow it to be seen.
Panties, worn with shirt.
Semi-sheer panties, cover
the girl’s pussy, but still
allow it to be seen.  Girls
enjoy the feeling of nudity
without actually being nude.
Boys, too, enjoy seeing
the pussies of girls who
dress this way.  A “win-win”

Panties are form fitting clothes with an optional elastic band that goes around the body (waistband) and a strap that goes between the legs, covering the opening of the vagina and the anus.  Panties are either “bikini” style or “thong” style.  Bikini panties must be very brief or else they are deemed to be “shorts”.  They are defined as those that do not cover higher than an inch or two above the top of the vulva nor more than half of a girl’s butt crack.  Thong panties have a narrow vertical strap covering the anus, which must be less than one sixteenth of an inch in width, and the waistband may rest above the hips, but below the waist.  Panties may be any color, pattern, or style, including sheer.

Split-crotch panties are designed to leave the vagina and anus uncovered.  If they are worn as outer wear, split crotch panties may be worn as long as they cover a “significant portion” of the vulva.

Strapless panties consist of a piece of fabric that extends between the legs, covering the anus and vagina, and having a plug inserted into one or both of these openings.

“Pussy ring panties” consist of a circular piece of fabric anchored in place by a body piercing through either the inner or outer lips of the vulva, or the clitoral hood.

“No-rise panties” consist of a pair of leg garters, joined in one place, or a headband twisted into a figure-8.  They are worn by pushing them as high as possible on the thighs.  They are typically frilly or fuzzy, so they cover the vaginal opening.

Panties are considered “underwear”, which means they can be worn under pants, dresses, and skirts as long as they can’t be seen from Eye Level, no matter what position the girl is in (sitting, standing, bending, etc.).  It is unwise to wear panties under a skirt or dress shorter than knee-length, because of the risk they might be seen.  It is unwise to wear thong panties under pants or a skirt because the straps might be seen above the waist of the pants.  Panties are not permitted under shorts or in conjunction with a hip garter belt.

Recommendation: Store-bought bikini panties, even the briefest bikinis, typically cover more than half of the butt crack, so they require tailoring to lower the waistband.  Although you may leave your panties at half staff to comply with the code, store-bought panties might be too baggy, and wearing them this way might cause unsightly panty lines.  For these reasons, you should (1) purchase “Code Panties” at the Student Center, or (2) use scissors to remove the waistband of your panties, or (3) forgo panties.

2.2.6 Shorts

Shorts are an article of clothing that has a waistband about the hips, does not cover higher than the belly button or lower than the knees, and has some fabric (called a “strap”) that extends from front to back between the legs.

Shorts are “bottoms” and may be worn with any “top”.  Panties are not permitted under shorts.

Recommendation: Short shorts, or “Daisy Dukes” are classified as panties if they meet the definition of panties, so girls wearing short shorts should not wear a top that extends below the belly button.  Also, a growing number of girls have interpreted section 3.1 as entitling them to go topless in public, as long as they wear panties (or shorts small enough to qualify as panties) and nothing else.  They feel so entitled because that section says “a girl wearing panties as a bottom may not wear a shirt”.  In hearings in which this defense was used, the only girls found indecent were those whose shorts were to large to be classified as panties.

2.2.7 Pants

Pants are an article of clothing that has a waistband, does not cover higher than the belly button, covers lower than the knees, and has fabric that extends from front to back between the legs.

Panty-hose is the same as pants, for the purpose of this Code.

Low-rise pants have a waistband that has been trimmed and hemmed short, so as to reach up no higher than the top of a girl’s butt crack, and no more than an inch higher than the top of her vagina.  Panties may not be worn under low-rise pants.

No-rise pants consist of two pant-legs attached along the inner-thigh section of each leg.  The length of the seem attaching the pant-legs should be about equal to the distance from the girl’s asshole to her vagina, so that it neatly covers her perineum and at least part of her vagina.

Semi-sheer pants are allowed (up to 50% sheer), as long as no panties or pubic hair is visible.

Fishnet pants are allowed, as long as the openings in the vicinity of the anus and vulva are no more than an inch in size.

Pants with the seat removed are called “chaps”.  Panties may not be worn under chaps.

Pants are “bottoms” and may be worn with any “top”.  Panties may be worn under pants.

2.2.8 Skirt

An article of clothing that has a waistband, and fabric that extends down from it, lower than the top of the vulva in front, or lower than the tailbone in back.  A “loin cloth” is a backless skirt, which does not cover the anus or any part of the butt crack.

A “thigh skirt” is a skirt worn about the thighs, coming mid-way up the vulva in front, and up to the bottom of the ass crack in the back.  A fuzzy fabric can be used to improve the visual appeal of a thigh skirt, and provide slightly better coverage of vital body parts.

A skirt is a “bottom” and may be worn with any top.  Panties may be worn under a skirt, as long as they can’t be seen.  It is considered unwise to wear panties under a skirt shorter than knee-length.   Panties may not be worn under a loin cloth.

A dress that is worn with the straps down and the breasts uncovered is considered a skirt for the purpose of this Code.

2.2.9 Leotard

A form-fitting article of clothing, also called a “teddy” or a one-piece bathing suit, that covers the breasts, and has some fabric that extends from front to back between the legs.

A leotard is a “body-cover” and may not be worn with a dress, top or bottom.  Underwear is not permitted with a leotard.

2.2.10 Jump Suit

A jump suit, or overalls, is a pair of pants or shorts with fabric that extends above the waist, and covers the belly button.

A jump suit is a “body-cover”.  No top or bottom may be worn with a Jump Suit.  Panties and/or bra may be worn under a jump suit if they can’t be seen.

2.2.11 Stockings

A form-fitting article of clothing that covers the foot and all or part of a leg, but nothing else, is a stocking.  Stockings may be worn together with any other articles of clothing.

Stockings are an “accessory” and may be worn together with any other article of clothing.

2.2.12 Garter Belt

A “garter belt” or “hip garter” is a belt that goes around the hips or waist, and has straps that extend to the tops of the stockings to hold them up.  A garter belt may be worn under a dress or skirt in place of panties, and has the advantage over panties that it is not subject to the restriction that it may not be seen.

A garter belt is an “accessory” that may be worn together with any other article of clothing, except panties.

2.2.13 Gloves, arm-bands

A form-fitting article of clothing that covers the hand (in the case of gloves) and all or part of an arm, but nothing else, is a glove or arm-band.

Gloves and arm-bands are “accessories” and may be worn together with any other article of clothing.

A pair of gloves or arm-bands with a sheet of fabric extending between them is a kind of backless shirt (or backless dress, if it covers any of the vulva).

2.2.14 Necklace or Scarf

An article of clothing that goes around the neck and hangs from it.  A necklace, scarf or “lei” that covers one or both nipples (or has fabric hanging from it that covers one or both nipples) is a “top” and may not be worn with any other top.

A necklace is an “accessory” or a “top” depending on nipple coverage.

2.2.15 Pasties

An article of clothing that is glued in place to cover a nipple is a pasty.

Pasties are “underwear” but they are prohibited by this Code, either by themselves or under a top or body-cover.

2.2.16 Hat

An article of clothing worn on the head.

A hat is an “accessory”.

2.2.17 Shoes, Boots

Articles of clothing worn on the feet.

Shoes and boots are “accessories”.

2.2.18 Jewelry

Rings, including earrings and rings or posts for body piercings.

Items of jewelry are “accessories”.

2.2.19 Cape

An article of clothing that covers the back but not the front.  A cape is considered a “top” if it does not hang below the waist, and it is considered a “body cover” if it does.

2.2.20 Leg Garter

A leg garter is a band of fabric worn around the leg.

If garters are worn at the very tops of a girl’s legs, then they are considered “panties” (if they are less than two inches in width) or a “thigh skirt” (if they are two inches or wider).

Leg garters are “accessories”, and may be worn with any other items of clothing.

2.2.21 Suspenders

Typically worn to hold up pants or a skirt, suspenders can also serve as a top if they are wide enough to cover the nipples.  The areolas need not be covered.

Suspenders are a “top”.

Recommendation: Be careful not to violate the rule against wearing two tops.  If you wear suspenders, you should not wear anything else that covers your breasts.  Suspenders and miniskirt are one of the sexiest outfits you can wear, but one of the trickier ones, for a number of reasons.  If your nipples become hard due to excitement or cold temperatures, they could push thin suspender strops to the side, exposing the nipple to view, a Violation.  If you wear suspenders with a skirt, and you set them too tight, the skirt might ride up, exposing your vulva to view, another Violation, but if they are too loose, they might not cover your nipples at all times.

2.2.22 Bustier

A tight-fitting top, which can be strapless, that covers the breasts.  A bustier is a kind of shirt.

A bustier is a “top”.

2.2.23 Belt

A belt is a garment that wraps around the body at the waist or hips.  Depending on its width, a belt is either an accessory or a bottom.  If it is one inch or less in width, it is considered an accessory.  If it is wider than one inch, it is considered a bottom.

Recommendation: if you wear a belt that is wider than one inch, be sure not to wear any pants or panties, or any other bottom, with the belt.  This is an ideal way to go bottomless in public without violating the Dress Code.  You may wear the belt around your waist, but it should be big enough that you can loosen it if you are inspected.  During an inspection, you should slide it down, because it must cover at least some significant part of your vulva.  When the inspection is completed, you can tighten it around your waist again.

2.3 Belongings

To circumvent the spirit of the Code, some girls might be tempted to remove articles of clothing and carry them around with them.  For this reason, during an Inspection, a girl’s belongings are searched.  Carrying forbidden items can result in a Violation.

2.3.1 Forbidden Articles of Clothing

Underwear may not be carried at any time.

A top may not be carried while wearing a top or body-cover (dress, leotard, jump suit, etc.).

A bottom may not be carried while wearing a bottom or body-cover.

A body-cover may not be carried while wearing a top, bottom, or body-cover.

It is forbidden to carry two articles of clothing that can’t be worn together — two tops, or a bottom and a dress, for example.

Clothing must be at least 50% opaque to count as “covering” a body part, and it must be 100% opaque to count as “covering” underwear or pubic hair.

Clothing may not be printed with the design of the body part it is covering.  For example, it would be a violation for a drawing of a pair of breasts to be placed on the front of a shirt.

2.4 Body Decorations

Body decorations include tattoos, piercings, body paint, makeup, and the like.  Body decorations are permitted, but they may not be covered by clothing except as specifically allowed in the Code.

2.4.1 Tattoos

A tattoo is any design drawn on the body using temporary or permanent ink or paint using the skin as the background color.  Tattoos are are distinct from body paint in that the skin is visible as the background of the former, but not the latter.

Recommendation: If you have any tattoos on your back or buttocks, then you should wear backless clothing to avoid covering them, and to show them off.  If you have tattoos very close to your nipples or vagina, then you may need to apply for a “Body Decoration Exemption”.  (See “exceptions” for this procedure)

2.4.2 Piercings

Nipple rings and pussy rings are permitted, but you are not permitted to cover them with clothing, except that loose-fitting micro-minidresses (baby-doll dresses) are permitted over pussy rings.

Recommendation: if you enjoy going topless and you already have your nipples pierced, then put rings in them and go topless to the Administration Office during the first two weeks of school to request an exemption.  If you are thinking about having a piercing done, then keep in mind that rings must be worn in your new piercings for at least a month while they heal.  You should be prepared to remain topless for that length of time if you have your nipples done, and you should expect to remain bottomless (except for a baby-doll dress) if you have your pussy pierced.  If you have both your pussy and your nipples done, then you can wear body paint instead of clothing during the first month.

2.4.3 Makeup

Coloring or tints that work with your body’s natural tones, and accent your skin color, such as blush, eyeliner, etc. are considered “makeup”.  Makeup may be worn under clothes if the parts of the body hidden by the clothing are “blended” into the exposed parts.

2.4.4 Body Paint

Paint that hides the body either because it is opaque or because it significantly alters the skin color is considered Body Paint.  Body Paint may be used as an alternative to clothing, but may not cover or be covered by clothing.  In order for a girl’s vagina to be considered “covered”, the paint must cover the skin of her vulva right up to the pink skin, but need not cover the pink skin itself.  For a girl’s anus to be considered “covered”, the paint must cover the skin around her anus, right up to the pink skin, but need not cover the pink skin itself.  The body paint must be designed to either resemble clothing or a body mural, which means it must be more than just a ring of paint around the girl’s pink skin.

Recommendation: If a girl is inspected while wearing body paint, she should refrain from becoming sexually excited, as this might cause the pink parts of  her pussy to expand, leaving the pussy largely uncovered, which is a Code Violation.

2.4.5 Whipped Cream, Shaving Cream, etc.

Whipped cream, Shaving Cream, and dark-colored jellies and jams can be used as an alternative to clothing.  Because of their messy nature, these substances should be used mainly on a girl’s frontal areas.  They may be placed in her butt crack, but only if she intends to remain standing, and/or she wipes her ass clean before sitting in any public place.

3 Exceptions

Some of the rules in this Code have reasonable exceptions, which are described in this section.

3.1 Panties

Because panties cannot be objectively distinguished from bathing suit bottoms, girls are allowed to wear panties with a matching bra (or bathing suit top) as outerwear, as long as no other clothes (other than accessories) are worn with them.  Backless or low-rise panties may be worn as outerwear, in which case the requirement that the anus be covered is waived.

Panties are, in effect, small shorts, so panties can be worn as a “bottom” in place of shorts, but a girl wearing panties as a bottom may not wear a shirt (except a short shirt is OK).  This is because a shirt might be long enough to be confused with a micro-minidress, under which panties are forbidden.

3.2 Bra

A strapless bra (or tube top) may be worn as a top as no other top is worn with it.

Any bra (or bathing suit top) may be worn with matching panties (or bathing suit bottom) as long as no other clothes (other than accessories) are worn with them.

3.3 Leotard

A leotard (or teddy, or one-piece bathing suit) may be worn, as long as no other clothes are worn with it.

3.4 Changing Clothes

Brief periods of nudity are permitted during the course of changing clothes in an area designated for changing clothes.

3.5 Backless Garments

A “Backless” garment, such as loin cloth, apron (worn as a dress), backless dress, or chaps, presents a special difficulty:  Such clothes don’t cover the anus, yet there are no panties that can be worn with such an item of clothing without being seen.  A girl who wears a backless garment is thus put in the awkward position of choosing to violate the rule against showing her anus or violating the rule against showing her panties.  To resolve this difficulty, the anus may be left uncovered while wearing a backless garment.

Similarly, if split-crotch, backless, or low-rise panties are worn as outer wear, then the anus coverage requirements are waived.

3.6 Cold weather

In cold weather, two tops are permitted (or two dresses, or a top and a dress).  The outer top may be a heavy jacket or sweater, and may be removed and carried indoors without penalty.

3.7 Newly purchased clothes

Newly purchased clothes, with tags on, and accompanied by receipts, may be carried.  Within a store, clothes may be carried for the purpose of trying them on, subject to store restrictions.

3.8 Body Decoration Exemption

Body decorations may not be covered by clothing, which leads to a problem if the decoration is very close to the vagina or nipples.  Leaving the decoration uncovered might also require that the body part be left uncovered as well, which would normally violate the Code.  To solve this dilemma, a girl may apply for a “Body Decoration Exemption” which, if approved, permits her to leave the decorated body part uncovered.  To give girls time to request an exemption, an amnesty period of two weeks is given at the beginning of each school year, during which the prohibition against uncovered body parts will not be enforced if those naked body parts are decorated by tattoos or piercings.

In order to obtain a mid-year exemption for a new decoration, a girl should first get the exemption form specifying either pussy or nipples, which will be date-stamped at the Administration Office, then get decoration, then submit the form.  An amnesty period of two weeks applies, during which time the girl may not be cited for having her pussy or nipples (as indicated on the form) uncovered.

Exemptions will not be granted for pussy rings.  Instead, a girl may cover her pussy ring with either body paint or a loose-fitting micro-minidress, but may not wear a skirt, a longer dress or any tight-fitting clothing, such as  panties or pants, while her ring is in place.

3.9 Unenclosed Public Toilets

Unenclosed public toilets have been provided by the College, as a response to the needs of the student body, and to vandalism, which was done to the restrooms, which had previously been provided.  In the interest of speed and efficiency, girls are permitted to use these public toilets only while naked.  Most provisions of the Dress Code is not enforced during the time a girl is disrobing, using the toilet, or putting her clothes back on.  (The only provisions still enforced are those prohibiting pubic hair and public arousal.)

Recommendation: If you’re using the toilet, and one of your classmates swipes your clothes as a prank, remain on the toilet to avoid a Violation.  Getting off the toilet and running after your classmate in the hope of recovering your clothes is not allowed.  If you should become embarrassed while sitting on the toilet, try to avoid allowing your nipples to become hard, and keep your vagina dry.

3.10 Messy Bottom

In some specific cases described below, if a girl has a sticky or gooey bottom, caused by her choice in body coverage or from a recent inspection, then she is permitted to leave her anus uncovered.

Whipped cream.  As described in this Code, a girl may wear whipped cream, shaving cream, etc. as an alternative to clothing.  A girl who chooses this mode of coverage for her breasts and vulva may leave her anus uncovered, which will allow her to sit down without messing up the seat.

Ass lubrication.  After having her ass lubricated (or after being fucked, either of which might be the legitimate result of becoming aroused during an Inspection, for example), then a girl may choose to carry her clothes rather than soil them by rewearing them until such time as she may wipe her bottom.  This is permitted in this case.

4 Known limitations of the Code

This Code covers most situations that might arise, but no code can anticipate every situation.  These rules do not make many restrictions on the type or length of clothing, while still encouraging modest coverage standards.  Even so, there are some articles of clothing which can’t be worn consistent with the Code.  This section is presented for the benefit of girls, who should read it to become familiar with drawbacks or difficulties with the Code.  This will help them avoid the pitfalls of the Code.

4.1 Exploiting Weaknesses in the Code

This section is presented knowing the risk that the Code’s limitations might be exploited for the purpose of tricking a girl into violating it.  This use is discouraged.

By reading this section, girls can become aware of ways the Code might be exploited against them, and so be armed with information they can use to avoid such pitfalls.

4.2 Unwearable clothing

Shirts are defined in the code in a very specific way: they my not cover any part of the vulva or tailbone.  If an article of clothing looks like a shirt, but covers even the tiniest part of the vulva or tailbone, then it is classified as a dress, which means it can’t be worn with a bottom.  Also, such an item is classified as a micro-minidress, which means it can’t be worn with panties.  So if an item covers part of the vulva, but not a “significant” part of it, or if it covers the tailbone but not the vulva, then, since it can’t be worn with any bottom, it can’t be worn at all without risking a Category I violation.

Recommendation: If a girl must wear a shirt that’s too long — for example, if she received it as a gift, and does not wish to offend the giver — then she should go bottomless.  If she is stopped for an Inspection, she can point out that the micro-minidress is almost long enough to cover her vagina, and hopefully she will get off with just a warning.  On the other hand, if she wears a bottom, she risks a Category II Violation (Combination Violation), which is a more serious offense, and will certainly face a Hearing.

4.3 Double Exposure

After a girl is stopped for an Inspection, it is possible that she may be stopped again on the same day.  A Special Circumstance allows the girl to avoid a second Inspection, but only if she is naked or wearing the same clothes that she was wearing during the first Inspection.  This can be a problem if clothes were taken into evidence during the first Inspection, because then she is no longer wearing the same clothes, and can be stopped and cited again.

Here’s an example: Suppose a girl is wearing pants and a shirt.  An Inspector suspects a Combination Violation, so she stops the girl and asks her to remove her pants.  She complies, revealing panties that are not Code size, so they are classified as “shorts”.  This is a Combination Violation, and the Inspector takes the “shorts” and the pants into evidence, leaving her wearing just a shirt.  The girl goes on her way only to be stopped again for another Inspection.  She can’t claim Special Circumstance because she isn’t wearing the same clothes she was wearing the first time, so she can be cited again for exposing her vulva.  Now she has two Hearings she must attend, which might be on two different days.

Recommendation: If a girl is cited for violating the Code, and some, but not all, items of clothing are taken as evidence, she should ask the Inspector to take the rest of her clothing as evidence, and walk away nude.  That way, if she is stopped again, she can claim the Special Circumstance of nudity following a citation, and avoid a second citation.  Moreover, at her Hearing, she will be in a better position to conduct her defense, having access to all the clothing she was wearing on the date of the occurrence.

4.4 Deliberations

During jury deliberations, members of the jury may ask to review evidence.  The girl models the evidence for the jury.  Individual members of the jury may ask for a “private showing” of the evidence.  Rooms adjoining the Jury room are usually set aside for this purpose.  It is common for jurors to request sexual favors at this time, although the girl is not required to do anything more than model the evidence.  The jurors are not permitted to take a girl’s refusal of sexual favors into account when determining their verdict, however some people believe jurors do take this into account.

Recommendation: If a girl is called to the Jury room for a private showing, and asked to perform sexual favors for a juror, she should consider this:  It is uncommon for a satisfied juror to vote against a defendant.  In cases involving combination violations or second offenses, the punishment can be harsh, so pleasing the Jurors is an expedient way to reduce your sentence.

4.5 Profiling

On the whole, this Code encourages modesty.  The inspection and hearing process outlined in this document results in very modest dress on the part of most girls on campus.  The Inspectors are asked not to abuse their Inspection power by targeting good looking girls or those wearing a particular type of clothing for Inspections, but unfortunately, it is widely believed that this kind of “Profiling” is done.  The Inspectors claim they target modestly dressed individuals disproportionately because such styles have greater potential to conceal Combination Violations.  Whether or not it’s intentional, most girls believe Profiling exists, and it encourages them to wear skimpy clothing.

Recommendation: If you’re a pretty girl, be careful not to dress too conservatively, because this may make you a target for inspections.  It is an unfortunate fact of this Code that Inspections tend to be embarrassing, even humiliating, so here are some tips to help keep you from being inspected.   If you wear pants, you may wish to keep them unzipped, with part of your vulva showing, so inspectors who happen to be in the area will readily see you aren’t wearing panties.  As long as part of your vulva is covered, you are in compliance with the Code.  If you prefer to wear dresses, wear only short dresses or backless ones.  Then try to remember to sit with your legs apart in public, so any inspectors who happen to be in the area will not suspect you of an Observed Violation.  Remember: allowing your private parts to be seen in public is not a violation of the Code, as long as your clothes cover them while you are standing At Ease.  And exposing them to view while you are seated might just save you the trouble of an Inspection and a Hearing — a small price in modesty to pay to avoid a substantial inconvenience later.

4.6 Short Shorts

In general, shorts can be worn with any shirt.  But short shorts, sometimes called Daisy Dukes, might be small enough to qualify as panties.  If so, then only a “short shirt” may be worn, which must leave the belly button uncovered.

5 Illustrations

To help students understand the dress code, the following illustrations are provided.  These illustrations serve to delineate the Dress Code by closely examining the borderline cases — cases in which the clothing depicted is close to the line of indecency, or just over it.

5.1 Split-crotch Panties

The Dress Code states that panties, if worn as outer wear, must cover a “significant” portion of the vulva.

Crotchless panties, not permitted by the Dress Code.
Crotchless Panties, not permitted by the Dress Code

These panties do not meet that standard as worn.  However, by adjusting the straps to either cover the vagina, or by shortening them so the top lace piece covers the girl’s “hood”, these panties would meet the standard.

5.2 Pubic Hair

We understand the problems faced by girls who wish to wear short skirts — since panties might be seen, the girl has to go without, and then she takes the risk that her pubic hair might be seen, so she has to shave it off — but how much?  How often must she shave?  Can she leave a “landing strip”?  The best answer is that complete shaving, illustrated in the Split Crotch Panties photo, above, is the method that is recommended.

But we recognize that girls often feel funny about shaving it all off.  So we are providing these two photos to help you.  The first photo shows a “landing strip” that shows too much pubic hair.

This bottomless girl has a neatly manicured "landing strip", which is not permitted by the Dress Code.  During an inspection this girl would be stripped, and then  depending on the mood of the inspector she might be forced to masturbate to the point of wetness and then repeatedly raped (although the rape would be viewed as "consensual" because she would be deemed "asking for it" on account of having a wet pussy).
This bottomless girl has a neatly manicured “landing strip”, which is
not permitted by the Dress Code.  During an inspection this girl
would be stripped, and then depending on the mood of the
inspector she might be forced to masturbate to the point of wetness
and then repeatedly raped (although the rape would be viewed
as “consensual” because she would be deemed “asking for it” on
account of having a wet pussy).

Nearly naked girl, with a small bush.  While it is not permitted to have any pubic hair at all, most inspectors are willing to overlook a small bush such as this one.
Nearly naked girl, with a small bush.  While it is not
permitted to have any pubic hair at all, most inspectors
are willing to overlook a small bush such as this one.

Imagine yourself in her position.  With such a tiny bush, she might as well have no bush at all.  Try it this way for a few days, and then you will gain the confidence you need to go fully “Brazilian”.  As you can see, this girl has no bush to draw attention to her pussy, and by refraining from becoming excited, her lips remain closed.  Thus there is practically no genitalia that would attract unwanted attention to her private zone.  By removing the pubic hair, and allowing her lips to close completely over her vagina, this girl feels fully clothed even though she is bottomless.

5.3 Breast Coverage

We understand that the breasts aren’t as “sexual” as the other parts of your body, and since you want to dress attractively, it is natural that you would want to show off your breasts.  But the dress code requires you to keep your nipples covered.

In this photo, the model’s right breast is properly covered by her vest, but her left breast (to your right as you view the photo) isn’t properly covered.

A vest may be worn, unbuttoned, allowing the breasts to be seen.  This girl is showing off her nipples, which are not fully covered, in violation of the Dress Code.
Improper coverage of breasts.  One of this girl’s
nipples is almost fully visible, which is a violation
of the Dress Code.  During an inspection, she
will be allowed to adjust her clothing to correct
this violation.

If an Inspector spotted a girl dressed this way, he might stop her for a full Inspection, which is to the girl’s benefit, because it would allow her to demonstrate that her vest can cover her breasts properly in an “At Ease” position.  As you contemplate wearing revealing clothing, remember this: the Inspection process permits you to adjust your clothing.  This girl would be permitted to cover her nipples at the start of the process, and, if it isn’t too windy, she would be exonerated of indecency.  After the initial clothing adjustment, though, she isn’t permitted to do any further adjustments, so she should remove her skirt during the initial adjustment — you see, if she is asked to remove the skirt later, she may not be able to do it without showing her breasts, and that would cause her to fail the inspection.  Also, if the process of being inspected causes her to become sexually excited, it is important to establish prior to inspection that she is not sexually excited.

5.4 Short Skirts

It is important for girls to feel free to wear skirts as short as they  like — whatever they feel comfortable wearing is just fine.  At first, girls may not like the rule against wearing panties under miniskirts, but after a while they will get used to it, and feel comfortable knowing that all the other girls are playing by the same rules.  Here is an example of a girl who chooses to wear a short skirt.  In keeping with the Dress Code, she forgoes panties.

Girl bending over in a miniskirt, revealing her complete lack of panties.  Also, her shirt is riding up, allowing her breasts to be seen.
Bending over in a miniskirt — one of the may
risks a girl takes.  By forbidding the wearing
of panties under short skirts, the college
hopes girls will wear longer skirts, so they
won’t have to worry whether someone
standing behind them will get a nice view.

Many girls would prefer not to be seen this way, and who can blame them?  The Dress Code is designed to discourage the wearing of miniskirts (girls should opt for longer dresses) by prohibiting panties underneath.

Here is another example of a girl who is wearing a miniskirt that is not at all too short.

Bashful girl wearing a skirt so short she can't hide her lack of panties.  She stuffed what little fabric she can between her legs in a desperate attempt to hide her pussy.
Girl wearing a short skirt.  She’s a bit
sheepish because
the cold pavement
is pressing against her hot pussy.

However, this girl is not permitted to wear panties under it, because from some angles (e.g. when she’s climbing stairs) the panties might be seen, which would be a violation of the dress code.  Such glimpses of her pussy will be rare, because her skirt is long enough to cover her most of the time.  This photo illustrates the reason the Dress Code encourages girls to wear skirts that aren’t too short.

Upskirt pussy view.  No panties.
Girl wearing miniskirt and no panties.  She is exercising
caution while going up stairs, holding the sides of her
skirt down to limit the view of her pussy.

5.5 Using a Thong to Get Used to Public Nudity

Why should you get used to nudity?The rules contained in this Dress Code are carefully crafted to encourage conservative dress.  By forbidding the wearing of underwear under short dresses, you face the prospect of having to show more of your body than you really want to whenever you wear a short dress.  Unfortunately, even if you dress conservatively, you may be subjected to a public Inspection, which is the only way provided in the Code to keep you girls honest.  During the Inspection, you may be required to become nude, briefly, to demonstrate that you are obeying the Code.  This may be traumatic the first few times it happens to you, but you will quickly learn that all girls face this problem, and after a while, it will not be such a big deal for you.  Still, you may wish to practice public nudity so that you will be ready for it when you are Inspected.  That will certainly help you to face the Inspection with less trepidation when it does happen to you.

Easing into nudity

A good way to ease into public nudity is to wear a thong.  Owing to the “panty loophole” in the Dress Code, it is perfectly legal to wear a thong without any top.  The following picture illustrates this style of dress, which is quite popular about campus:

Girl wearing just a thong, viewed from the rear.  As you can see, she is covered completely, and meets the Dress Code.
Girl wearing just a thong is considered fully dressed,
and may venture into any part of the college without
fear of being stopped for violating the Dress Code.

As you can see, this girl is covered enough for her to feel decent.  At least, after appearing on campus for a while, and passing several other girls wearing the same style, she will feel quite comfortable dressed this way.

The next step is surprisingly easy — just remove the thong.  You will discover that there is very little revealed by removing it, as illustrated in this picture.

Naked girl, viewed from the rear.  Her cute little asshole is visible, with just a peek of her adorable pussy below it.
The same girl, having removed her thong.  Very little
new skin is revealed, so the girl feels no more naked
than she did while her thong was on.  In fact, the
fresh air on her anus feels refreshing!

It is important for you to shave completely, and wear the tiniest thong you can find, such as a Microminimus from Wicked Weasel.  That way, when you remove it, there is almost no change in your appearance.  This will help you feel very comfortable in the nude, as illustrated here:

Naked girl in public, feeling comfortable showing her breasts, pussy, and asshole to anyone who would enjoy seeing them.
Nude girl, viewed from the front.
Her pussy is small, and therefore
difficult to see.  She feels fully
clothed, even though she is naked.

This girl is comfortable in the nude because she has no pubic hair to call attention to her vulva, and since her thong was so tiny, very little new skin was revealed when she took it off.  This girl already got over her feelings of trepidation over exposing herself when she dressed in just a thong, and felt no new pangs of fear upon removing the thong.

When you practice public nudity, you may be concerned that you are violating the Dress Code by exposing your vulva.  Our advice is not to worry about this.  Try to keep your legs together and refrain from becoming excited, and you will be fine.  The Inspectors rarely pick on nude girls, focusing instead on the ones who may be violating the intent of the Dress Code by wearing too much underwear (and thus making it too easy for them to wear revealing outer clothing).  The worst that could happen to you is that you will be given an Inspection and cited for indecency.  However, without any clothing, there is no evidence that can be taken by the Inspector, and you will be released in the same (nude) condition you were in before the Inspection.  Later, you will be forced to become nude again to attend your Hearing, but you will be used to public nudity by then (which was the point of becoming nude in the first place) and you will likely be exonerated at the Hearing due to lack of evidence, (which is another reason you probably won’t be cited in the first place — Inspectors hate to lose these cases).

To help relieve any stress or anxiety about becoming nude in public, take a look at another girl who is comfortable in her nudity.  As you see, her private region is very small because she is fully shaved, and most of the skin she’s showing would also be seen if she were wearing a thong, so, to her, being nude is just like wearing a thong.

Beautiful naked girl, with perky breasts to distract the viewer from her gorgeous pussy, which is hiding in the shadows between her legs.
Naked girl, feeling comfortable because she
is fully shaved.  Her pussy is hidden in the
shadows between her legs, giving her the
illusion that it can’t be seen.  Also, her perky
breasts help distract attention from her pussy,
helping her feel more at ease in the nude.

5.6 Using See-Through Clothing to Get Used to Public Nudity

Girl wearing a shirt and see-through panties.

Easing into nudity

Another good way to ease into public nudity is to wear see-through clothing.  The dress code allows clothes to be as much as 50% sheer, although this is really just a guideline.  In practices any clothing is OK, as long as it’s not completely transparent.

This girl is fully dressed in a shirt and panties.  The panties are semi-sheer, allowing her vulva to be clearly seen.  This girl’s heart beats a little faster when she ventures out in public dressed this way, because she knows people are looking at her vulva, and there’s nothing she can do about it.  She feels naked, and she likes it that way.

Side view hides her thong, making her appear bottomless.

Nice cheeks

This girl has put a lot of thought into her wardrobe.  Her panties are not only see-through but thong style as well.  Her shirt covers the waistband of her panties, so from the side, it appears that she’s wearing no panties at all.

This is all part of her plan to ease out of her panties later on in the day.  She wants her spectators to wonder if she’s wearing any bottom at all, and then she wants them to catch some nice glimpses of her pussy.  That way, when she removes her panties, there won’t be a substantial change in the degree of coverage provided by her clothing.

Close-up of girl wearing see-through panties, her pussy clearly visible.

Unbuttoning the Shirt

As the day progresses, she begins to titillate her admirers by unbuttoning her shirt, one button at a time, when no one is looking.  This shows off her flat belly, and her cute belly button.  She feels less anxious about people seeing her pussy, too, because she knows the skin she’s showing is drawing peoples attention from her pussy.  She pauses with just one button holding her shirt together, allowing her audience to drink in her beauty.

Cute little titties make a nice backdrop to her sweet pussy.

Titties, Revealed

Finally, the time has come to undo the last button of her shirt.  She opens the shirt, and shows off her proud breasts.

The main benefit of this outfit, from this girl’s point of view, is that it allows her to get progressively more naked throughout the day without violating the dress code.  Even with her shirt fully unbuttoned, and her pussy proudly visible, she is in full compliance with the dress code.

Now she is able to remove her clothing without revealing any more of herself.  Comfortable public nudity is now within her grasp!

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