Adjusting to a shorter skirt (archives)

Adjusting to a shorter skirt
Carrie had earlier “risked” putting on a white dress that wasn’t daring enough. The girls tried to explain to her, that it would be a risk to wear an outfit that is too conservative, such as a mini dress that reaches the middle of the thigh, because it would invite inspectors to single you out.

Carrie IS shy and that is why she was reluctant at first, to switch her white dress for a shorter dress. After an episode in the dining hall where an inspector had singled out a girl in a dress not much longer than the one Carrie was wearing, she finally understood, that wearing a dress that long is simply too risque. She exchanged her white dress for a shorter one, the next day.

The first day Carrie is wearing her new, safer outfit, she has an art class. Today’s class contains practical exercises with the purpose of mastering drawing with chalk on the ground.


Carrie had some concerns. Even though she knew she would be completely decent sitting with her legs crossed, she worried that she would expose herself in her new shorter dress too much, if she had to crawl on the ground when drawing with the chalk.

“… and I want you all to let your imaginations run free for a while, when you begin drawing. Let the inspiration come to you”, Mr. Roberts said enthusiastically. He was the art teacher. He had shoulder long curly hair, a dirty t-shirt and jeans. He was a real creative art fanatic.

Mr. Roberts, seeing the other students started drawing, turned to Carrie, “What’s wrong. Don’t you have an imagination”

“Of course I have!” Carrie answered. She was insulted by the remark. She had a vivid imagination. In fact, she had trouble keeping focus on one task, because she constantly let her imagination run free.

Carrie looked at Mr. Roberts, and was inspired to draw the same structure on the ground, as his curly hair.


She drew and started to enjoy it. The drawing slowly started to take shape, and she felt it became something special quite quickly, because it caught the attention of some of the boys present.

“That’s really nice, Carrie” Gary shouted “I like how smooth it is”. Carrie liked it too. Gary was a cool guy for recognizing her art. She thought it captured the essence of Mr. Roberts’ curly hair.

Carrie responded: “It’s the hair”. Only getting a confused look from Gary, she followed up with “You see?”.

“I see, but there’s no hair”, Gary said and returned to his own drawing.

Carrie didn’t know what he meant and didn’t care, “I know it’s special, and I’m sure Mr. Roberts will know it too” Carrie thought to herself.

Carrie stopped drawing and looked up at Mr. Roberts, trying to get his attention. “How do you like it?” Carrie asked.


“It’s nice” Mr. Roberts answered, “But please concentrate on drawing”.

Carrie did as he said and continued drawing. After class when walking back to the dorm, Carrie remembered the anxiety she had had about her short dress and realized that she had forgotten all about it. Obviously she had overreacted and she was happy that she had already adjusted to the new length skirt.


Ah yes, that bimbo was great – we couldn’t believe she thought we cared about her drawing when we were staring at her pussy and hoping we would get even a little wet.

Later one of the boys ‘accidentally’ spilt his drink of water on her crotch, and we all immediately reported her to the teacher for being publicly sexually excited. We then all ‘had’ to rape her – a put my hard cock in her asshole just to feel how tight it was, and when she screamed I made Lawrence put his cock in her mouth to keep her quiet. I rammed my dick up her virgin asshole as hard as I could – it was great. Lawrence blew on her face. Beautiful.

Comment By horny juror At 7/25/2007 5:20 AM

It was heartwarming to read that Carrie was able to live down her anxiety over wearing such a short dress. Like most girls, Carrie’s fear of exposure was overblown, and when it was put to the test, she found her dress covered her almost completely. Listen, girls, you all know that no dress can possibly cover you completely from all angles, and any boy who would crane his neck to look under your dress is a geek. So if a boy should happen to see your pussy, or your butt hole, even ‘accidentally’, then he’s just, well, I said it already: a geek. What you have going for you is something no boy can take away: your innocence. So crawl around on the macadam to your heart’s content, and enjoy life!
Comment By Richard Hertz At 7/28/2007 7:48 PM

What we all know is that just because a dress does not cover you from all angles, it is not a big deal. Generally, your butt cheeks still hide your anus. Even in these photos, we do not her pretty anus. We also know the pussy is well guarded by the labia majora – just skin. While the lips part inner folds may be seen. It is nothing more than a OB/GYN might see. It need not be a sexual experience should a boy happen to see some pink flesh. Moisture should be kept to a minimum to avoid being taken advantage of by the boys.
Comment By base At 10/8/2007 11:41 PM

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