A nice tan (archives)

A nice tan
Mary and Anne were on their way back to the dining hall, when they saw something they didn’t expect.

“Look at Jane! She is sunbathing naked.” Mary said to Anne.

“I know”, Anne responded. “And it seems like she’s sleeping.”

Mary thought about it for a second. “I think she knows what she is doing. She is sleeping on her stomach so she doesn’t really expose anything. And she will get a great tan!”


“I guess you are right” Anne said, “But it has caught the attention of more than a few boys. I wonder why they are … ”

“Look! She’s turning over!”. Anne was interrupted by one of the onlooking boys. The boy sort of whispered and shouted at the same time. Whispered, because he definately didn’t want to wake up Jane right now.


“Should we wake her up?” Mary asked Anne. Mary was quite new at college and turned to Anne for advice.

“Are you kidding? No, of course not. Don’t you know how embarrased she would be – with all these boys looking!”.

“Alright, but … “. Mary tried to argue, but Anne stopped and continued to lecture Mary. “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.”.

“But …”, Mary tried again. “But what?”, Anne finally asked.

“But Jane is turning again!”


“Should we wake her now?” Mary asked again.

“Now? It would be even more embarrasing now. We should definately not wake her now. Jane is a very heavy sleeper. She won’t wake up any time soon. When she wakes up, this will all be over.”. Anne seemed to know what she was talking about. Mary acknowledged, but noticed that some of the boys had been eavesdropping.

The group of boys mumbled among themselves. “Heavy sleeper, huh? Interesting. I wonder …”. They walked around her to get a better look.


Gary stepped forward. “If she is such a heavy sleeper, sleeping in the sun, I guess we will do her a favor by rubbing some sun lotion on her, so she avoids getting sun burned.”

He took out a small bottle of sun lotion from his bag and poured from it on Jane’s belly. She didn’t react at all. Gary rubbed his hands everywhere and made sure Jane got her sun lotion on.

“I guess that’s kind of thoughtful by Gary, but it seems an awful lot like he enjoys it too.” Mary said.

“Oh yes, he enjoys it.” Anne responded, “but what’s worse – there are visible signs that Jane enjoys it too.” Anne had only just said it when Gary noticed it. Jane’s pussy was now glistening wet. Although she had been rubbed in sun lotion, all this moisture was definitely not from the sun lotion alone.

Gary knew the College Code of Conduct encouraged him to make a ‘consensual rape’ of any girl at college who were visibly excited. Perhaps he had provoked it this time, but there is nothing wrong with that. He pulled off his pants and his dick was already stiff. He slid it into Jane’s pussy. Jane made a small sound, but was definitely still not awake. Gary fucked her and came on her belly, mixing his fluids with the sun lotion.

“Ahh, that was nice. I guess I’ll come back later. I hope she is still here.”

Jane was still sleeping.


“Would you now admit that we should have awoken her 10 minutes ago?” Mary asked.

“Well, maybe”. Anne was reluctant to admit Mary had been right. “I am not sure – she did seem to enjoy it, didn’t she?”

Meanwhile, some of the other boys had started unbuttoning.

“Come on Mary, we’ll be late for the presentation of the gym team of this semester”. Anne and Mary rushed to the dining hall.

Jane is wearing what we call a sun dress, as oppose to a sundress. Students work hard, and often pull all-nighters to complete assignments. It is important to let them get their rest when they can.

however, I thought Jane also wanted to join the gym team. In this case, waking her would be appreciated, and she would be in such a rush to hurry off, she probably would not notice all the boys.

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