A New Chapter — Pillar Two

As you may recall, my goal was to ease the girls (and boys, too, for that matter) gently into the four pillars of the College Code of Conduct by having them follow the Codes just in my class, which is a safe, nurturing environment. The idea is for them to follow the Dress Code (Pillar 1) during the first week, but without inspections, just on their honor. Then, we started Inspections (Pillar 2) in the second week. Then the plan was to allow fondling (Pillar 3) in the third week, and to begin punishing girls in the fourth week if they exhibited any sort of sexual excitement, as required by the fourth pillar.

I allowed myself to get deliberately vague as I described the third and fourth pillars. I didn’t want to spook the girls, after all. Or the boys, for that matter. By the time the third and fourth weeks roll around, I’m hoping the kids will be up to the tasks required of them.

Then, by months, we’ll start over with the Four Pillars — In month 1, the girls will come to school already dressed according to the Dress Code, and then in the second month, we’ll begin having public Inspections, which will not only entertain the other students, but also serve as a powerful deterrent for the girls themselves. Then, in the third month, we’ll allow the girls to be fondled, not just by their classmates, but by any student who wants to participate. Finally, in the fourth month, we’ll take the sex out of the classroom, and export it to the rest of the school. By then, I’m sure all the girls will be well accustomed to submitting to sexual advances whenever they allow themselves to become publicly excited.

So that’s the plan. Now, for the reality. By the end of the first week, I was very happy with the progress the girls had made. Most of them adhered to the Dress Code, even without Inspections. They did it because they wanted to be good, decent girls. And indeed, by the end of the week, they were more decent than they were at the start — those who wore just a top and panties to school wore longer tops, knowing they would have to take off their panties during my class. And the ones wearing skirts wore longer skirts. Audrey was the single unshaved exception, of course, because she was on a special journey, and I was really rooting for her.

This isn’t to say the girls are okay with the Dress Code. They still have to work at getting used to it. When we sit in a circle, cross-legged, many of the girls still rest their hands in their laps, not fully internalizing the fact that it’s completely natural for people to see their pussies from time to time. Even a girl who was okay letting her pussy show might sometimes be a little shy if she was sexually excited at the time. By Friday, the girls were more used to seeing each others’ excitement, so they weren’t quite so embarrassed by it.

So by the beginning of the second week, I felt I had laid a good foundation for the introduction of the second Pillar of the Dress Code — Inspections. My students had all read the “official” Dress Code. You know the part I’m thinking of… It says how girls should be proud to be following the Dress Code, and eagerly strip themselves naked at the slightest provocation in front of throngs of fellow students, at which time the Inspector will quickly pronounce the girl in compliance and set her free.

What a joke!

Real life is nothing like that, I explained to my class. In practice, Inspections are used more as a deterrent against those girls who might be inclined to cheat the Dress Code. What I didn’t explain, because they’ll need to realize this on their own, is that Inspections are also a deterrent against dressing decently, because the only girls who escape Inspection are the ones who are quite plainly and obviously following the Dress Code because they’ve stopped trying to hide from view their complete lack of underwear.

So we staged mock “Inspections” of the girls. It was a lot of fun, and I really think the kids got a lot out of it. It also gave me a real way to begin involving the boys in the class. Each day, we devoted one class period to Inspections. At the beginning of the period, I gathered the girls in the small “prep room” adjoining the classroom to make sure three or four of them were in violation of the Dress Code. We had fun doing that. Often one or two girls had minor overlaps, so they were already in violation. For the others, I offered them a selection of bras or thongs to put on. There was lots of giggling during our “dress up” sessions, and then it was time to “act natural” and go back into the room.

Next, I picked a boy to act as the “Inspector”. To make it interesting, the “Inspector” takes off his pants before picking a girl to inspect. He can keep his shirt on, though. This not only gets the boy involved in the process, but helps him understand how the girls feel, being allowed to wear a top but no bottom. It also gives the boys an opportunity to see each other with erections during class. Just as the girls become more comfortable displaying obvious sexual excitement, the boys need the same opportunity.

Now, here’s where the game gets fun… The “Inspector” picks a girl, and gets to make her do things, like bend over, strip, etc. He can put her in the “stocks” or tie her up if he wants. He can basically do anything he wants to her during the Inspection, short of actually forcing himself on her. If she refuses to obey him, or if she happens to be actually violating the Dress Code, then she loses, and she is given a “punishment”. I wasn’t sure what to use as a punishment, so I tried just giving the girl the choice of having sex with the Inspector or else going to her next class in the nude. This “punishment” has a little of the flavor of consensual rape, which is good for the girls to experience, as well as fun for the class to watch.

On the other hand, if the girl obeys all commands, strips herself naked, and is found to be in compliance with the Dress Code, then she not only gets to put her clothes back on, but she actually gets to strip the Inspector naked. Thus, the boys have a powerful incentive to find the girls in violation of the Dress Code, and the girls have a strong incentive not only to follow the Dress Code, but to dress in such a way as to avoid being Inspected in the first place.

I was afraid the boys would be too timid to take off their pants, and that they would be too nervous to play along in this really fun game of Inspection. But boy, was I wrong! The first boy I picked jumped up right away, and took off his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, either, just a small t-shirt, so he had no way to hide his enormous boner. He took his time, making girls stand up, and bend over, and feeling them up as needed to make a good selection. He felt the crotches of all five girls wearing pants, and picked one of the wetter ones, reasoning that she was most excited knowing she was going to lose, and possibly be consensually raped. A good guess, but as it happened, she was in total compliance with the Dress Code. He had a good time with her, though. He used one of my personal favorite toys, the “stock”. He had the girl take off her shirt, and get in the stock, with her head and hands poking through. Then he ordered the girl to take off her pants. But how could she do that while she was in the stock. “There,” he said. “She’s refusing to comply with an order! I win!”

“Not so fast,” I said. “You have to give her a way to comply, and then if she doesn’t comply, you win.”

“Okay,” said the boy. “I will allow her friends to come and take off her pants, but they have to be completely bottomless, lie on their backs with the bottoms of their feet together, and each girl may use only one hand.

I really didn’t think any girls would go for that, but to my surprise, two girls were up to the challenge, each wearing just a top. When they put the bottoms of their feet together, their pussies spread out for all of us to see. They worked together, each using one hand, to get the girl’s pants off, while the “Inspector” groped the girls’ splayed legs. Their job finally done, they returned to their seats.

Now, the girl in the stocks was completely naked. The Inspector spread her legs, and groped her until she was clearly ready to cum. Then he offered to release her if he could keep her clothes.

The girl turned to me, and asked, “Can he do that?”

“It’s totally up to you,” I said. “Feel free to negotiate for your release.”

“What about if you just keep my pants,” she offered. “I’ll just wear my top for the rest of the day.”

“How about I fuck you, but keep just your pants.”

“Can he do that?”

“He can make the offer. Are you okay with it?”

She nodded.

“You have to say it.”

“Fine,” she said. “Fuck me, and keep my pants. Then you’ll let me…”

She couldn’t finish her sentence because he was already in her, pushing hard. I felt a little bad for the girl, because her top wasn’t really long enough to wear by itself. Sure, it covered her tits and belly, but not much else. Still, the good news for her is that she passed the Inspection, so she got to strip the boy naked. But at the end of the class period, he got his clothes back, because he’s a boy, while she had to venture out into the school, completely bottomless.

One by one, the girls were inspected, some more than once. A few of the boys guessed correctly, and found one of the girls in violation of the Dress Code. A few other girls were tricked into disobeying an order, and so they got to choose their punishment. Most of the girls were understandably too shy to leave the classroom naked, so they opted to be raped by their Inspector. I was impressed by the quality job the boys did, too. Before raping them, some of the boys teased the girls, bringing them just to the brink of cumming, and making them beg to be raped. It was fun to watch, and it was all in good fun for the girls, too, since they got to put on their clothes again before going to their next class.

By the end of the week, it was pretty clear to the girls that the best way to avoid being inspected is to wear the skimpiest clothes they could get away with. Just think! Last Friday, all the girls were wearing dresses, skirts, and pants, looking pretty decent. Only a few people would ever know they weren’t wearing any underwear. By the second Friday, the girls’ butts were at most half covered, and their tops were so thin you could see right through them.

I can’t wait for week three!

Pretty Girl of the Day, November 9, 2015

From her adorable brown eyes to her captivating smile, this girl is by far the prettiest we’ve seen in a long time.


Whether she’s sitting demurely with her legs together, or standing up, smiling at you over her shoulder, she’s a very attractive co-ed.

PrettyGirl2015-11-09bThis girl’s inner beauty shines through.


Sure, sometimes she’s a little shy in a short dress, but that only adds to her charm, don’t you think?


…and what pretty girl doesn’t need to take a break now and then, and take care of her desires? What a sweetie!


4 thoughts on “A New Chapter — Pillar Two

  1. base

    Great story, and a storyline similar to one I tried to write several months ago. It was that the idea since campus security had weapons, why not arm the inspectors with their weapon of choice? Inspectors were to go bottomless. When a violation of public sexual arousal was observed, the inspector was ready to deal with the appropriate punishment. Fewer inspectors, but ones clearly ready and adequately armed to deal with the punishments.

  2. stgvlt

    Do any of these students have girlfriends or boyfriends in the College Prep class with them? Relationship dynamics might get a little interesting. Perhaps something to explore in later stories.


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