A New Chapter — Audrey’s Challenge

There are sixteen girls in my class, so should I be surprised that one of them is choosing the hirsute look? Or should I be surprised that only one wants to wear her bush as a bottom? That girl is Audrey. She’s a very pretty brunette with adorable little tits and wonderful nipples that really stand out when she’s a little excited.

That last fact was in evidence several times during the first two weeks of school. I told the class that during the first week, they can wear overlapping clothes and even panties to school, as long as they take them off in my class. In the first week, the girls were on their honor to adhere to the dress code in class, and they were free to change for their other classes. Each day, I would ask the girls if they’re following the Dress Code, but they didn’t have to prove it if they didn’t want to. It will take some time for the girls to get over their shyness, and we have plenty of time.

Audrey was an exception, though. She was eager to show me and the class that she was being a good girl. Like many of the girls in my class — in the whole school, actually — she liked to wear just a top. But unlike most girls, who wore panties, and then took off their panties just for my class, Audrey was able to come to school commando in the first week. Here’s how it happened…

On the first day, as I’ve mentioned already, Audrey came to school wearing a top and jeans, and, like a good girl, no underwear. She kind of knew she was violating the dress code by wearing jeans over a bush, so she took it well when I told her she had to lose the jeans that day. In fact, she took it way better than I expected. She put her jeans in her locker, and went to all her classes wearing only her top. She said she felt a little shy about being bottomless, but she took to heart everything I told her about her bush covering her every bit as well as a bathing suit bottom at the beach. It helped that she stayed together with Dawn all day, so she wasn’t the only half-naked girl, and she told me the other students were very supportive.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to see Audrey in nothing but a t-shirt the next day, and even more delighted that she told me she came to school that way! It’s a little paradoxical, I guess, but it was easier for her to come to school essentially bottomless than to change out of her bottom after she got here, because by leaving her clothes at home, she guaranteed she wouldn’t chicken out.

I asked Audrey to come to the center of the room and share her experience. She was wearing a plain light blue t-shirt, about crotch length, and loose enough to be flirty. It was definitely a very sexy outfit.

“Oh my God, I’m so nervous!”

“It’s okay, honey,” I said, “we’re all friends here.”

“Okay, well yesterday I wore jeans and a top, and no underwear.” Audrey blushed, and lowered her voice a bit. “That got me kind of excited, just not wearing underwear. So when you asked me to take off my jeans, Donna, my heart started racing. But I tried to act natural, and I just took them off, hoping no one could see how excited I was. I was planning to put my jeans on again to go to my other classes, but you all convinced me that my bush was enough to keep me decent. So I took the risk.”

Audrey gasped for air, reliving how scared she was to venture out into the hallway wearing only a little top, not even belly-button length. She kept her legs together as much as possible, and avoided bending at the waist, and, sure enough, she kept herself covered as much as any bathing suit bottom.

“So I went to all my classes, and I kept my legs together, and my hands in my lap most of the time, but still trying to act natural. I didn’t want to call attention to my lack of a bottom. After a while, I would go a few minutes at a time without thinking about being half naked, but I never really forgot about it.”

I had to ask, “If you felt so self-conscious, then why did you come to school bottomless again today?”

“Well, two reasons, I guess. First, although I was really self-conscious all day yesterday, I did get through the day without anything bad happening, so I wanted to have another go at it, and I was afraid I would lose the nerve, so I left my bottom at home. And second, this top is a lot longer, so I don’t feel nearly so naked as I did yesterday. I think I should be able to survive much better in my other classes.”

I gave her the bad news as gently as I could, “That’s really good, honey… It’s just that, well, your shirt is a little too long. I mean, it would be fine if you didn’t have a bush, but…”

She took the news like a trooper. “I was a little worried about that. Do I need to take it off?”

She looked at me with such puppy-dog eyes, I hated to tell her to take off her top, but if she was going to keep her bush, she really should know what she was up against. “Listen, honey,” I said, “just take it off in this classroom, and then you can put it on again to go to your other classes, okay?”

She took off the shirt, and honestly, I can tell you she took my breath away, she was so pretty. Her small breasts were very firm, and her nipples were at full attention. She handed me her shirt, but I told her to keep it. She’ll need it for her other classes.

“Maybe I should try going to just one class without my shirt,” she said. I didn’t think that was a good idea to be naked in public so early in the school year. She said, “It’s not like I’ll be naked or anything, just topless. My bush will cover me.” Wow! Such an enlightened view from a girl still in high school. Most girls would consider themselves naked in that situation.

“Okay,” I said reluctantly, “I’ll hang onto your shirt, but if you feel the least bit shy or embarrassed, come back and get it, okay?”

After the kids left, I worried about Audrey, sitting naked in her third period class. Would she make a show of covering her tits with her hands? Or would she try to be more casual about it, folding her arms, perhaps. Or worse, using one arm to cover her breasts, and the other to cover her pussy. I don’t think even ten minutes went by before Audrey appeared in front of me. “I’m so sorry, Donna. I just didn’t know how excited it would make me to be naked in public.” She spread her legs just a little, and made an adorable gesture of fanning the smoke off her pussy. She was so cute!

I spread my legs, too, to show her she wasn’t alone. Something about her made me excited, too, maybe it was knowing how hard it must be for her to be naked in public, or maybe just her adorable cuteness, but whatever it was, it got to me. I stroked her soft, pretty thighs, stopping just a fraction of an inch below her wet pussy. “It’s okay, honey, let it go.” I know I shouldn’t take advantage of my vulnerable students like this, but I couldn’t help myself. I licked her adorable pussy, tasting her sweet nectar. She spread her legs a little more, opening herself like a flower. “Relax, darling,” I said. She relaxed her cheeks, giving me full access to her vagina, which was flowing with slippery juice. She gasped just once, and held her breath while I licked and fingered her. Then she hugged me tight, and I hugged her. When she let go, I gave her the shirt, which she took with her, but didn’t don right away. She was still so excited she had a little trouble walking, but I felt confident she would feel much better when she got back to her class.

She told me later that she kept her shirt with her, just in case she started to feel “too naked”, and just having the shirt was enough, it seems. In my class, anyway, she remained naked.

The next day, Audrey came to school in a shorter top. This time, her top still covered her belly button, but not her bush, so I let it go. Even at the College, opinions are divided over how long a top can be on a girl sporting a bush. Some Inspectors insist the girl be “naked” below the belly button, while others just look for no overlap between clothes and bush, which I think is the more enlightened view. In my class, I took the second interpretation, partly to be kind to Audrey, and partly because Audrey has some really cute tops that come down just to the top of her bush, and it would be a shame not to let her wear them. Besides, Audrey has been keeping her bush very neatly trimmed, just furry enough to be opaque, and wide enough for her to feel sort of decent without a bottom.


Pretty Girl of the Day, November 17, 2015

Like a lot of girls in my high school, I like to wear a top and panties. It’s a nice, casual look, don’t you think? I know what you’re thinking: how can so many girls wear just a top and panties to school? Don’t they get in trouble with the high school dress code? And yes, you would be right if I ever admitted that my bottoms were “panties”. But my teachers are so dumb, they believe us when we say they’re a kind of shorts. Once in a while, a teacher will make a girl take off her panties, and that’s a little embarrassing for her, but usually it’s no big deal, depending on her top, I guess.


But now I’m in CP class, and we’ve just started adopting the College Dress Code. It’s quite a change for me, because I want to keep my bush, and at the College, that counts as a bottom. So now I need to start thinking of my bush as if it’s a sort of bottom, you know?


So basically, I’ll just be wearing a top, and no bottom. It’s just like if I wear a top and panties, like all the other girls, and one of my teachers makes me take off my panties. That’s what keeps going through my head. No big deal, right? Well, I can’t honestly say what it feels like to have to take off my panties in school, because it’s never actually happened to me. But it did happen to a close friend of mine once. It was a double whammy. You see there were a bunch of girls wearing nothing but t-shirts and underwear, and these girls were all in the same 4th period math class and 5th period science. And in 4th period, the teacher said she was fed up with girls wearing just a t-shirt and underwear, so she made all the girls take off their shirts — every single one of them! In a way, it wasn’t so bad, because they all had to strip together. Most of the girls didn’t wear bras, you know, because it’s more natural looking that way. But my friend was lucky — it was one of the few days she was wearing a bra, so she didn’t feel embarrassed at all in her bra and panties. She wore much less to the beach, after all. So then in fifth period, all the boys were so excited to see so many topless girls, but the teacher wasn’t so happy. He wanted to make them take off their panties, but he didn’t want to strip anyone completely naked. So he picked on my poor friend, who thought she was so lucky wearing a bra and panties. Well, her panties were showing beneath her top, said the science teacher, so she had to take them off. At first, she thought he meant the bra, so she took it off, not realizing he meant the panties. “You want me to wear just a bra?!” she asked, incredulous. “No,” he said, “what I want is for your panties not to show. How you accomplish that is your own business.” So he made her take them off. She was really embarrassed to have to strip naked in front of all her classmates. The funny thing is that the teacher wouldn’t allow her to be completely naked, and so he made her put her bra back on.

I know it’ll be hard for me to go to school without any bottom at all, while all my friends are still wearing panties to school, but CP class is really fun, and I want to try wearing a bush as a bottom, so…


Wish me luck!


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  1. base

    Audrey is a very mature young lady. She sees past what others might think, and she forces herself to do something less comfortable because it is the right thing to do.


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