A message of joy and happiness from the Dean of the College (archives)

As Dean of the College, I am so happy to share with you this small example of the great success of our Dress Code.  But first, I would like to address the critics of the code.

Some people have criticized the Dress Code, which effectively forbids the wearing of panties under short dresses, but I maintain these people misunderstand the purpose of the code.  So I’ll explain it yet again right here!  The point is not to dictate the fine points of fashion to our lovely co-eds, but rather to provide gentle encouragement for girls to dress in a decent and proper manner.  The idea is that if a girl is uncomfortable with the length of her dress, she should not rely on underwear, of all things, to protect her from the prying eyes that might make her feel uneasy.

But there is nothing in the Dress Code that mandates dresses of any particular length.  Dress length is entirely up to the individual girl herself!

Here are a pair of beautiful co-eds who are very happy to follow the the code…


As you can see, they feel comfortable wearing very short dresses (like many girls, these beauties are wearing tops in lieu of dresses, as this is the only way they have found to wear a dress sufficiently short to meet their fashion requirements).

Finally, some have criticized a key component of the Dress Code, which are the Inspections, in which girls are selected at random, and given the opportunity to remove their clothing to show they’re in compliance.  Naturally, this is done in public, so the students will need to tolerate seeing their co-ed classmates in the nude from time to time.  And, of course, the girls who need to strip to prove their innocence should not feel ashamed or embarassed by the process.  Despite the foregoing arguments, some girls do find it uncomfortable or inconvenient to strip themselves stark naked in this public way, and so they find themselves dressing in a way that makes them demonstrably less likely to be Inspected.  To a casual observer, it may appear that girls are being coerced into going bottomless, but this is not at all true.  The bottomless girls, such as the two pictured here, do so by their own volition.  Their low chance of being inspected is simply a bonus for dressing in a way they feel comfortable.

I sincerely hope this explanation is accepted by all students, and for all of you to know how it warms my heart that the girls on our campus feel free to dress in a way that makes them feel most comfortable, overall.  The happy smiles of the girls pictured here, I’m sure, will go a long way toward proving my point.  Thank you.

Dean of the College


“Bottoms are for wimps!” says this co-ed.  “I save so much time by wearing just a top,” she adds.  “I love to wear just one item of clothing.  It’s so much quicker to get ready in the morning, and love not having to match my clothes!  And best of all — no more Inspections!  I’m so happy the Dress Code gives me this freedom to dress the way I want!”

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